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HH FAQ ♠ HH WonderlandiansHH Application
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HH What's Gone Before

The Halfway House

HH Roof || HH War Room
HH JunkHH Trophy Room || 4th Floor HH Bedrooms
HH Dojo || 3rd Floor HH Bedrooms || HH Library
HH Study || 2nd Floor HH Bedrooms || HH Game Room
HH Dining Room || HH Living Room || HH Pantry || HH Kitchen || HH Conservatory

HH Shed || HH Barn || HH Gardens || HH Aviary

Tarot District

Burnt Out House § Fog Bog
Ghost's Gallows § Toadstool Glade

Spades District

Three Blind Bar

Clubs District

Crooked Hill ♣ HH Bad Moon Bar

Diamonds District

Crystal Garden

Hearts District

Rose Garden ♥ Hedge Maze
Queen's Castle

Spaces In Between Places

HH High Roads and Low Roads || HH This Way and That Way
HH Her Way or the High Way || The Checkerboard Desert

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2012-12-10 [The Past]: It getting so pretty :D

2013-01-01 [Flisky]: Very pretty. ^_^

2013-01-01 [The Past]: ^_~

2013-01-01 [blaze_rocket]: Thank you! I'm very new to Elf Town, and sort of flailing my way through, but I'm hoping to start soon anyway. I hope you'll come play with me! :D

2013-01-01 [The Black Goat]: I might be interested

2013-01-01 [blaze_rocket]: Yes :D? What sort of character would you like to bring in? Do you have any questions I could clear up?

2013-01-02 [ZeoOfFire]: Oooh, gotta love an Alice-Based anything.
I'd love to join, but I'll wait a little bit, see what people do with things.
The character I'd like to dibs is unlikely to be wanted anyway.
Poor little Dormouse.

2013-01-02 [The Past]: Keep in mine Zeo, we will be bringing new characters in in waves, so it's not like the X-Men one where you can show up whenever :) there will be specific times when magic will be used to transport new heroes into Wonderland.

2013-01-02 [blaze_rocket]: Very true, Past! You are, of course, welcome to lurk around, see if we're of any interest to you, and apply for a Hero at a later date. As a Wonderlandian, the Dormouse could be brought in at any time, but in past incarnations of this game, Wonderlandians have received less play time than the Heroes. That's been the past, though, not the rule. I'm sure the dormouse could be as involved as you'd like ^__^

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