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Jamie Madrox

The Basics

The Life of a Multiple Man... E=mc²
Existence equals myriad Catastrophes. Squared.

Name: James Arthur Madrox
Nicknames: Jamie, Multiple
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Mutant
Nationality: Hero
Occupation: University Student
Alliance: Alice
Canon: X-men: Evolution AU Canon


Height: 5'5"
Weight: 155 lbs
Clothing: Used; Practical. Jamie is most often seen in button-down work shirts and old jeans or slacks.
Jewelry: n/a
Body Modifications: n/a


Length: Short, kept about his ears and the nape of his neck.
Style: Straight but slightly fluffy, Jamie usually just runs a brush through it and calls it good.
Color: Brown


Color: Blue
Oddities: n/a


Personality: In a word? Optimist! Jamie would like to believe the best in everyone, and tries his best to take the best out of every situation life hands him. Unfortunately for him, Jamie also suffers from a near crippling shyness, and a very low self esteem. So while he believes in, and tries to see the best in others, he can't quite figure out why anyone would want anything to do with him. His mutant ability has in no-small part contributed to this feeling. Somewhat awkward in the ways of socializing, at the end of the day, Jamie is "that nice, quiet boy" that everyone knows.... but never talks to.

Weaknesses: Most notably, Jamie has an empathetic link with his dupes. This means that any extreme feeling any one of him feels, they all feel. Usually, this means if one of him is hurt, they ALL hurt. The closer, physically, he is to the one in pain, the clearer the empathetic link is, and likewise, the stronger the pain, the further it seems to travel, clearly, before dissipating. He has yet to completely escape this effect though.

Jamie is trusting. He is willing to believe any lies told to him, simply because he doesn't know how or why anyone would lie to him. This trusting nature could easily lead to his death... or at least a death.

Abilities: Jamie has the ability to completely clone, or "duplicate" himself through kinetic energy. The more energy impacting his body, the more duplicates, or "dupes", are made. He has little control over this ability. The dupes can be "reabsorbed" through physical contact with the "original" Jamie. Only the physical status of the original matters. This means that if a dupe is injured, and the original is not, when the dupe is reabsorbed, the original suffers no physical side-effects. However, all memories are preserved in reabsorption. This can be confusing, but is ultimately useful when it comes to things like studying or memorization.

The status of "original" Jamie can be switched. There is no external change, but at any given time all dupes can feel, mentally, which one of them is the original. Likewise, they can mentally "ask" to take over as original, but the original has to be willing to give up his status as original for the switch to occur. The status is entirely mental, and the only difference between the original and dupes is the original posses the ability to trigger reabsorption.

Jamie is a very decent farmhand, knowledgeable about various farming practices, and is something of a junior mechanic.

Weapons: n/a

Home(s): His parent's farm, outside Copeland, Kansas, and his two dorm rooms at University in Boston.


For a guy with the mutant ability to clone himself, Jamie has led a surprisingly uneventful life. Born to Daniel and Joan Madrox, the couple were surprised (as was the doctor!) when at birth, Jamie appeared to be twins. It wasn't until later, after much panic and distress over the "missing" and "reappearing" twin that they realized that there was just the one baby- Jamie.

Because mutantcies were still believed to be mostly the stuff of urban legends in Jamie's world, Daniel and Joan quickly agreed that it would be best if they kept Jamie close to home. His uncontrollable power was only going unnoticed due to the family's farm being relatively isolated. The family swiftly closed itself off from most outside contact- they still attended church whenever possible, but a close watch was always kept on Jamie.

Over the years, Jamie proved himself to be a very useful person to have around the farm. Because they no-longer needed to hire out farm hands and the like, the Madrox's were able to make a little more money than your average farmer... though they were still far from "affluent." Still, when time came for Jamie to go to college, they had managed to save enough to send him to school- when combined with federal aid and scholarships.

By then, he mostly had his power under control- he could run or play catch without duping uncontrollably, but an unexpected blow would still expose him. And though 17 years had passed since he was born, the general attitude of the public towards mutants was still skeptical and cold, at best. It was rumored that the government would "disappear" any mutants who allowed their presence to be known, the entire thing sounding like the plot of an X-files episode to those it didn't actually effect.

Trying to get the most out of his education, and create a possible alibi for himself, Jamie created an alternate persona for his college studies, his "twin brother" Arthur. Using this persona, he was able to double the class load the University would let him take.

Keeping mostly to himself, Jamie's only managed to make one friend at school, a girl named Cordelia Winters, whom he has fallen quite head over heals for.

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