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Jake Ketchum

The Basics

I'm just too used to bein' the lone wolf t'change now.

Name: Jake Ketchum
Nicknames: Fang
Age: 24 years old (April 14th)
Gender: Male
Race: Werewolf
Nationality: Hero
Occupation: Fugitive, former lead guitarist in the band Scare Tactics
Alliance: Alice
Canon: DC Comics "Scare Tactics" canon


Height: 6'
Weight: 170 lbs
Clothing: Not exactly what most would call fashionable. Wife beaters, leather jackets, ratty jeans and the occasional pair of hightops (if he hasn't lost them (again)).
Jewelry: gold nose ring in left nostril
Body Modifications: n/a


Length: Short
Style: Uneven
Color: Red


Color: Blue
Oddities: Shift to yellow when he changes to his alternate form

Alternate Forms


Build: Lean and wiry
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 170
Hair: Shaggy and reddish-brown in colour
Eyes: Yellow
Defining Marks: A long muzzle with a surprisingly small mouth, longish ears, fangs, claws on both his hand and feet.


Personality: Soft spoken, Jake does his best to think before he speaks. Considered "soft" by most of his family, he's actually quite gentle, and considerate of how others may feel at any given time. This does not mean he's a doormat, though. If you take up a position opposite of him, he will argue his case, fervently but rationally. If you throw the first punch, well... he's more than happy to defend himself. He's actually quite brave, though he wouldn't think of himself in those terms. He's also fiercely loyal.

Weaknesses: Silver in general, although silver bullets are the form he's most weary of.

Full-moon light will force a transformation from human to were-form. It's the only time he has no control over it. Shutting himself up away from the moon light can prevent the transformation, but it has to be completely shut out, and he still feels "on edge."

Though presumably Jake can shift to a full-wolf body, he has never shown this. It's not clear if the generations of inbreeding in his family have wiped out this ability, or if it's just something of a lost art, but Jake has never gone full-wolf.

Jake also is mostly illiterate. He can read some, "'Nuff to get by," but he is easily defeated by things like menus or maps, to say nothing of books.

Abilities: Most notably, Jake is a werewolf. He can change from a human body to that of a half-wolf, half human. His were-form has the same basic abilities of a human, only ten-fold stronger. In human form, he loses all of these abilities, except for two. First, he retains much of his increased healing ability, and second, he retains much of his increased sense of smell.

His healing ability allows him to survive such things as falls from great heights, or being shot. This doesn't make these things pleasant... but he can survive them.

Weapons: n/a, though he knows how to use a shotgun

Home(s): Nomadic, by necessity. Originally from back woods Appalachia. Last seen haunting about some of the seeder districts of New York City.


Born into a clan of (literally) inbreed backwoods werewolfs, Jake was always somewhat at odds with his close-knit family. This is most likely due to the fact that Jake's father was an outsider, and not a member of the family. Not much else is known about the man, as he left under circumstances that were never explained to Jake. His mother died of a fever when he was a baby, and so never had the chance to answer any of his questions. Left to be raised by the family, the leader of their clan, Jake's Step-Father/Uncle, Warden, never liked him. He considered the literal red-headed step child to be a poor hunter and a day-dreamer. Warden finally found a purpose for Jake, however, when he was set into an arranged marriage with the Ketchum's rival family, the Kingsbridges.
Something of a Hatfield-McCoy situation, the Kingsbridges were a clan of ghoulish pseudo-zombies who had inhabited the backwoods since well before the time of the American Civil War, and were not happy when the Ketchums, looking to rid themselves of mankind, moved in "next door." The two families found themselves at war with each other over hunting territories and rights. The generations long feud was to be brought to an end with the marriage of Jake and his arranged fiancé, Perl, but Jake didn't take to the idea. He had no problem with the girl, per se, but rather the idea of being brought into the Kingbridge's ghoulish nightmare cult, where his life force would be drained away until he was nothing more than a pseudo-zombie himself. Warden was giving Jake no choice in the matter, and so Jake did the only thing he could-- he ran.
Unused to life outside his family, it didn't take long before Jake was picked up by a government agency, called the R-Complex, who specialized in collecting, containing and, in some cases, using the supernatural. Resistant to the idea of becoming the R-complex's new bloodhound for hunting other supernatural beings, he was locked up, and more or less forgotten about, until one Arnold Burnsteel sprung him and a number of others free in a last ditch effort at escape.
Surprisingly, it worked, and Jake found himself suddenly in the company of four other "odd balls." Needing to keep moving to avoid re-capture, but also trying to stay under the radar, they formed the band "Scare Tactics" to give them a cover for their nomadic habits. Being that none of them actually knew how to play a musical instrument, their music was, at best, earsplitting, so they were in no-danger of rising to fame. Still, they found the occasional gig at a punk rock or metal head club, enough to keep up the facade... until they lost both their drummer and their bassist, to the stars and the cold grip of death, respectively.
Jake and the lead singer of the band, a vampire named Nina, stuck with Arnold for a bit longer, after that, but Nina's general distrust of humans eventually led to Jake having to chose between staying with one or the other. His fledgling romance with the undead girl meant he ended up staying with her, but at that, the band was officially disbanded.

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