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War Room

Located on the top-most floor of the Halfway House, the War Room is the only room completely unaffected by clutter. It has one large round table at which the chairs of the heroes sit, and a large enchanted wooden trunk. Upon entering the War Room, all weapons not part of one's body are magically transported within it, and should any sort of an attack be fired off the trunk absorbs that too. Physical attacks, such as punches or kicks cannot be stopped by the trunk. One is free to use their powers for non violent means though. The trunk is un-openable. Weapons will automatically be returned once a person leaves the room. Other than that, there is one important feature of the War Room-- it is the ONE place, in all of Wonderland, where one can be guaranteed that Queen Redd and her spies cannot see through magical means. It is a powerful room.

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2013-01-20 [blaze_rocket]: Your character MUST participate in this thread. You may continue your previous threads, but keep in mind that THIS thread is where all previous threads will be meeting up, once you're finished. When you've reached a good point for it, please have the white flames surround your character, and transport them to the War Room :D Please do this no later than Monday evening. Conceivably, this transportation spell will be going off at the same time, so all the heroes will arrive in the War Room simultaneously.

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