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How to Play

1. Click to the appropriate page.
Is your character in their bedroom? At the Gates? In the Kitchen? On the Main Halfway House Page, you'll find links to all the different locations in the game. Some pages, like the Bedrooms, will take you to another directory. Continue clicking until you find yourself at the correct location. These are typically recognizable by a bold, centered title at the top of the page, followed by a brief description, and no text links bellow. If there are more links, then you must go deeper! (BUWAHNNGGGGGGGGGGG)

2. Read the page.
Is there something going on, currently? Then you must either merge your scene with the current scene, wait for the room to clear, or chose the next, logical location for your scene to take place in, and go there. If there's nothing going on, then you don't even have to worry about any of it! Hurrah!

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
You should find a small, green button labeled "Edit". It'll probably be above a large grey button asking you to check for new comments. Click that "Edit" button. Click it like it's going out of style.

4. Prepare to Edit the Page.
You're going to see a bunch of options, like "Page Name," "Keywords," and "Page-text," as well as a few others, more than likely. IGNORE THESE. These areas are of no use to you, and should NOT be messed with. Instead, move to the big, white, text box. It'll be bellow a small green button labeled "Preview" and above a green button labeled "Submit changes to this page."
Click your cursor into the white text box, and scroll to the bottom. You'll either see the text of the most recent post there, or <hr><hr>. Give two hard returns (hit the "enter" button on your keyboard twice) so your text will be on a new line. Think hard about what you want to say.

5. Edit the page.
Write your edit. Your edit should be written in past tense, 3rd person prose. That means no "Script" style, no referring to the character as yourself, and... it has to be in past tense. Your post should not look or sound like this:

Jennifer Walters: *I look around, and wonder to myself what's going on.* Hello? Is any one there? *calling out into the darkness*

Instead, try to make your posts look/sound more like this:

Jennifer peered into the darkness, her eyes failing to adjust. "Keep it together, Jen," she thought to herself, as she steadied her breathing, wanting to appear calm. "Hello? Is anyone there?" She called out into the darkness.

6. Double check your post.
Spell check. Grammar check. Yeah, you can always come back and change it later, but do your best to try and get it right the first time ^_~ Now is also a good time to quickly re-read your own post, and make sure it make sense, and says what you want to convey to your RP partners.

7. Submit your edit.
Remember that button from earlier, the green one bellow the text box with "Submit changes to this page" written on it? Well, now's the time to click it. Aww yeah!

8. Bask in post-posting glow.
You've just Role Played. Rockin'. Now comes the waiting game, as you wait for your partners to submit their edits. If everyone is on line at the same time, then check back soon. If your partner is from another time zone, or not on at the same time as you, check back in a day or so. Keep the flow of the game going!

9. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.
Once your scene is complete, either you or one of your RP partners should copy the body of the text under the <hr><hr> and move it to the archive for that room ((I assume. I'm still unclear on this point ^_^;;)). Now that the room is empty, it can be used for another scene in the future! Hooray!

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