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Enter, stranger, but take heed
of what awaits the sin of greed,
for those who take, but do not earn,
must pay most dearly in their turn,
So if you seek beneath our floors
a treasure that was never yours,
Thief, you have been warned, beware
of finding more than treasure there.

Once you have been to the sorting hat you will be given a vault number in which case you will be able to start earning money for certain objects like a pet and quills. Teachers and head boy and girl will start out with a certain amount already in their vaults to learn more about becoming a teacher go to the Hogwarts Staff Room

To earn money try your luck at the Harry Potter Trivia.

1 knut = $0.02    29 knut = 1 sickle
1 sickle = $0.57    17 sickles = 1 galleon
1 galleon = $9.75   1 galleon = 17 sickles = 493 knuts 


The Vaults:
Vault 119 - Danboo [Vault 119 - frozen]
Vault 131 - Keira'Don Devlin
Vault 219 - Duke Devlin
Vault 223 - Rennaisance Tiger King [Vault 223 - frozen]
Vault 225 - Santana [Vault 225 - frozen]
Vault 393 - Little Insane Cat
Vault 475 - Chimes
Vault 485 - Darksummoner [Vault 485 - frozen]
Vault 533 - Neko Vampire [Vault 533 - frozen]
Vault 625 - Sikhprincess [Vault 625 - frozen]
Vault 629 - L Lawliet
Vault 651 - King Bunny [Vault 651 - frozen]
Vault 652 - The Masked Cookie Thief
Vault 668 - Elmiira [Vault 668 - frozen]
Vault 682 - Dark Tigress
Vault 689 - Fetish Dolly Koneko
Vault 712 - Elf of Darkness
Vault 745 - Twitchboy
Vault 772 - Angel Hiomora
Vault 778 - Guishy [Vault 778 - frozen]
Vault 837 - Emma Hun
Vault 843 - Lilaera [Vault 843 - frozen]
Vault 887 - Exotic Nightmare [Vault 887 - frozen]
Vault 952 - Sidewalk Suzy [Vault 952 - frozen]

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2007-09-21 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: SARA!! THERE'S 11 OF US NOW!!! ITS GROOOWING!

2007-09-21 [Duke Devlin]: WOOT!!! ^^ (sorry XD)

2007-09-21 [Little Insane Cat]: i know!!! i'm so excited!!!! *dances*

2007-09-22 [Nekudae Andromeda]: *joins in on dancing* YAY!

2007-10-01 [Rennaisance Tiger King]: :D Sara is a good dancer.

2007-10-01 [Little Insane Cat]: LMFAO am not!

2007-10-01 [Rennaisance Tiger King]: Hey I have danced with you. And I say YES!

2007-10-01 [Little Insane Cat]: lol

2007-10-26 [your exotic nightmare]: it says i'd get a number after i was sorted and i never got one...what do i do??

2007-10-26 [Duke Devlin]: Message [Little Insane Cat] about it, or look on the Ministry of Magic page to find out whose job it is to give you one =)

2007-10-28 [Little Insane Cat]: you do have a number -___- Vault 887 right up there! lol i put it up just after i set up your thing in the hufflepuff common room.

2008-02-19 [Little Insane Cat]: ooh lisa that's 23 members! :P

2008-02-19 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: you should prolly make their names links instead of text cause if they change their names it could get confusing!

2008-02-19 [Little Insane Cat]: yeah i was thinking that i don't even remember why i didn't make them links in the first place, it hink it's becuase it hought it looked better when their names weren't links h ah aha

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