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Halloween Poetry Competition - 2005, Page 2

Please see the rules on the main page:

Halloween Poetry Competition


This contest is closed! Thanks to all who entered!


Reminder: Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag.

41. A Pure Night

A moon's full glory
a haunting Night
a wolf's long howl
at a horrifying sight

The last few Minutes        5
of a blinding life
it was to be a joke
but changed in spite

They were suppose to scare
and cause a cry           10
a few tears, not much
during this night

But, instead I'll say,
a more took place
and with the tears expressed  15
came a chase

Two pars ran
from the haunted home
like a pair of scared mice
into the forest unknown      20

Deep into the dark
we chased after them
dodging the trees
in search of our Kin

They had disappeared       25
we searched all night
The meanted tears
surely came alright

They were found the following day
dead in a ditch            30
teeth marks down their side
finished in a sinch

A new year is coming now,
and a new holloween we'll bare
For those two, in the ground,  35
will always remain there.
Written by [synergtggtrrgf]

42. See All Hallows Eve

Now that I, hiding my face tightly,
May not gaze to the Moons smoke curling...
Shining and creeping all over the land,
As I gaze upon skin,
My hand...

Witches, Zombies, heads of king Jack,
On all hallows eve doth they come,

Better not sit and not engage in these strange things,
Instead laugh, join in, and fly as high as the Witch Sings...

Tis time to dance as wolves in thee wind,
Which circle thy ears and howl in
See the world through a hallowed eye,
For tonight is thee night where nothing dies...

Written by [I stabbith ye]

43. Creepy Things

Creepy Crawly
Standing Still
As the bugs come in for a kill
You brush them off but they come back
To put you in a death sack

Flitery Flutry
Vampire Bats
Being chased by Black Cats

Ghost and Goblins
And Witches Caldrons

Old Skeleton
Holding a pumpkin melon
With oooz just a jellion

Thats whats creepy
on All Hallows Eve

Written by [lraina]

44. Misted Murder Night

The night is cold.
Misted is the air.
Blood is on the ground.
Shining silver red
In the sliver of moon
Black cats on every corner
Mist lurking
To overtake you
The blood is on your hands
Spreading up your arms
Slits on your wrists
Reaching to your heart
The fog turning red
You fall into
The misted murder night

Written by [Silver Phantoms]

45. Halloween Fakes
A stranger day I haven't seen,
When to be impure and unclean
Is widely accepted and isn't obscene,
And here's just what I mean,

You can dress as a poser,
As the darkness grows closer,
You can be the fake inside,
Taht you try to hide,

You can wear all black,
(for its that which you lack)
You can talk all tough,
And as if that weren't enough,

You're rewarded for doing what I've always done,
Though all you think of it is halloween fun,
So now that you mock me trying to be goth,
Dressed all stupid in your black cloth,

Do you think that your scary?
Taht you';ll make me wary?
Cause if so you've another thing coming,
If I were you, I'd start running.
Written by [Tonight's Crowd.]

46. Once in a year

This night is the night,
Where you can be whatever
A night in shining armour
A damsel in distress
Maybe even a tree

Then you wonder streets
Adventuring to a strangers house
To collect the candy
You've wanted for a year
You'll take it home to eat it all

But if you see a house like mine
With the lights turned off
You'll stay away
Because i'm too cheap to give you candy
Maybe next year stranger

Written by [Piggly_wiggly]

47. Eternal Mourners
In the day,
Always mourning,
In the night,
Always watching.

They shade the lost
Who wont return,
To pass them on
Is what they yern.

So many lying there
Have come to their end,
And those who have not
Will soon descend.

Watching lovers,
Family and friends
The souls left there,
They will cleanse.

Saying their final
Goodbyes to life,
They say goodbye
To work and strife.

Guarding those
Whose lives are gone,
They eternally stay
Upon this lawn.

Written by [Lullaby]

48. "Who will Hear the Little Boy Cry?" 

His Mom is dressed at the fright fest, but who will hear the little boy cry?
His Dad blinks his eyes and tells his wife lies, but who will hear the little boy cry?
The panic, they can't find him. Though he is not very slim, but who will hear the little boy cry?
A slap in the face, around aher neck, a lace, but who will hear the little boy cry?
His Father is fighting, no scratching, spitting, or biting, but who will hear the little boy cry?
His sister, to die, as her mother cries, but who will hear the little boy cry?
The vimpire sucks blood of his mother's neck, and his brother to listen to BECK, but who will hear the little boy cry?
His family is dead, I see his dads head, hut who will hear the little boy cry?
They are coming for him, throat full of phlem, but who will hear the little boy cry?
Nobody hears him cuz he is dead, yes, he's dead, that is what I just said.

Written by [Black_Roses]

49. "the spirit of Holloween"

every one's dressed,
ready to go,
out to get some candy, before the cold snow.

from the original ghost, to the fancy knight,
you only see goblins on Holloween Night.
you travel down the streets,
going from door to door.
till you have a bag full of candy,
and your legs feel poor.

so you get home and sit down on your bed,
to see what all you got,
you see Lemonheads, Jawbreakers
and the candies that make your mouth red hot.
so you sit on your bed, and eat and eat and eat.
till you're sick to your stomach feels sick,
and you feel beat.

so you lay down on your bed,
and drift to sleep.
slowely drifting, and drifting.
till you reach the peak,
then the surgar kicks in, and you're bouncing off the walls.

that's the spirit of Holloween,
it's the only one,
but the one for all.....

Written by [InuzukaKiba]

50.Tonight... is halloween

In the streets on Halloween there's something going on
No way to escape the power unknown
In the streets on Halloween the spirits will arise
Make your choice it's Hell or Paradise
It's Halloween... tonight
Someone's sittin in a field,
Never giving yield
Sitting there with gleaming eyes,
Waiting for a big pumpkin to arise
Bad luck if you get a stone,
You think Linus could be right
The kids will say it's just a stupid lie
We are calling you...
And there's magic in the air
Magic in the air... on Halloween
Black is the night full of fright
You'll be missing the day
What will be here very soon
Changing your way
A knock on your door
Is it real or is it a dream
On trembling legs you open the door
And you scream...

written by [Nocternity S.]

51.Tonight... is halloween II

Where am I now
Is there anybody out there
What has happened
Am I in Heaven
Or is it Hell
I can see a light comin'
It's comin' nearer
It's shining so bright
It's shining on me
I am the one
Doom's in my hands
Now make your choice
Redeemed or enslaved
"I'll show you passion and glory"
He is the snake
"I'll give you power and abundance"
He's the corrupter of man
Save me fron the Evil One
Give me strenght to carry on
I will fight for all mankind
Deliverance and peace of mind...

written by [Nocternity S.]


Hearing the patter of little children's feet
The laughter
It matters
If you say "TRICK OR TREAT!"
Your disguise has it's own mind
And it is burning into mine
Never before the moon has caused so much fright
On this particularly curious Halloween night
When the night ends
The children retreat to their beds
They rest their heads
And let their dreams take over
For the moon shines its beams
The nightmares are never what they seem
So if they scare you, hold your ground
So if they yell at you, don't make a sound
The Jack-O-Lanters, all fat and round
So stamp your foot and show your might
That nothing will scare you this Halloween night
Or, maybe, it will...

Written by [Mizz Morpheus]

53. It

Your breathing slowly becomes more and more panicked; You are not alone and it is out there.
Your skin begins to crawl and your heart begins to race.
You feel something cold against your cheeks,
And realize the cold sweat you've broken out into on the skin of your color-drained face.

You here a noise, a sudden rustling nearby, and begin to walk down the road.
Maybe it'll go away as you walk.
You rub your hands together in the chilly night air and look around to find nothing.
Your hands cold and, from fright, white as chalk.

What's this?!
Beside you, you hear a voice.
You look around wildly, but find nothing and decide it was only the wind, your jacket around you tight.
Though it now calls your name, deciding not to believe in what's truly happening is completely your choice.

You break into a run and reach your house.
You run inside, fear taking contol.
You breathe a sigh of relief as you reach the safety of your room, not wanting to see the creature again this time.
You think yourself safe; avoiding it had become a successful goal.

A loud tap sounds at the window,
You gasp and turn to it.
And what you see scares you half to death,
You know you must admit.

Its eyes have found you,
Staring directly into yours.
Those yellow orbs pierce you right through,
And you suddenly run for the doors.

You race down the stair,
Where family is there.
You don't want to be alone this night.
The thought is one you can't bare.

They ask you what's wrong at seeing your pale, frightened face,
And something being wrong, you don't want to admit.
But, in reality, All Hallow's Eve, is your worst nightmare,
For it's the one time of the year when you see that horrible creature; you

Written by: [LunaSoleil]

54.) Dare

Trick or treat!
Thats what we said
As we walked around
And passed the "dead".

What about that house
The one over there,
The one no one visits
But yet they all stare.

I dare you to go knock
To see who's in,
To knock and run
Then hide behind the bin.

Lurking towards it slowly
Opening the rusty gate,
Walking up the muddy path
Using your life as live bate.

Knock knock knock
Run and hide,
You'd be scared to
If you knew you would die.

The one before you
The one who took the same chance,
The one who who sat there shaking
And only took a glance.

I looked at my friends
They were watching past me,
I quickly jumped up
And ran, so I could be free.

I looked back at the house
"There's nothing in" I said,
I walked away and my friends ignored me
They were walking among the living dead.

Written by [cobwebb]

55. Living Dead

The only thing we can see out tonight,
Are those whose wish is the ultimate fright.
No one with innocence, virtue, or pride
Would be caught out here, or rather, outside.
Instead they dress up, disguise who they are,
We cannot know who it is from afar.
The thing on their minds is getting a fright,
But for sure the trick is on them tonight.
For it’s hollows eve, night for living dead,
And the young ones would be better in bed.
For though we walk the streets everyday,
Tonight is our night to go out and play.
Out on the streets we hunt our prey and stalk,
Follow the weak as they go on their walk
From one house to the next, and gaining more
Sweet candy from each and every door.
They do not expect to find us behind
Them, hunting and the blood we have in mind.
Be frightened, young ones, we are after you
Staying home is the best thing you can do.

Written by [Flisky]

The Headless Horseman

The legend itself I'm sure you know;
The story of Ichabod Crane
The school teacher of Sleepy Hollow
Who was never seen again.

When the Headless Horseman chased him down
Through the dark woods they crashed
And all that was ever found
Was his hat and a pumpkin, smashed.

But do you know the Horseman's history?
Or from whence he came?
He was Sleepy Hollow's mystery;
The Headless Horseman without a name.

A mercenary hired by the King
To fight in the Revolutionary War
Found himself at Gowanus Creek
In colonial New York.

Against Sterling's men near Hollow's Way
The Hessian troops were led.
One who would never leave that place
Had a cannonball take his head.

Buried near a little church
The German body lies.
But every night on its endless search
To the old battlefield it rides.

In search of its head the ghost goes
Riding through the night;
The galloping Hessian of the Hollow
That gave Ichabod a fright.

So now you know the story
Of the Headless Horseman's ghost
Who rides an eternal journey
In the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Written by [stevedoyle]

57. Salvation

I was falling of the side of a mountain
couldnt be sure iwas even alive
fallen from the icy hights
Can you save me?

nobody lives withought love
noone gets to give up
if you try to lock youre heart away
love will come back for you someday

you came along like a flash of lightning
struck into my life like a burrowing down
stuck here plummeting from the highest hells
and im here...
offering a stranger into my heart.

Written by [Rioan]

58. Shadow of the moon

The rustle of leaves bring light to path
A bat flys solitary into the ink
Dark takes hold
Night becomes
She rises from the flicker and beam of the moon
In my eyes i see this figure
A figure of brilliance on the night of the dead
Here in a second gone in a second
Only once; the thirty first october
She appears in the gleam of the moon

Written by [Seany.]

59. The childrens halloween

Trick or treat,
Prank or sweets?
Choose the favourite mask
The neighbour hood children’s task.
Be greedy and all over there
Look a door over here!
Knock, knock
A flip on the lock.
The first you see is a grumpy face
“Hey, I’m watching Will & grace!”
It was just like he’d beg
His house is now covered with egg.
“Trick or treat rock!”
“Yeah! Better than the Xmas sock!”
This is everything on Halloween,
Well, at least til’ you’re a teen.

Written by [Whatever_90]

60. lonly ghost
Don't leave me here
Don't leave me all alone
I dont want to stay
Among all these broken bones

Days come and days go
I dont want to stay alone
Soon they will come
come in packs
packs of childern
filling their sacks

I have nothing to give but a smile
i let them in and stay for a while
i do let them leave
when their mothers scream in terror

so i wait again to see the childern
my spirt cant touch them
but i can miss them
And I'm left alone again

Written by[Rove]

61. The Darkness

He runs into the darkness
He runs into the night
He goes where no one sees
He stays out of the light,

While standing in the darkness
His vampiress calls to him
She's standing in the park
She calls too him fresh meat
The light thy'll never see
While standing in the dark.

Written by [NotetoSelf]

62. White Moon, White Fangs
A howl reverbs off the pale autumn moon, decaying unsuspecting ears.
The bags nestling each Pirate's booty tremble at the sudden thought of the sound's creater.
It is literature that has brought such ideas into little one's minds, such terror that paralyzes the soul.
The wind tickles the children's necks only increasing the stiffness of their little hairs.
Images of teeth and claws ripping at their precious spoils of war rush through their anxious minds.
Not one step taken, not one sound made. A blink is even enough to give off their location.
Finally, yet another call, followed by the bark of a friendly neighborhood dog.
Their imaginations had carried them far from reality into the woods of halloween.
A place no child wants to visit except in their mind.

Written by [Winged Cupid Painted Blind]

63. The Soul Pleaser

On Halloween night when the ravens themselvers are asleep,
The children are in there beds dreaming of candy and ghouls,
The people are calm and all the lights have gone out.
It is 3:00 in the morning. 
In the distance a small cooing can be heard.
Like a child being held and happy,
But on this night it is not a child,
It is a soul,
A peaceful soul at rest with the world.
Being held by the lonesome traveler.
She waits in the cemetary near her grandfathers grave so that the souls that are lost may come.
She tells them to come to her and be held.
She tells them to come and coo and be happy for one last time.
When the 3 oclock hour has past,
She rises from the ground,
The souls depart happily entranced with her kindness.
She walks slowly down the road as the clock strikes 4,
She is at peace with the newly pleased souls. 

Written by [wiccan commander 2525]

64.   Spell
On this night of All Hallow's Eve,
Our magic spell we shall weave.
Into the cauldron the dogs tongue goes,
Then added to the mix is my dear cat's nose.
Throw on more wood to build the fire,
Watch the flames rise higher and higher.
Two more ingrediants, and that should do,
A hair from my head, and some blood of you.
Put it in the cauldron, mix it all up.
Pour some in here, in this human skull cup.
Lay yourself down on the demon's alter,
Don't mind the blood. No! Don't falter.
Once this is the through, the spell will be complete.
Fasten those irons tight around your feet.
Another year of evil shall reign over our land,
Here, I'll help witht the irons at your hands.
Drink some of our wonderfully made potion.
And I'll rub it over you, as if it were lotion.
To finish the ritual, here comes the master.
Better than I, he'll get it done faster.
It's alright to scream as he stabs at your heart.
Thankyou. For our spell, you have played your part.
On this night of All Hallow's Eve, inside our little coven
Our magic little magic spell was sucessfully woven.

Conjured (written) by [Account No Longer Active]

65. What is this?
My...aren't you too old,
for Trick or Treat?
For goodness' sake,
you've got enough to eat
for two years round.
Please get going,
don't stop your feet,
in that pink fleece bunny suit of yours,
and move on down the street.

Written by [spiritee] XD (goes along with my art entry)

66.The Headless Horseman
He comes for you!
out on the street or in your home
he will hunt you down
no matter where you go
you cannot run
you cannot hide
for tonight, the horseman comes for you!

Written by [Halcyon Harmony]

Dark wicked essence and grisly ghoulish green,
fills the mind of a childs dream.
Murmurs and mutters of eerie odd sounds,
makes his blood run and his heart skip and pound.
Conjuring witches with hissing black cats,
fly past the moon to find monsters, ghost and bats.
Weird, odd, wicked and vile skeletons shrouded in impish smiles,
stand over the innocent dreams of a Halloween child,

Written by [CHRISTMAS_ELF]

68. Samhain

Magick and Mystery
Tales of past history
Somewhere in the night
A-glow with faint candlelight
Spirits and souls step in
At the call and invatation
Of the wise old crone
Who sits upon the wishing stone
Stirring her cauldron
Whispering her secrets
To all the sleeping children
Of the ancient holiday
When the new year begins
For glory shines bright
At the end of Samhain night

Written by [Tranquil Insanity]

69.Autumn Night

The night was dark, the moon was full
Three horses were needed and the light was dull
Hurry away, don't stay at night
I have you within my hungry sight
I feel my thirst, I want to feed
I want to bite and see you bleed
So hurry now my tasteful friend
Or I will cause your tragic end
I'll follow you to your bedroomsdoor
No blood will touch the darkened floor
Horror fill my every vein
When all I hear is the outside rain
I know your heart will no longer beat
Emptyness have taken seat
I lay you down on your empty bed
Through the open window I later fled
For hundred years I've been to rest
But sorrow never left my icecold chest
I'm now awake to hunt again
My mind is cold, my goal is vain
With every step my thirst will grow
To ease my heart your blood must flow
So hurry now my tasteful friend
I want to cause no tragic end
My warning to you I cannot say
Now I feel your life, fading away...

Written by [Zab]

70. candy evening

A day of party,
a day of sweets,
We celebrate the day,
Where spirit and earth meets,

Disguised people,
Playing a role,
Pumpkins, colorfull lights,
Candies in a bowl,

Trick or treat,
We say door on door,
Fill our bags,
More and more,

Long live this great delight,
Let it never end,
This beautiful night..

Written by [Aidan Ryuko]

71.trick or treat?

What is Halloween you say?
What happens on this great day
At night the children up they dress
And leave the house in their ghoulish best
They take to the streets in droves
Running through yards and apple groves
Stopping at a jack-o’-lantern’s mischievous grin
And with a shriek kicking the face in
Stomping up steps with a howling yell
Slamming knuckles on the door and declaring hell
Then these children, these monsters, these little demons
Run down MY street, yelling and screaming
Dressed as goblins and ghost, even a gobbling gorch
Stand themselves upon my front porch
Demanding candy, a trick or a treat
And I stare out the window ready to greet
Screeching with impatience for all they desire
As I ready myself with pitchfork and fire
I slam the door open and let out a shriek of my own
Swinging my arms with a yell and a howl
And beseeching they leave with a threatening growl
They drop their candy, screaming in fright
And take off for all corners of the night
I let out a giggle, and lean to collect my prize
Dragging their candy inside from prying eyes
Sucking a lollipop and laying back in the dusty armchair
I laugh in anticipation of next year

Written by [kanaseria]


Taking a swift walk
Beside the sweet western wave
With the moon like a dancing mask
Dancing out of it’s misty eastern cave
I wonder what is happening out here
Is everybody going mad?

It is October 31st again
A night of spirits, a night of death,
A night that scares children knots
Where youths get wrapped up in
Rags inform of witches and spirits
Scaring people who care

When I arose and saw the dawn
I sighed for thee because
When the night roles in,
And the weary day goes to rest,
Then cometh the unloved guest
Wrapped up like ghost and spirits…
It’s Halloween Night again. 

Written by[Lakayana]

73. Untitled (grimm)
No crown, nor status, nor glittering gold
Can save you from the coming cold
Every life must surrender to him
The bandit we call Brother Grimm
No concoction, nor magick can stretch your days
Any longer than what's weaved by fate
A weathered man, or a supple babe
He careth not for mortal age
His sole mission is to take, and collect
And reap the harvest that we all dread
eyeless sockets fill every sect
In the shady realm of the dead.

Written by [Mikhul, the Bard]

74. Halloween Night
Bright moon shines in the night
A night of chills
A night of fright
Fog sets in and candles are alight
Oh what a spooky Halloween night

Black cats bristle
Werewolves run through the thistle
Witches flying high through the night
Above the moon so orange and bright
Oh what a spooky Halloween night

Bats in the sky
Zombies in the ground
They flock you when you come around
Screams, shouts, and freights
No technology will work tonight

I say yet again oh what a Halloween!

Written by [Rat Hacker]

75. The Dead Boy
Is it he who cries on this day?
Or is it the screams of humans' blood cry to me?
Run. He can bite, and he may!
There is no reason to be scared, do not be

Do not even cry; you'll be dead soon.
Just run, little boy! Don't look back.
Do not run toward the moon.
Running is something you mustn't lack!

NO! He is caught. Now, he is dead.
No, he's alive - night of the living ghosts.
Yes, he is dead,just look at that gash, in his head!
He is dead, yes, that is what I just said.

Written by [Green_Ink]

76. Pauly the Anthro-Dragon's Halloween (poem)

There's a Halloween party at work this year---
Dragonish thoughts going through my scaly head.
"You're your own costume, my Pauly dear!"
Kathy giggles, my golden cheeks flushing red.

So many amused eyes scanning me at work.
Gold anthro-dragons never bothered them before.
Yet I can't help but wonder if I've been a jerk.
I am who I am, right down to my scaly hybrid core.

Silly remarks from those who flirt with me the most---
"Tomorrow's Halloween! Your snout's beyond Darth Vader.
Cut some holes in your sheets and be a cheesy ghost?
Discount bins are full of latex masks of Ralph Nader."

It's the eve of my birthday---I'm restless and flustered.
Tossing and turning---only wanting to sleep it off.
Flaming my pillow---smoke alarm wailing . . .
Why I am so stressed out?
What's an anthro-dragon to do?

Waking up in the morning and stretching my wings,
I feel so numb past my muscled shoulder blades.
Now I'm thirty-two. Halloween's loaded with crazier things---
I face a reflected spectre when opening the shades!

Scrambling to the bathroom, not feeling my tail---
A weaker, lesser HUMAN in a suit and tie in the mirror!
I tremble and reel, breathing not fire, but an anguished WAIL!
Now my wife might think I'm cute, but I'm not going near her.

Um, Happy Halloween?

(c)2005 Paul J. Doyle. All Rights Reserved.

Written by [Paul Doyle]

Darkest Night

Nightmarish elegance encasing the sons of man.
Souls long forgotten once more amongst finite beings, 
Dancing to the nocturne of darkest night.
The twilight's luminescence manifested of the dead
A creak in your floorboards is more than it seems
A single finger tracing your spine...freezing your internal flames
Phantasmic perceptions whirl through your mind
The city of Dis echoing in your typanum
In the embrace of shadow streams a river of life
Within the land of the dead
Reruns of deadtime stories...the animated still-life
Is this simply a trick? frighten me?
Or a treat?...a chance to spend this one night with spirits of the past?
Written by [Zakuro-iro no Kara-Karasu]

A Night To Die For

Tresspassers stained from the river styx
Roses wither within their presence
In the graveyard gnarled hands rise from the cold damp soil
Ceasing their slumber
Killing the time whom once killed them

On through the confounds of night
Running amock, jeering in sweet celebration

Transparent footsteps heard for miles
Reminescent paths once followed
Emaculate dreams, now reality
Autumn's firm unsympathetic grasp
Tending to frozen flames of All Hallow's Eve

Written by [Zakuro-iro no Kara-Karasu]

All Hallows Eve

Its here , can you feel it
The build up in the air
When the dead walk
Ravens gather
And evil leaves its lare
The children, can you here them
All laughing with such glee
Their innocence shields them
from the evil they can not see
For on this night
all hallows eve
The dead refuse to sleep
They awake and start to creep, and crawl
There tombs no longer bind them
For on all hallows eve
Light is bound by darkness
And darkness wakes the dead
And the darkness has its bidding done
The light can only watch helpless until dawn
So if you hear a knocking
of a caller at your door
make sure before you open it
that’s its children and nothing more
Because your screams
like the once before you
shall go unnoticed to the world
For after all its all hallows eve
So there just screams and nothing more

Written by [CelticMoon]

80. The Jack-o-Lantern Heart

Late one night many years ago a magic cat
by the name of Jack decided to hit the road.
He packed his map and his little black hat
and down the street he strolled. A life of
adventure would never grow old, he thought
to himself fighting against the cold.
He looked around for a place to rest, then
spotted a pumpkin patch up ahead! He picked
the best pumpkin he could find and slashed
it fiercely with his claws! When he was
finished he climbed inside, stretching out
his tired and weary paws. He was so happy
with his warm new bed his tiny heart began
to glow bright red! So next time you make
a jack-o-lantern remember sweet Jack and his
Halloween bed!

Written by [Deleted1906721]


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2005-10-27 [Aidan Ryuko]: yes good luck to the council sorting out winners:P

2005-10-27 [Sunrose]: one to not write his/her name underneath the poem will get it removed O:)

2005-10-28 [RiddleRose]: i shall!

2005-10-29 [Lakayana]: I want to edit my entry how can I do that?

2005-10-29 [Account No Longer Active]: Edit page, then edit your entry. Same way you entered it.

2005-10-29 [Lakayana]: soory the edit icon is no more there which means the page is un editable

2005-10-29 [Charybdis]: Try it now :)

2005-10-30 [NotetoSelf]: hehehe

2005-10-31 [Lakayana]: ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

2005-11-01 [Mikhul, the Bard]: dammit! I wanted to win. lol!

2005-11-01 [Zakuro-iro no Kara-Karasu]: it makes me laugh how people seem to have forgotten what halloween stands for :P

2005-11-01 [Mikhul, the Bard]: Indeed. Its all about getting candy, or the costume at wal*mart...haha!

2005-11-01 [Zakuro-iro no Kara-Karasu]: i doubt many know its the oldest holiday dating around 3,000years old

2005-11-01 [Account No Longer Active]: Wow! I knew it was the oldest, but I didn't know it was THAT old!

2005-11-01 [Zakuro-iro no Kara-Karasu]: lol it is...interrestingly named individual :P

2005-11-01 [Account No Longer Active]: :D Thankyou!

2005-11-01 [RiddleRose]: happy Samhain everyone!

2005-11-01 [Mikhul, the Bard]: Indeeed, [Zakuro-iro no Kara-Karasu]....everything is so commercialized now, its sad...

2006-01-20 [I stabbith ye]: Why my poem was cut in half by [Green_Ink] on page version number 79 I have no idea :S

2006-01-20 [Mikhul, the Bard]: it was cut in half? that sucks.

2006-01-20 [I stabbith ye]: Yeah look at the top of the page lol, it has a line through it...

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