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Half World

You feel as if your floating.. this world is grass as far as you can see, and one big tree in the middle. Perhaps you got here in a dream, or possibly meditation.. or just maybe imagination....

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2006-01-23 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *walks up behind snowolf glaring at him through his silver hair.* "comfortable?"

2006-01-23 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *stands up an looks to him "wha?... sorry im not use to this place"

2006-01-23 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *walks over to him, and looks him in the eye's, his hand tightly gripped around the halt of his sword.* "you are lucky you cant die in this life... you dont deserve to be here..."

2006-01-23 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *sighed "...heh i dont desearve to be in the other life eather..... killing tao..... leaveing my wife.........only for her to die with out me there to help her!.... ive killed so many people" he looks down then up "...but i didnt want to kill Tao!!!!..... he wouldnt stop!.... he fought bravely... with honor till the very end"

2006-01-23 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *gets closer to Snowolf, his anger clearly showing, as a tear runs down his face.* "he fought bravely into your sword! Well here me now.. I will help ease your existance in the other life...Im going to sever your limbs from your body.. im going to kill all those close to you! My fiery holds no bounds, You are going to regret this day, mark my words..."

2006-01-23 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *glares at him "your fight is with me! not them.. i killed tao! they did nothing... leave them out......but if my blood spilling will ease anything then so be it"

2006-01-23 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: "im going to tear away everything precious to you... your life will be misery to the very end! I will hunt them all by one.. your friends...everyone!"

2006-01-23 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *sighs softly ".like i said... if its just me... then...there would be no problem...... my blood should be enuff .... but... dont mistake me.... i will kill you if you go after any of them"

2006-01-23 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *walks away,his voice low and angry, as he slowly disappears.* "Im going to save you for last...soon..."

2006-01-23 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *sighs as he hit his knees "another mistake of myne..... will cause others so much pain" he spoke before vanishing from half world

2006-01-23 [dead~spirit]: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2006-12-07 [dead~spirit]:

A New Hope (the Expansion)

2008-11-11 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *hears a womens voice calling out his name in a soothing tone, as he opens his eyes and finds himself laying in the grass under the tree, looking up at the white sky. He looks around as he smirks, his silver hair in his face, as he slowly stands up.* "mother, has it finally come to this?"

2008-11-11 [snowwolfsa]: Pryce: *smirks as a sword is shuved through the back of the woman talking to him "mother...oh im sorry? you should of said somthing before hand".. he laughed as the woman fell off his blade to the grassy field bellow here, pointing his blade inched from tafia's face, the blood dripping off of it onto him "....does that anger you?... please dont let yourself die yet, that wouldnt be fun at all"

2008-11-11 [dead~spirit]: Tafia:*glares at Pryce, as he lays there not worried about the blade inchs from his face.* "why would you come to this realm?"

2008-11-11 [snowwolfsa]: Pryce:*shrugs "Well to be honest im not really here...more of just a vision of me... meditation is a wonderful aspect of life, especially for those intune with their spirit" sheathing his sword "but to answer your question, you could say im here to make sure you dont do somthing stupid like let yourself die... why do you want to die? to be with your mother is that it? why would you wanna be with someone who abandoned you?"

2008-11-11 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *smirks as he lays his head back, and closes his eyes.* "Heh, im talking about the mother of all my kind..dont be so simple minded.."

2008-11-11 [snowwolfsa]: Pryce: *smiles "and who says i am not?...mother of all your kind..where is she?...where is your kind? some mother... a mothers job is to protect her child or in her case children, but if memory serves me correctly....your the last one...oh and whats this? your about to talk about huge failure"

2008-11-11 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *laughs at Pryce, as he lays there.* "you knwo nothing of the spirit realm obviously f that is what you think.."

2008-11-11 [snowwolfsa]: Pryce: or maybe i know more then you think? what cause you here you think thats why i believe your about to die? or is it cause maybe im standing by your limp body that loseing blood as you day dream in this realm....tsk tsk...think about it...* he turns "...ill see you soon for real soon...dont dissapoint me tafia..." he spoke as he started to walk vanishing into the distance

2008-11-11 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *he smirks as he watchs Pryce vanish.* "as if i could care less..."

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