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Lyanth's Room

<Limg150*0: alt="The mighty Shadow Lord, now travel size"><Rimg200*0: alt"The hard-won flag of San D'Oria">Upon opening the heavy wooden door, the rush of warmth from the fireplace engulfs any who enter Lyanth's room. Situated at the far end of the room from the door, the fire manages never to overheat the room or let it become stuffy. Maintaining the feeling of coziness, the fixtures of the room are all wood or wool, and mostly handmade. There are no windows to this inner-city apartment, but it's size (12' tall x 18' wide x 30' deep) makes up for the lack of view.

In the left hand corner by the fireplace sits the bed, generous for humans but a twin for Elvaan. It is piled high with blankets and furs, while the wood bedposts are carved with some care. Against the opposite wall, but still near the fireplace, sits a simple workbench and stool. Both are made of wood, but without any carvings and completely utilitarian. On the workbench sits a few trinkets of campaigns past. Standing out from all of them is a statue of the Shadow Lord, menacing if not for the fact that his detail-carved form is only a foot tall. Next to him on the workbench is some kind of shell full of neon colored pearls, which is a stark contrast to his dark grey form.

Lining the wall from the work bench to the door is a rack for all of Lyanth's favored weapons of past jobs. Her Beastmaster axes are in a place of prominence in the center, with an open spot for her Immortal's Scimitar right next to them. As for all of her favored armor and festival outfits, these are stored neatly in a 9 drawer armoire at the foot of her bed. The floor is a simple tiled stone, with a worn rug covering most of it. Hanging high in the center of the room is candle chandelier that miraculously lights the whole space evenly. In the opens spaces of the walls hangs a few paintings of strange winter landscapes. Above the head of her bed hangs the San D'Orian Flag, its red and black paneling stark against all the other natural colors of the room.

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