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Yalaa's Room

It took no more than a glance to tell that the room was one designed not by human hands, but alien. Consisting of some sort of unknown metal, it's true colour was lost due to the permanent glow of crystallized structures throughout the curved room. Original designed to let off a soft magenta glow, the crystals now pulsed and sparked with every colour imaginable, and a few that were not, existing in a state between a nightlight and disco lights. The ceiling domed upwards into a crystal roof, lit dully by more of the energy powers lights. Lanterns strung up along a luminescent string added extra decorations to geometric formation of the walls, adding a touch of homeliness to the otherwise empty wall space.

The bed resembled more akin to a form of reclined arm chair than a traditional bed, the foot of it stretching out far beyond human proportions as the head of the bed curved up to supply a form of canopy. While it provided enough room for two normal sized beings to fit into, it was designed to hold only one of its true occupants. Several shelves sat out from one of the walls, the straight lines not accommodating to the curvature of the room. Only a handful of books sat on them, its other spots taken up by an array of items from far lands, some weapons, some knickknacks, some more prized items.

Nothing should had brought her out of sleep so quickly, but none the less, Yalaa bolted up from her sleep, hand snapping out to snatch up a knife kept on the nightstand by her bed. While she was not nearly as skilled with daggers as other weapons, it would distract an attack long enough for her to reach her mace and shield, which sat carefully hung by her bed. The idea of being attacked was not as far fetched as she hoped it would be, the Exodar having been attacked several times by Horde barbarians since its crash on Azeroth. While none had prevailed, it was still a constant threat to worry about.

Seeing no sinister figures within her lodgings, nor the sound of fighting outside, Yalaa sighed and relaxed, allowing the dagger to return to its original position. She had hoped her return home would had been a more relaxing time, having taken time out of casual adventuring to see her parents again. Sadly, she was not surprised to see her father was ever the same, and despite her recent triumph for the Alliance, he still dismissed it as little more than her playing foolish games. It seemed she could do nothing right in his eyes. Scratching at her hairline, Yalaa pulled herself up onto her hooves. The nagging doubt of something being wrong stuck in her mind, and she knew there was no way she would be able to get back to sleep until she saw for herself that the Exodar was safe. The fact the light from the energy crystals were... wrong... was a concern for Yalaa, but for all she knew, the mages and priests had messed up something, or the ship itself was having a glitch go through it.

Trotting over to the doorway, she pushed against the door, its heavy weight moving slowly under her hand to expose not the massive structure she knew so well, but an unknown hallway. Her eyes darted between the mysterious location outside her room, and back to her bedroom. What in the name of the Light was going on? Some mage's sick joke? The Keepers of Time having moved her into past, or future, events? Again? Either way, it wasn't something she had accepted, and Yalaa did not like the idea of being thrown into a situation she had no knowledge on.

Pulling the door back closed she quickly clothed herself, a fabric suit going on before her plate armour covered her form. While the armour wasn't new, she had still to break it in fully in battle, its surfaces still bright and shiny, without any dings or deformities in it. A blacksmith could do a wonderful job to place heavily damaged items back together, but none were good enough to get rid of every scratch, not without magic at least. Tying her mace to her belt, Yalaa fitted her shield onto her back, both items letting off their own fiery glow. The last item she place on was her helmet. As a Draenei, she always had difficulty wearing any helmet, her horns often getting in the way and having to carefully be thread through holes cut specially for them.

Helmet in place, she stepped out into the unknown hallway.

||Continued in HH High Roads and Low Roads||

||Continued from HH Her Way or the High Way||

Good news, the hearth stone worked. Bad news, it took her back to the copy of her room, not her real one. Letting out a disappointing sigh, Yalaa tucked the stone back into her hip pouch, its blue symbol now red to show a depletion in its power. It would take some time before it was ready to transport her again, however as she had no intent on traveling until the next day, it was not a problem.

Placing her helmet on its normal shelf, she rested her mace and shield closer to her bed. Considering the events, it was smarter to keep them close to hand and ready to go at any moment. The rest of her armour joined her helmet as she stripped down to the clothing she wore beneath it to stop chaffing.

Halfway House
HH Yalaa of the Exodar

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