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The Caterpillar

Rajak Jhinaga an older gentleman, who looks older than his years due to the amount of stress in his life. Rajak has the ability to see into the future, though this ability is extremely draining to him. Rajak fights on the side of Alice, though he has been missing for a long time. His intel on the actions of the Queens forces are invaluable.

The Cheshire Cat

(unavailable without interview)
During Alice's confinement, he's the only one able to actually reach her in her lonely cell and, as such, is quite possibly her only link with sanity. To most of those in Wonderland the Cat is an enigma, a giver of convoluted clues who speaks only in riddles. Don't be too easily deceived, however, for this mad creature may just be the wisest of them all.

The Duchess

HH The Duchess
Duchess Margaret is not an ally of the queen, but she's no friend to Alice either, or anyone in Wonderland. The Duchess is a repulsive, cannibalistic ogre-like crazed aristocrat with taste for anything. She sees all living things as prey. Rumor has it that the Duchess is mother to Queen Redd, but mentioning this to either woman usually results in the swift demise of the mention-er.

The Gryphon

Head of the Wonderland Resistance, Griff’s a born leader and falls into the role …almost flawlessly. His arrogance and stubbornness get in the way a fair bit. Most of the time. When he thinks he’s right, that’s all there is too it and it’s hard to get him to change his mind. He’s not much of a jokester. At least since Alice’s capture.

The Jabberwocky

HH The Jabberwocky
Also known as Jay. He is a dragon of great strength, and a sly cunning. He is also known as the Queen’s guardian, champion and consort. It is known that he can shift between forms. While his dragon form is well known to just about everyone, his human form remains a mystery to most.

The Mad Hatter

Theophilus Ogden was originally an ally of Alice, but when Queen Redd took over, switched to her side in exchange for a reprieve from her earlier sentence- eternal tea time. After all, one can only take so much tea and cakes. He now works in a mechanized lab near the palace, creating weapons and automatons at the Queen's whim.

Her Royal Highness Queen Redd of Hearts

(unavailable without interview)
The most obvious enemy of Alice. Redd is known not only for her ferocious temper, but her stunning beauty as well. Though she has no powers of her own, her thorough use of a cunning, treacherous mind and an enchanting visage she has come to rule Wonderland with an iron fist and will.

The Tweedles

Leon and Noel Tweedle, better known as Tweedle Dee and Dum, respectively, are a brutish pair, though not particularly bright. They are usually found acting as a sort of messenger between the Queen and the people of Wonderland... in that they like to spy and tattle and bully. It's believed that the Hatter, through his mechanization, has given the Tweedles some strange powers or weapons.

The White Rabbit

HH The White Rabbit
Herald for the Queen of Hearts, Therapon Vit is a nervous figure, perhaps compounded by the fact that he is secretly working for the Wonderland Resistance, trying to bring Wonderland back to it's usual, relatively harmless chaos. Most of his time is spent at the Queen of Heart's Palace.


The eternal middle-child, Wyrm is an angry, aggressive, sour figure. Solidly on the side of the Wonderland Resistance, Wyrm has a problem with acting before he thinks, and often has to be checked by the Gryphon and his sister to keep from going off half-cocked.


She’s a woman who is torn. Her monster side wants to join her brother Jay, but her human side wishes to help Wyrm. She frequently goes back and both between the two, at times nearly consumed with the bloodthirsty dragon and other times a quiet frightened little girl. She says what needed to be said but often quietly, so no one hears and no one gets mad at her by extent.

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