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Name: One personality goes by Haeru, the other Zeo.


Age: 19

Appearance: 5’10”, 54.5kg. Light brown hair that becomes darker as it goes down, stopping an inch before his shoulders in the back and sides. In the front, it flicks to the left, with the far right side curling inwards. His eyes are a cobalt blue, looking like a deep ocean, or a bright blue flame, depending on how you look. He keeps his bow and halberd on his back at all times when they are not in use.
He usually wears a tight black long-sleeved hooded t-shirt, with a long sleeveless silk tunic, dark blue with gold trimmings, that flows to just above his knees. He wears tight, yet comfortable black jeans. He generally walks around barefoot.

Physical Skills: Having learnt from his father at a young age, he is adept at archery, his arrows rarely outside the gold on a target. He is also able to solve many problems quickly, puzzles being his fortitude. Recently, he has taken up learning to use the halberd, but tends to use it as a spear, or bo staff.

Magical skills: Haeru is well skilled in the use of water magic, able to heat it into gas, or cool it and freeze it.
Alternatively, Zeo uses only fire magic.

Items: A Japanese bow, or yumi, given by his father, it is made from strong yew.
A halberd, given to him by his best friend two years ago, the staff is made from sturdy, yet springy ash, while the head is made from hard steel. The head resembles a three pronged flame on one side, yet the single point on the other side resembles a water droplet.

Personality: Generally, Haeru is quite carefree, yet determined to do his best, through in stressful situations, he is cold, calculating, and strives for his own gain, this personality is known as Zeo.

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