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Remy LeBeau

The Basics

It's like having fifty-two explosives in one little pocket.

Name: Remy LeBeau.
Nicknames: Gambit (codename), Rems, Cajun, Gumbo, Swamp Rat, Ace.
Age: 26.
Gender: Male.
Race: Mutant.
Occupation: Thief, ex-Acolyte.
Alliance: Alice.
Canon: X-Men: Evolution canon (end of season four).


Height: 6’1.
Weight: 180 lbs.
Clothing: His casual were sticks more towards that of jeans and a shirt, accompanied by his ever present trench coat. For his uniform, it will vary due to the situation, either needing to rely on stealth, or to make his presence known. His primary uniform consists of; a dark blue and dark red, skin tight suit with sleeves rolled up to his biceps, knee high sliver boots with black buckles, and black head gear that covers his forehead, cheeks, neck, and back of head.
Jewellery: None worn, but keeps his old wedding ring in his coat pocket.
Body Modifications: Only artificial by use of a holo-device to make his eyes appear to have brown irises.


Length: Short.
Style: Semi short, goes into a ‘bowl’ cut when has headpiece of uniform on.
Color: Dark brown.


Color: Red irises, black sclera.
Oddities: Irises give off a glow (most notable in low lighting). Increase sensitivity to light and increased ability to see in the dark.


Personality: Remy is all about being mysterious. He likes appearing out of nowhere and vanishing just the same.

The main side he portrays about himself is that of a kidder, always ready with a joke or innuendo for any situations. Flirting, smoking, drinking, and just enjoying life and all its sins (especially if there is money to be made) comes as part of this same mask he likes to hide behind.

Getting past this, there is a more serious man, one closely devoted to his family and true friends, and willing to sacrifice himself and his happiness to keep them safe. Rather sick of ugly confrontation, Remy would rather run and leave a situation behind him then deal with it, preferring to think in the here and now rather than plan out the future. This is primarily due to the belief he’s a dead man walking, due to all the targets on his back, and what only encourages his life of sin and pleasure.

When the situation calls for it he will take the lead in a group, but would rather hand back behind his normal ‘mask’ as the wisecracking loud mouth, only there to fight and/or steal.

Weaknesses: For Remy to use his powers he must have physical contact with the item. This is not limited to just his hands, able to use any body part to carry a charge to the object in question.

While it is possible to consider him a ‘bad guy’, due to being a thief and ex-Acolyte, deep down he’s a good guy. He hates to see the weak and innocent being taken advantage of, and will often step in to lend a hand. However he is a firm believer that sometimes you have to do something bad to gain a good end result, including (for the right cause) if it damages himself, thus living up to his codename. His need to help others stands particularly true for when it is a damsel in distress, or a child.

The boy also has a dislike for medical labs/rooms, although would never admit to it. While he would rather avoid them all together, if he has to be in one, Remy does become rather fidgety.

As a smoker, he is also rather reliant on his nicotine fixes.

Abilities: Gambit’s mutant abilities allow him to charge an item with kinetic energy, causing it to explode. The item can be organic or not, and can range in size, although larger items will take longer to charge.

Remy shows incredible flexibility for someone of his build, preferring to use it, as well as leverage and balance in fighting rather than brute strength. Because of his powers and his combat training, Remy is able to deal damage at both long and close range, but prefers to be at a distance and rely on his powers to win a fight.

He is trained as a master thief, skilled in areas such as; lock picking, pick pocketing, safe cracking, ability to infiltrate almost any security system, etc. His job also requires him to be able to blend in with a crowd and to have a general knowledge on the items he steals. Completely fluent in French, Gambit also knows enough of other languages to generally pass through a crowd in other countries and to deal with clients.

Thanks to his Taunt Mattie, Remy is a skilled cook, specializing towards more traditional Cajun foods, although he dislikes having to do the dishes afterwards. Due to his use of playing cards as ammunition, as well as thief training, he is skilful in slight of hand, making him highly likely to win while playing cards.

Aware of his physical attraction, and ready to play it up with smooth words and a well placed smile, the other talent Remy is known for is one he is more than ready to give a private lesson about, provided the person is of legal age…

Weapons: Bo staff: Titanium. Able to be reduced down to the length of approximately a foot, and extended firstly to six foot, and again several feet longer to act as a pole vault. Modified to shoot out both ends (using compressed air) with cables attached to a central motor. Cables/motors are strong enough to support his weight. Holds canisters of knock out gas in each end of the staff, able to be released by push button.

Playing cards: Minimum of four packs kept on body at all times, Bicycle brand. Queen of Hearts kept at the bottom of each deck.

Throwing knives: Used both for ranged and melee fighting.

And anything else he can get his hands onto.

Home(s): New Orleans.


Remy grew up on the streets within a kid street gang, having no knowledge on what happened to his family. It was when he decided to target Jean-Luc LeBeau, the king of the Thieves Guild, that he was adopted into the LeBeau family and trained to be a member of the Guild.

Not long after his adoption he learnt of his part in an arranged marriage to the Princess of the Assassin Guild, Belladonna Boudreaux, a marriage that was an attempt to end the war between the two Guilds. The two became friends and began dating in their young teens, quickly falling in love.

Remy’s powers began to show when he was sixteen, but he kept them a secret out of fear he would be taken off missions, and instead tried to practice control of them in private. However, during a mission with his younger cousin Etienne, his inability to control his powers led (in his mind) to Etienne’s death. The trauma of seeing his cousin’s death, and blaming himself for it, Remy lost the slim grip he had on his charging, causing him to become a danger to himself and others. Terrified he would harm someone else with them, he contacted a previous client of the Guild, Nathaniel Essex, to fix him.

With the help of the scientist, Remy gained perfect command over his charging abilities, but was made to repay his dept to the doctor by working as his own private thief. He was brought into Essex’s private group, the Marauders. During a mission that brought them up against the Morlocks, Remy was horrified to discover they were sent as assassins to kill off the mutants. Not wanting any part in it, and unable to save the majority of them, Remy was able to save one girl by the name of Marrow, hiding her away at a mutant friendly location. He then fled Sinister’s employment and returned to New Orleans.

Determined to leave what happened under Sinister’s leadership behind him, Remy continued working for the Guild and preparing for his and Bella’s wedding. While the ceremony went off without a hitch, the Boudreaux plans were quickly revealed, planning to kill off the LeBeau family so Belladonna would be acting queen of the guild. Heart broken by Bella’s betrayal against him, but still legally married to her, Remy isolated himself away from any contact with her. However, when another attempt against his life resulted in the death and injury of several onlookers, Remy decided to leave New Orleans once again. He believed if he could not be found, then the Assassins would have no need to kill his family until he was found.

During his travels and freelancer work, Remy met up with his new boss, Magneto, and was ‘persuaded’ to join his team as both a thief and fighter. As an Acolyte, Remy also acted as a messenger between Magneto and the Brotherhood, as well as keeping tabs on the X-Men’s activity. Remy became close friends with two of his fellow Acolytes, St. John and Piotr, and many times acted as a peacekeeper and protector between them and their boss.

After the ‘death’ of Magneto, Remy disappeared once again, reappearing shortly afterwards after discovering his father was kidnapped by the Assassins, and requiring Rogue’s powers to find him. Despite any anger the girl felt towards Remy using her just for her mutant abilities, and for putting her in danger’s way with the Assassins, the two parted on good terms, sharing some common ground when it came to their past. Since then, Remy has tried to lay low on the mutant radar in New Orleans, dodging Assassin attempts and going back to working for the Guild.

Credit to Blaze's evo site for the temp pic :)

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