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Halloween Costume Competition 2004

Run By [Stratakus]
Graphics by [65tyjvw45b]

Brought to you by the Elftown Assembly


Winners: Halloween Costume Competition - 2004

No news item found.</center>

First Place (slot 1):

By [Theben]

Second Place (slot 21):

By [Yiwerra]

Third Place (slot 13):

By [werethylacine]


Thank you to all that contributed!

Greetings all, and welcome to the First Elftown Halloween Costume Competition. Every Halloween, there's contests for Art and Poetry, but we all know Halloween is about the dressing up and getting Candy or scaring the crap out of people! I know the Dressing UP is my favorite part. Putting time and effort into a costume and then showing it off. And that's what this contest is all about!

- Costumes must be put together and designed by you. No Store Bought (definition of Store Bought further down) or Rentals. That's cheating since it had nothing to do with originality on your part.
- Maximum of 3 pictures per person, all of the same costume.
- No pics of someone elses costume.
- A drawing of a costume doesn't count. Anyone can draw a costume up in less than ten minutes. But If it's the drawing of what your costume is based off of, it's allowed, but it counts for one of the three pictures you're allowed to upload. This is only allowed if you already have a photo of the same costume uploaded.
- Must be a 2004 Halloween costume, not some Cosplay costume you wore two years ago, unless it's the same costume you wore for this halloween.


And for you people who don't qualify but want to show your costume, instead of breaking the rules and uploading a rental or store bought costume, you can Show Off Your Costume here. In that wiki you're also free to upload pics of your children or friends, but there'll be a limit to that to save space.


Store Bought Costume Definition

A Store bought costume is the type you get at Walmart, already sown together and all you have to do is put it on, maybe add a cape and wig and voila! The only way a store bought costume is allowed is if it's been modified enough to actually look like some effort was put into the costume.

Home Made

Either sown by you, or modified versions of other cloths to make a costume. Knick Knacks from one store, a mask from another, a shirt here, some tape there, spray painting something and taping it together to turn it into something completly new. That's originality! And that's what this competition is all about.

So Enough Of The Rules, Let's Have Some Fun!



1. [Theben] - Ash from "Evil Dead"

2. [Cathos] I'm going to wear pale make up with it and be a ghost.

3. [Firewielder] I'm fire this year! Woo Hoo.

4. [vagabond faery]
I'm an evil faery. This picture shows the whole costume without the top hatlike and this more of what the top will look like.
<img300*0:> <img300*0:img/drawing/36590_1098128043.jpg>

5. [Dark Mousy the Kaitou] I am a chracter from my manga...he is a crazy person...hence the pinka and green hair, though you can't see the pink.
<img300*0:> <img200*0:img/drawing/54304_1095460819.jpg>
That's the pic my costume is based on.

6. [beautiful _ darkness] vampire costume

7. [, , , , , , , , ,] It's an owl costume. made with no pattern and no sewing (it's all glued)

8.[The Blonde Witch]'s Roccoco costume. All sown and designed by myself (including the hat!) save for the black skirt which was bought at a used store. And a better view of the sleeves:

<img300*0:img/photo/6118_1098522583.jpg> <img300*0:img/photo/6118_1098523166.jpg>

9. [Sotalean] Gypsy
The entire costume was sewn by me. Nothing was bought except for fabric, the chimy anklet and the head scarf.
<img300*0:img/photo/3227_1098658561.jpg> <img300*0:img/photo/3227_1098658477.jpg> <img300*0:img/photo/3227_1098658346.jpg>

10. [OvertheMoooon] 1890s prostitute

11. Pirate
I made it for a fantasy & pirate event, but iam going to wear it to Halloween again. I'll take a few better pictures soon, mostly because i made some adjustments.[Linn Scarlett]

13. [werethylacine] - Ealyal Plrrllrf
My oldest and dearest D&D character finally comes to life... enjoy! Pictures prone to change.
<img:img/drawing/4245_1099001571.jpg> <img:img/photo/4245_1099001490.jpg>

14) [Fire Child]

<img:> <img:>
<img:> <img:>

15. [Fea V] I'm being American McGee's Alice for Halloween. My mom made the costume, only the boots and fishnets are store bought. And a better pic of the apron

<img:> <img300*0:>

16. [Sylraïana] Owkey, I gotta dump the hat, it's supposed to be something like my Char, but it wasn't and isn't so now it's just a plain old Witch... (If I take of the hat I'll become even more... eh... ugly...) I made it all by myself. Only the shoes and the fabric were bought... It's a dark blue fabric with a transparent on top in the skirt. On the transparent there are these sweet, dark blue leaves and stuff....


17. [moira hawthorne] Feeling abit evil! Drow Fae!

<img200*0:> <img200*0:> <img200*0:>

Hawthorne as Drow Fae!

18. [jaguargal] - Faust VIII (Shaman King)

19. [~Lady Morgana~]
<img300*0:stuff/halloweenmailin1.jpg> <img300*0:stuff/halloweemmailin2.jpg>


20. [allenp]

A costume I made for my Fiance :)

Before :)

After :P
<img300*0:img/drawing/8714_1099214367.jpg> <img300*0:img/drawing/8714_1099214233.jpg>

21. [Yiwerra]
It's "corpse paint" like Black Metal People use to wear it on stage and in the forests.

So i kinda went as a female Black Metal Fellow.
I mean, they're a pretty scary species - usually have inhuman attitudes and philosophies, are brutal and aggresiv, make noise, and smell....
like orcs pretty much.
Hail norway.

[click to enlarge]

<img300*0:stuff/yiwerra_halloween6.jpg> <img300*0:stuff/yiwerra_halloween1.jpg>

22. [prairierose]
I am Princess Leia from A New Hope. The costume is sewn entirely by me!
<img:img/photo/66360_1099268589.jpg> <img:img/photo/66360_1099268101.jpg>

23. [jannin]
...And I will never ever sew again. And I think I glued part of that thing to my hair....
It seems I have strange posture. Oh well.
<img300*0:img/photo/5499_1099269972.jpg> <img300*0:img/photo/5499_1099269923.jpg>

24: [Dragon Hawk] Soome very random pics of my costume. If i can find or get a better one, it shall appear.
<img300*0:img/photo/1487_1099417882.jpg> <img300*0:img/drawing/1487_1099417967.jpg>

[Kavu] as a scimitar wielding warrior.

Me, [Minotaur Queen], as Anna from Van Helsing. I made the Bodice and Sword belt/pouch. Yea thats my real hair.

27. [kduncan] These are the two I made. My daughters picked out the material and the pattern. I'm just glad they picked something.. easier.. this year.


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2004-10-26 [Sunrose]: [Linn Scarlett] : Is it my computer or is your url broken?

2004-10-26 [Sotalean]: Hehe.. I like that new costume posting. ^^

2004-10-26 [Young J.C.]: I'm not getting [Linn Scarlett] image neither.

2004-10-26 [Skydancer]: I believe they changed the coding so that you can no longer inline images that are not actually uploaded to elftown any more.

2004-10-26 [Sunrose]: That would be odd, since people are often asked to not upload certain images to elftown when they are not supposed to have been uploaded on houses. (for instance art that is allowed on wiki's but not on houses: members are asked to upload them on free sites..)

2004-10-26 [Sunrose]: But free sites often only allow a certain amount of views per day..

2004-10-26 [Skydancer]: there have been several changes, one of which is that Hedda turned off inline images from outside, that stopped all those that were using linked images from other sites that had nothing to do with them. There was a discussion of it in the Elftown suggestions forum I think, and in the Elftown Graphics there is a notice about it.

2004-10-27 [Zahtsk]: Question, does it being built by you and a team count? (Ie: I made large parts, but not all of it, but had designed and comised it's building ) count as my own

2004-10-27 [Sunrose]: Hmm, but the link worked when she posted it/ [Zahtsk]: I will ask [Stratakus] about this.. :)

2004-10-27 [Cathos]: I've just tried plugging her picture address into Internet Exploder (was going to put it in my photobucket account for her for the time being) and nothing but an error page came up. I think the site she is hosting the pic on may be a wee bit broken.

2004-10-27 [Cathos]: If ET was ignoring the link, it'd come up as just the url and tags, but Internet Exploder is diplaying it in a picture sized box. ET wants to read the image, but it isn't there to be read.

2004-10-27 [Reyin]: i can help you get the image

2004-10-27 [Skydancer]: well, you folk sort it out, but do be aware that changes that Hedda makes to the way elftown works is not going to show up in all the rules and help files for quite some time as there is actually no one that really keeps track and handles that full time. So the technical side of Elftown, is find what works and if it does not, then go ask one of the people that actually know. :)

2004-10-27 [Reyin]: you are right

2004-10-27 [Sunrose]: Hmm easiest would be if she just posted it again... :P . I will look into what you said [Skydancer], maybe I can update it in the help-wiki's.. ;)

2004-10-29 [Ravenclaw]: Question? When is the deadline??? I finaly finished the final touches on my costume tonight but I've not gotten any pictures yet.

2004-10-29 [Young J.C.]: After Halloween sometime...

2004-10-29 [Ravenclaw]: ok thats good. I'm very busy the nxt few days but I hope to get a spare few moments to get some pics.

2004-10-29 [Young J.C.]: Hope to see the costume.

2004-10-29 [Ravenclaw]: thanks!

2004-10-29 [Young J.C.]: Your weelcome.

2004-10-29 [Linn Scarlett]: sweetheart, the picture is on my own domain...and believe me, its bandwith is expanded enough, i dont know why it would not work, because it does upload here, and i just asked a friend

2004-10-29 [Young J.C.]: It's up now, but maybe you should upload it to Elftown first, then to a wiki page.

2004-10-29 [Linn Scarlett]: ill do so when i return from school *i can almost feel my teachers breath in my neck here*

2004-10-29 [Young J.C.]: HAha... alright.

2004-10-29 [Thistlewood]: I can see [Linn Scarlett]'s pic. 

2004-10-29 [Sunrose]: Yes I can see it now too, but it wasn't visible for a while..

2004-10-29 [Linn Scarlett]: hmzwierd O>O

2004-10-29 [The Last Laugh]: kewl..witchy!

2004-10-30 [Sunrose]: [Fea V]: you didn't make this costume yourself?

2004-10-30 [Stratakus]: If anyone is curious as to why I'm not allowing Mommy made costumes, think of it this way, Poem written by other people aren't allowed in the Poem competition, nor is Art drawn by someone else. So a costume made by someone else is someone else's costume, and you are just the model for it.

2004-10-30 [Skydancer]: Curious question.. is this a costume contest, or a sewing contest? Many people might be able to sew, and have family help with the actual assembly of the costume, that is way different than just buying a premade, commercially designed outfit don't you think?

2004-10-30 [Skydancer]: Actually, just my opinion you understand, in the case of a costume, I might be able to design something quite fabulous, but being very poorly sighted due to eye problems I could not possibly sew the thing myself, so in that case, if is my idea, my design, my creative work, is the sewing the only thing you are going by then? Just my thoughts of course.

2004-10-30 [Skydancer]: And also just a small curiostity, if this is being done by the Assembly, should not it be a concensus to create a set of rules that the Assembly agrees on? again, just my own curiosity.

2004-10-30 [Stratakus]: The assembly looked over the rules before this was started. But you are right, the rule about other person made costumes is shakey... Working in a costume shop, I see the highs and lows. Like kids telling their Moms what to make them "I wanna be the Grim Reaper", then there are people who come in and show me a picture and ask "What would I need to put this together?" ... ~Wracks brain~ It's confusing to pick what's allowed and what isn't... That's the most shakey rule and I am concidering changing it to allow ones where the person did play a roll in it's creation..

2004-10-30 [Sunrose]: Not to offend anyone, but I think it's often the case when an elftownmember let the costume be made by someone else, they also didn't participate in the design. Also I could design a costume and have it brought to a professional company to make it....doesn't really seem fair to me.. . But what [Skydancer] says is understandable. If, for instance, one is blind but wants to write a poem, one would need another person to write it down. The poem is still written by that person then..

2004-10-30 [Skydancer]: Well, in my world, the creative spirit is often part of the family and without the support and the encouragement and help of family members, many of us would never develop our creativity. And certainly, of all holidays, Halloween is very much a family event. I cannot imagine really, in the average US household these days, particularly the rural ones, a school aged person for instance, really learning to sew, though a mother or grandparent, or perhaps an aunt might. So personally I don't thing costumes are like art in that way, they are not something that you sit down and generally create from scratch. Even the very lovely costumes we have here already are not really unique creations, but are

2004-10-30 [Skydancer]: rather designs from a movie, or a historial period, or a comic character, so in reality it is not an original creation either in that sense that a work of art might be. If that was the case, we would have to be talking about designers and fashion and seamstressing and not much about Halloween... in my opinion of course.. :D

2004-10-30 [Sunrose]: A lot of poems and artpieces are just as well inspired by ones made in history and so forth...

2004-10-30 [Skydancer]: Yes they are, but this is halloween, not a fashion show. A costume crafted from grandma's bonnet, an old skirt, and done up to be Betsy Ross, is just as valid, as a halloween costume as is a hand made dress that certainly was a lot of work, but was it really made ONLY for this one day? Is this an art contest or a fun way for the community to come together and just celebrate the harvest, and the passing of those spirits that have left us over the past year, which is really what All Hallows is...

2004-10-30 [Skydancer]: Are you going to make this a competition to divide and separate the community or is it, as I actually was hoping, to bring the community together, to let those that might not have quite the same level of skills at the arts as some others, have a chance to show off, and just have fun?

2004-10-30 [Skydancer]: My last word and I will quite butting in... I hope, truly that this is not a fashion art show, but a community event to celebrate and INCLUDE, every level of Elftown's members, regardless of their skill with a needle, or their age and access to such things as they might require simply due to sheer safety concerns, their families help.

2004-10-30 [Stratakus]: Ha. There's no age limit for Halloween.

2004-10-30 [Stratakus]: The more I think about it, the more I think people should be allowed. I'll ask the Assembly and after halloween make the decision public. And I'll contact the people who have asked about parent made costumes personally if the answer is Yes, they should be allowed to enter.

2004-10-30 [Stratakus]: And if not, there's still the costume show off wiki.

2004-10-30 [Sunrose]: Just one remark I have here: if you say this contest is not a fashion show, one could also make an argument about mom-made costumes. I thought this costume competition was about showing the costume you made, and it doesn't need to be perfect but just made by you. So in a way your argument [Skydancer], can fit both sides. You don't have to let your mom make the costume to win this contest: we want to see what YOU can make! And on that note, I don't think one contest can break up this whole community. As you can see there are maybe 15 contestants out of about 14.000 active members. There might be more contestants if the rules were less strict,

2004-10-30 [Sunrose]: but this community is after all about fantasy..and not all members are actually interested in that (hangarounds are allowed), nor do they all celebrate Halloween. There are enough other contests one could enter, so it's not a big disaster if one can't participate in this one. Or one would have to turn this whole contest around and allow all costumes: it's too hard to check wether or not someone bought it in a store or one had his/her mom make it.

2004-10-30 [Sunrose]: If you allow every costume, then how can young participants really win if they make it themselves: the mommade will almost always look better. This doesn't give fair chances imho..

2004-10-30 [Linn Scarlett]: good point there *sighs* but you cant really check on it, i guess you'll just have to take a participants word for it..

2004-10-30 [Sunrose]: well often if someone made it themselves, specially seeing the age of elftown members (no offense), you can see if it's homemade or not..

2004-10-30 [vagabond faery]: is it okay if we had help with ourcostumes, but we did make most of it? My mom had to help me with some of mine, but I designed it, and made most of it.

2004-10-30 [Sunrose]: this is an issue being discussed actually...if we have an answer to it, it will be posted on this wiki... :)

2004-10-30 [vagabond faery]: thanks very much

2004-10-30 [Sunrose]: you're welcome! :D

2004-10-30 [Skydancer]: One small question, [Sunrose]? Are you the one running this contest? Just curious, as it says [Stratakus] is. It helps a lot if the people actually running it are the ones that make the decisions is all. 

2004-10-30 [Sunrose]: Do you see me making any descision? The only thing I said was that the answer will be put on the wiki. I am allowed to give my opinion on the matters, just like you did. And I have been taking care of this wiki since it was made. I just didn't put my name up... :)

2004-10-30 [Skydancer]: just curiostity as I said.. :) I made a suggestion that we keep the wiki's that are "Official" as carefully labled as to staff and folk as possible so that there would be a lot less confusion who people should go to for help and clarifications.

2004-10-30 [Sunrose]: Basically I have just answered newbie questions and fixed flaws on the wiki, but [Stratakus] is the one to have the final descision on the rules since he set it up. He has to ask Assembly though and since I worked on here as well for the most part I feel my opinion counts too...I give my opinion and if after he makes a descision I will conform to only intent is to make aware of all the sides there are to all the arguments and descisions..of course I do have preferences...badges should go to people who worked for them ;)

2004-10-30 [kduncan]: Just to throw another slant on the "mom made" costumes: I'm a mom, as I stated earlier, and I had intended to enter the contest. Now I see that the costume is supposed to be "mine". They are for my daughters who, by the way, are not on Elftown. Now, the problem: I made the costumes, though they picked out the pattern and the fabric, and even directed their preferences on some things, like the obi's. Am I eligilble to enter as my daughters will be wearing the costumes but are not Elftown members, and I made the costumes, am an Elftown member.. but am not the person wearing them? In other words: The costumes would (technically) belong to someone else.

2004-10-30 [Pnelma Tirian]: may I post the picture of what my costume is based on and after, when my costume is done, the picture of the costume itself?

2004-10-30 [Sunrose]: No that's never what I said. If you made it and you post the pic, I couldn't care less who wears it. All I would want is for the credit to go to the maker. The issue here was that a mom made it, let the kid wear it, let the kid post the picture and let the kid get the badge. That is not fair imho. But if you say as a mom, I made this costume and I'm posting it under My name, then please do so: I would love to see what you made :)

2004-10-30 [Sunrose]: [Pnelma Tirian]: that's alright with me, do make a note that you will post the picture of the costume when it's done.. :)

2004-10-30 [The Last Laugh]: these costumes are so cool! hehe im too lazy to make a costume..

2004-10-30 [Pnelma Tirian]: thanks a bunch. :)

2004-10-30 [Sunrose]: they are! // you're welcome ^^

2004-10-31 [Sunrose]: cool entry moira! ^^

2004-10-31 [moira hawthorne]: *Grin* it is fun to be evil!

2004-10-31 [Sunrose]: Oh yes, indeed it is!

2004-10-31 [Sunrose]: Oh and I am reminded now:

2004-10-31 [Sunrose]:


2004-10-31 [Sunrose]: (at least for ones in my timezone! ;)

2004-10-31 [kduncan]: Thanks for clarifying that, Sunrose, I wanted to make sure they were ok to enter.

2004-10-31 [Sunrose]: No problem. If you made it, then it's allowed! Can't wait to see it! *^^*

2004-10-31 [Pnelma Tirian]: GRRRR!! Stupid.....argh. I just finished making my hat, and it DOESN'T FRIGGIN' FIT. I spent TWO DAYS and an ENTIRE COIL OF WIRE on that thing, and it turns out to be too small. Why does this happen with EVERY PROJECT I care about?

2004-10-31 [Sunrose]: :(

2004-10-31 [Pnelma Tirian]: *sigh.* someone shoot me and reanimate me. that should do the trick. then I can shave off some of my skull and the hat'll fit.

2004-10-31 [Stratakus]: Why not just put a cut in the wire? It'll keep it's shape but give a little bit of stretchability?

2004-10-31 [Sunrose]: good idea, might actually work! ^^

2004-10-31 [Stratakus]: I'm full of ideas... working in a costume store gives me good ideas on how costumes work... and a renewed hatred for all humanity who decides to buy their costume instead of making it... 3 shopping carts full of costumes that people ripped out of their packaging and left strawn out on the flor. Only about 1/3rd of the costumes that we tarted the day with were left unsold and intact... mostly... since we had to repair those ones packaging... grr... spit hiss angst...

2004-10-31 [Sunrose]: *huggles*

2004-10-31 [Pnelma Tirian]: that might work! thanks a bunch, Stratakus! :D

2004-10-31 [moira hawthorne]: Messy eater![~Lady Morgana~] hahahahaha... O.o

2004-10-31 [moira hawthorne]: [allenp] ooooooo shiney red!!! o.O and vinyl!

2004-10-31 [allenp]: hehehe...latex is fun stuff

2004-10-31 [The Dark Lord]: aye its great

2004-10-31 [Young J.C.]: THat is great [allenp]!

2004-10-31 [allenp]: Thank you :)

2004-10-31 [Ravenclaw]: Allen !!THAT ROCKS!!! Did she have a problem with the red smearing??

2004-10-31 [allenp]: lol....nope....its latex

2004-10-31 [Ravenclaw]: how the hell did you do that?????

2004-10-31 [allenp]: with a paint brush

2004-10-31 [~Lady Morgana~]: hahhaha [Yiwerra] it was so funny to see you this night XD

2004-11-01 [moira hawthorne]: SUGAR HIGH!!!

2004-11-01 [ButterflyFairy]: Ooooo, I just LOVE that devil costume [allenp]!!...Geez, I hope all that red stuff came off though..LOL

2004-11-01 [Sunrose]: [jannin]: I would advise you to not upload to photobucket, because that site only allows a certain views a day...better upload them to elftown and post them again... :)

2004-11-01 [jannin]: Thanks [Sunrose]; that's good to know. Thanks as well for adding my name. A little rushed tonight, as you can probably tell...

2004-11-01 [Sunrose]: you're welcome.. :) // that's ok! *huggles*

2004-11-01 [ButterflyFairy]: Wow, [jannin]--awesome dress!!!Gorgeous!;)

2004-11-01 [Ittai]: Wow!!! cool costumes! I liked number 20 and number 23 the best! :D  [jannin]? did you make that dress by yourself?

2004-11-01 [jannin]: Thankyou, and that I did. Needed a little help understanding the instructions (whoever writes those patterns REEEAAALLY needs to learn what punctuation is) but other than that, yes.

2004-11-01 [Sunrose]: ghehehe....*huggles* what horror that must've been, but the result is great!

2004-11-01 [Reyin]: you all have such amazing customs

2004-11-01 [The Last Laugh]: lol! i love the princess leia one!!

2004-11-01 [Reyin]: yes its good

2004-11-01 [The Last Laugh]: and the devil one...i wonder how she got all red..

2004-11-01 [Reyin]: make art

2004-11-01 [The Last Laugh]: or spray paint.

2004-11-01 [allenp]: lol.....latex :)

2004-11-01 [Reyin]: no way i could never use that if she did shes stupider then i thought i am a makeup artist if she did she just increased her chanes of getting skin cancer

2004-11-01 [allenp]: ack...we did...but I didnt know anything about that

2004-11-01 [Reyin]: how much did you use

2004-11-01 [allenp]: ok....I can now respond to the post a little better. First...thanks for that bit of information...I will go research that. some respect. The term to use would be ignorant...meaning not knowing better. Stupider would be used for persons that were tought something and should know better. Third.....alot :P. I will take a look though...all indications we got was that it was harmless.

2004-11-01 [The Blonde Witch]: Soo..when are the winners announced?

2004-11-01 [Reyin]: thank you for the english lesson but i ment "stupider then i thought" if you use it all over you body it will seep into your pores and into your blood strem. if you used it in small portions it should just make you itchy in the spot you used it. latex might be what she used.

2004-11-01 [allenp]: it seems you were referring to puss-n-boots and not me....I used Latex on her...not spray paint. Indeed spray paint would not be wise.

2004-11-01 [Reyin]: oh i am sorry for the confussion on my behalf

2004-11-01 [Ravenclaw]: gaahhh! I have got to get some pics of my costume!!! My boss took some of me at work Friday but I've not gotten them yet!

2004-11-01 [Reyin]: hope you get them soon

2004-11-01 [The Last Laugh]: hey i gots pics of my costume this year! hmm..should i put them up...when does the contest close?

2004-11-01 [Ravenclaw]: I'm afraid I'll miss the deadline

2004-11-01 [Sunrose]: the winners are announced about two weeks after Halloween..., so that would be two weeks since yesterday.. :)

2004-11-01 [Sunrose]: I resized all the entries because else the page gets too big, you can click to enlarge them :)

2004-11-01 [moira hawthorne]: very good... Elftown Halloween Costume Competition...when is the dead line for getting costume photos up?...?

2004-11-01 [Sunrose]: Strat is the one to close the competition and start the (internal?) votingproces... :)

2004-11-01 [Reyin]: yepp

2004-11-01 [The Last Laugh]: kewl.

2004-11-01 [Ravenclaw]: Oh good so I have about a solid week to get my entery in!

2004-11-01 [Sunrose]: If you want to be sure you can message [Stratakus] I guess *^^*

2004-11-01 [werethylacine]: Hrrm... some of the thumbnails for pictures are larger than the originals. Was that intentional?

2004-11-01 [Sunrose]: which one?

2004-11-01 [werethylacine]: Both of mine, Fire Child's top two, and Nnyf's closeup of the bloody apron seem to be the most off. I'd adjust them myself if I knew how...

2004-11-01 [Sotalean]: Moira... I thought there was a maximum of 3 pictures per person? Why do you have 5?

2004-11-01 [Sunrose]: Fire Child's I didn't touch..I will look at the others.. Update: that better?

2004-11-01 [werethylacine]: Yay! They look awesome now. Thanks!

2004-11-01 [moira hawthorne]: I got carried away... heehehehehe... sorry there its down to 3 now...

2004-11-01 [Sunrose]: you're welcome, but they are your pics! lol! thanks for solving that amongst each other [Sotalean] and [moira hawthorne]..!

2004-11-01 [Sotalean]: ^_^ Thanks Chickie. *dances around*

2004-11-01 [Sunrose]: *chuckles*

2004-11-01 [Sotalean]: Hehe. :P As long as I don't get murdered in my sleep by ninja kittens with hairball grenades I'l be find and dandy. *thumsb up*

2004-11-01 [moira hawthorne]: Damn!!! *puts kittens back in their carrying cage* hehehehehe...

2004-11-01 [Sunrose]: Strat entered a date: Due Date for entering your costume is Nov. 14!

2004-11-02 [The Dark Lord]: i shall have mine up in a few days apart from m going to france on thursday for 8 days

2004-11-02 [moira hawthorne]: oooohhhh have fun in France!

2004-11-02 [The Dark Lord]: thanks, it shoud be great

2004-11-05 [Sotalean]: *twidles and waits for the contest to finish*

2004-11-08 [Reyin]: not yet it won't

2004-11-09 [Sotalean]: ...

2004-11-09 [The Last Laugh]: ^_^ i wonder who shall win this here shindig..

2004-11-09 [kduncan]: Ok, mine are up. ooh.. and I actually posted the links right the first time this time.

2004-11-09 [Sunrose]: -claps- well done! :D

2004-11-09 [kduncan]: Well thanks. I think everyone did a great job. But that devil, AllenP.. that's incredible.

2004-11-09 [Sotalean]: *nods in agreement*

2004-11-09 [allenp]: devil indeed.....devil indeed.....hehe....umm....don't tell her I said that though :)....and thanks. If anyone is familiar with "Living Dead Dolls" the 7th series features the seven dealy sins. Though not intentional the costume looks allot like "Lust".

2004-11-09 [Sotalean]: ah come on. :P You know you wanted to dress her up like lust. ^_^ *evil grin*

2004-11-09 [Sunrose]: *chuckles*

2004-11-09 [allenp]: hehe...nope....but...I can't say that I am unhappy with the was fun...very fun

2004-11-09 [jannin]: Hey, [kduncan]! Those are pretty awesome!

2004-11-10 [Reyin]: yes they are!

2004-11-10 [Cathos]: *aws at the cuteness*

2004-11-10 [kduncan]: jannin, how long did it take you to make that dress? And yeah, they're cute, and horribly camera shy.. not.

2004-11-10 [moira hawthorne]: Awesome! I gotta get my Japanese Fox Fae up on ET sometime...

2004-11-11 [jannin]: I have no idea. Three weeks on and off, after school. Not so much fun near the end.

2004-11-11 [kduncan]: I know how it is, I always start a sewing project gung-ho, then get tired of working on it toward the end. Working with as much fabric as you had to work with is tough, sometimes one sort of.. gets lost in the yardage.

2004-11-11 [jannin]: Heh, quite so. I probably won't undertake such a project again.

2004-11-13 [The Dark Lord]: just got back from france and i do believe i have to put mine up by tommorow

2004-11-13 [Sunrose]: OMG! One day left to make entries!!!

2004-11-13 [Ravenclaw]: Damn I still can;t enter. CURSE MY RESPONCIBILITIES!!! I can't seem to muster enough time to get any pics.

2004-11-13 [irulan]: Yes, everyone - tomorrow is the last day. [Stratakus] is temporarily on leave from Elftown and asked one of us Assembly members to wrap up. No one else volunteered, so here I am! I will close the contest up late tomorrow. :D

2004-11-14 [Sotalean]: Whoot! We finally get to the end of it all. *giggles madly*

2004-11-15 [, , , , , , , , ,]: Good luck to everyone

2004-11-15 [~Lady Morgana~]: yes to all of you and your wonderful costumes!!!!!

2004-11-15 [moira hawthorne]: ooooooo the anticipation!

2004-11-15 [Sotalean]: ^_^ This should be interesting. Considering how many amazing costumes there are here. O.o

2004-11-15 [Ravenclaw]: when do we vote? Or do we vote?

2004-11-15 [Sunrose]: [irulan] will anounce the votingproces when she's ready: she has two contests at once to watch over.. :)

2004-11-15 [irulan]: Yep, I have to check with fellow Assembly members, but we (the crew) will probably be voting on the contest very soon! :D

2004-11-15 [The Dark Lord]: Damn missed by a day

2004-11-16 [Ravenclaw]: ok!

2004-11-16 [maryanne]: Argh. I missed the deadline too. If anyone wants to see my costume, it's in my house.

2004-11-22 [vagabond faery]: how do we know who won? I'll admit, I kinda hope that [werethylacine] will win, her costume is so much cooler than mine. Oh well.

2004-11-22 [Sotalean]: I think that they're still either or have forgotten. O_o

2004-11-22 [werethylacine]: Hehe, thankee! I've been hoping that [The Blonde Witch] wins, actually... that dress she made is gorgeous. But not made out of a bath-towel!

2004-11-22 [irulan]: Working on it - results will be up later this evening

2004-11-22 [Minotaur Queen]: results or the voting?

2004-11-22 [irulan]: Results. Voting was conducted by the Assembly. :)

2004-11-22 [Minotaur Queen]: Oh ok I wasnt sure if we were going to vote like the Elftown merchandise competition. now I see we arent I cant wait to see who won.(not me at least i dont think so)

2004-11-23 [irulan]: Okay, I'm sooo sorry to jack everyone around yet again...but due to lack of participation in voting I am going to post a poll and everyone will be able to vote. I should have time to get the poll up tomorrow evening.

2004-11-23 [irulan]: Poll is up. I apologize again everyone!!

2004-11-23 [moira hawthorne]: so rite dont worry about it... =D

2004-11-24 [The Blonde Witch]: we shouldn't vot though, should we?

2004-11-24 [Cathos]: I voted, but not for myself. :) That wouldn't be fair.

2004-11-24 [The Blonde Witch]: But of course ^^

2004-12-01 [Cathos]: Can someone put a link up on mainstreet for the poll? It started as a mainstreet competition. This would make the voting more fair. Some of us don't have a huge friends list of people to scam into voting for us.

2004-12-01 [irulan]: This is actually not a Mainstreet Competition. It was just a contest that a member of the Assembly wanted to run as an extra with the Halloween Art & Poetry Competitions. The Art Competition was voted upon by the Council & Assembly, the Poem competition was judged by the Daily Poem Team. Unfortunately, the member who started this contest had to leave Elftown temporarily for real life issues, before he left he didn't have time to tell us what he wanted to do with the voting etc. So this is what I decided to do to try and wrap this contest up. I apologize! And to be honest, even if it were a poll on Mainstreet it would probably still turn into a popularity contest. :/ 

2004-12-01 [irulan]: I don't know that for sure obviously, but just a hunch...

2004-12-01 [irulan]: And also, it looks like the winner's relation list isn't all that long either. 

2004-12-02 [Theben]: am I being accused of something?

2004-12-02 [Sunrose]: No, [Cathos] merely means it would have been more fair if more people had known there was a vote for this competition. [irulan] solved the situation she thought was best, next year we might do it differently. There are always new contests to participate in, so I would like to ask of you all to try and keep peace about this. The comment of [Cathos] has been noted, no need to start a fight about it :)

2004-12-02 [irulan]: No, not in the least [Theben]! :)

2004-12-02 [Cathos]: Not accusing anyone of anything. Well done for winning.

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