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How was my character brought here?

All characters (unless otherwise established) were brought here through a combination of two powerful spells performed by the Wyvern and the Gryphon, with the help of the White Rabbit and a magic mirror located in the Hall of Mirrors in Queen Redd's palace.

Do they have any memory of their coming to Wonderland?

They might, they might not. Most likely, the memory will be like a half-remembered dream. If they do have any memory of their being brought to Wonderland through the mirrors, they’ll remember a drugged like feeling. Some might have been able to fight back—temporarily—but ultimately they were deposited within the Halfway House.

Do the characters have any memory of their own world/personality/history?

Absolutely! They have all been whisked here from wherever and whenever you take them from. Other than the new location, they are exactly as they were. So just because Wolverine is in Wonderland, he’s not suddenly a pacifistic ballerina. Wonderland is screwed up, but not that screwed up.

What about Wonderland and Alice? Would they have any knowledge of that, seeing as how it's a well known book in their world?

Thiiis is a tricky one. In general, I'd like to say "no," as this will cause the meeting of new characters to have more impact. But if you have a specific idea for how you'd like to play it, ask, and we'll see if we can't work something out.

What about (INSERT SHOW/VIDEO GAME/BOOK)? There are characters from that, here, too. Is my character familiar with them?

You'll have to ask the other players, but again, I'm going with a general "no." It's very disconcerting for a person to suddenly realize they are a fictional character in a popular series in another universe, and that not only is everything they've ever done known, but everything that WILL happen to them as well. Let's just skirt the entire issue, and say no-one is familiar with anyone else's canon :B

Where will my character start?

No matter how early or late they start in the game, all characters start out in their own bedroom in the Halfway House. It doesn’t matter if the characters are married or not, each character has their own room. Characters are allowed to share rooms, however, once the game begins.

What does my character’s room look like?

It looks exactly like their old bedroom. It doesn’t matter how big or small the room is. On the outside they all look the same from the hallway, but once they go inside, the room magically appears the same size as if they were in their own home. This means whatever was in their room when they left, it will be recreated perfectly in Wonderland. Do be aware, though, that Wonderland, by and large, lacks electricity. This includes the Halfway House. So while your character may have lamps or computers, they will not run, even if plugged in.

Wait, there's no electricity?

There is some electricity. The Mad Hatter has a few personal generators, and of course the Queen has acquired some for her own use, but the Halfway House lacks such luxuries.

Can my character die?

Yes. When they die, they cannot be played again unless someone somehow saves them. This can be through magic, questing, or Alice somehow helping. They will remember everything with their death. On the flip side, there can be permanent deaths within the game as well. The general rule to go by is ICA=ICC. Players should NOT kill other characters without the permission, and I will notify you if your character is in danger of being offed, so you can take steps to avoid it if it's not a desired result. But death CAN happen.

Alice is a tool. Can my character change sides?

Yes, and multiple times. Just don’t expect the leaders of either side to take them back so quickly once betrayed.

Can I play a real person/celebrity?

Sorry but no. This is only for imaginary people.

I've got a great idea of a Wonderland character! Can I play one?

Absolutely! There are a slue of Wonderlandians available to play (The Hatter, The Caterpillar, etc.), plus, I'm open to hearing your own ideas for a character if you have them. The once-a-week posting limit does not apply to Wonderlandians, if they are not currently involved in the story line. This means that even if you're playing Queen Redd, you don't have to post once a week (unless you want to) because none of the current characters are interacting with her.

My character uses guns/magic. How does that work here?

Randomly. Wonderland is a land of chaos, so things don't always work how they SHOULD. They will, however, work consistently. This means if your gun normally fires bullets, and now it fires moths, it will ALWAYS fire moths, unless effected by a spell, or otherwise altered.

How often should I post?

You should post once a week, per character. If you already have a thread going, please try to keep up with those. You wouldn’t want to be kept hanging, so please, don’t do the same to others. If you need to take a hiatus for any reason, simply inform us, and that's fine, but hopefully that won't be too often. Hopefully, the game will capture your attention so much that you'll WANT to post frequently ^_^

How long should my posts be?

As long as they need to be. This means, when you're the one starting the thread, you'll probably want to go in for a longer post, setting up the who/what/where/when and why of it; three paragraphs is a good basis. This is a suggestion, though. If you can create an engaging thread in two or one, I applaud you. On the flip side, if you're feeling verbose, and want to novel it up, rock on with your bad self.
When replying to threads, there is no specific length. It's manners to try and reply with a similar sized post as the one you're responding to (If they typed 3 paragraphs, you should try to type 3 paragraphs as well), but if a short response is appropriate, you won't be dinged of for it. Constantly posting one-liners, and one-liners only will likely earn you the annoyance of your fellow players though. Just be sure that your partner has something to respond to, be it words, actions, or environment, and that'll be good.

How will time work in the game?

Time will advance as necessary in the game. This means if you want to have a Very Merry Halfway House Christmas thread, you must wait until Christmas rolls around in game. Even if it's December IRL, it might still be May in Wonderland. Backdated posts are fine, but we'll all try to move forward at the same pace.

What is the ruling on sex scenes/graphic violence?

We're all mad adults here, so if you and your partner both agree to do sex scene, by all means, but put it behind a cut, and add a warning so people can skip if they want. The same goes for violence... though you should EXPECT violence in this game.

I have a question that’s not in the FAQ

PM/email/IM the mod. They’ll be all too happy to answer your questions. It might even be added to the FAQ. Or, ask a fellow player- they might know the answer!

Who is the mod?

Blaze Rocket, yo. Representin'.

Waaaait a minute. I know Blaze Rocket. This game is that hack's idea?

Nope! The game was thought up by the amazing and talented Jaclyn, who has graciously agreed to let me run my own version of it. She's totally awesome like that. :3

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