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Jamie's Room

Appropriately enough, there seem to be multiples of every item in Jamie's room. Two beds (bunked). Two desks. Two wardrobes. Two chairs. Two lamps. The two suitcases shoved under the bed for storage aren't twins of each other, unlike everything else in the room. In fact, one seems much nicer than the other, with wheels and pouches, while the other looks almost cartoonishly old fashioned.

There is a computer on one of the desks, while the other is covered haphazardly with thick, tiresome looking books. The two windows in the room reach all the way up to the ceiling, and almost all the way to the floor, tall and narrow. They are both recessed into what surely must be old, stone walls, now covered with modern plaster and paint, with cushioned benches bellow them, making for two nice seating areas.

The room is old looking, but somehow sterile, as if many people have lived there before, and many people will live there after, though none ever for very long.

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