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Remy's Room

Spacious in size, the room was a mixture of an era that had been, and of modern luxuries. Based around the luxury and comfort of a New Orleans plantation house, the interior looked like a picture from the past, complete with appropriate furnishings and decorations. However, scattered around the room were signs of technology and other modern comforts. The expected neatness of such a well planned room was also in disarray, as the occupant allowed it to become cluttered with articles of clothing and other random items here and there.

While half the room allowed for a large period appropriate bed, wardrobe, chair, and bedside tables, the other was set up for work. A large desk stood covered in pieces of paper, computer printings, photos, pens, and random items that looked like they should be locked up in a safe. Collections of blue prints, surveillance photos, and maps of various locations were pinned to one wall, notes scrawled quickly beside several pin points.

Halfway House
HH Remy LeBeau

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