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2004-11-04 11:21:27
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For use by HBU Members =^.^=


1. by [a clockwork orange]
<img:> [a clockwork orange]

3. by [a clockwork orange]

4. by [a clockwork orange]


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2004-07-19 [Gone Travelling]: Thankyou elfcat, it's soooo kawaii =^.^=

2004-07-19 [Blue Highway]: Aaaah! I LOVE the ones with the droopy ears!!

2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: eee! new spiffy banner =^.^= hehe

2004-07-24 [Piccolo Sorcio]: I love them! But why do they look so sad?

2004-11-28 [shitijustgiveup]: i cant get the banners up on my page, am i doing it wrong?lol help?

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