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Halloween Poetry Competition - 2005, Page 1

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Halloween Poetry Competition


This contest is closed! Thanks to all who entered!


Reminder: Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag.

1. Halloween's Truth

Children smile, adults laugh they
All forget about what could lurk
Around the next corner.
It’s a masked filled night with sacks
Filled with candies, and when the
Night’s people come out to play.
People posing, people fighting, and biting…
The mask some one wears id forgotten
When He sneaks up behind you.
His breath cascades down your neck
You freeze in a shocked silence
You let out the breath you were holding…
You turn to see His face, your heart
Aches and breaks when you look into the
Cold eyes. Pools of a twisting blue
Ever swirling. You find its too late to save yourself
As you see blood dripping from long ivory
White fangs, for some reason you raise
Your hand to His sardonic smile…
But just as you touch His soft blue tinted lips you…
Wake from a dream of Halloween’s
Truth as you find he’s still watching you.

Written by [Magami no Shi]

2. Halloweens Past.

Ghost have Creeped and Ghouls have Screeched
But we all Run screaming to our mothers

Witchs Chant while Zombies Walk.
We are already gone to our Fathers

Wizards Roam the Streets and pirates steal our Treasure
While we stand and Stare in Fear.

When the Night is over We're safe in our homes
We realise that it was just a Costume.

We stand and Stare at the Kids walking by
Laughing at the suprise

Our Friends appear and shout.
Happy Halloween!!!!!

Written by [Shade Slayer]

3. Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat
This poem is short and sweet
icky sticky
orangy and black
Oh my, there's a bat!
wide and far
tiny or small
Im sure this poem
could go on for all
Trick or Treat and smelly feet
Just give me candy
I'll be dandy
for its halloween
So lets just have a scream.

Written by [DarkJenni]

4. Halloween Screamers

Masks and Costumes cover this month
and all of its haunted splendor.

We get ready for a festival of fright
and all of its fun for us to remember.

We go and celebrate the darkness
as night begins to fall all around.

There are secrets behind every corner and shadow,
just waiting to be found.

We have decorated with many things,
covered our houses with paper and streamers.

Now we wait with candy dishes and suprises,
just for those Halloween Screamers.

Written by [~Legato~]

5. Halloween is here

Halloween is here
And Night approaches...
Bat wings, newt and
Yummy cockroaches.

The cauldron is lit,
The brew will soon boil
One last ingredient...
Some graveyard soil.

People heed my warning
You've got to beware...
There are more than just costumes
That can give you a scare.

Hear this command and
Take some advice...
There are people out there
Who aren't very nice.

Written by [IceFae]

6. "Beware, My Child"

On this night,
All Hallow's Eve,
When the veil between the worlds is thin,
When spirits fly,
And bats swoop by,
And jack-o-lanterns glow,
Be safe, my child,
Do watch your step,
For surely you must try
To understand the things I say,
So that you will not die.
Vampires and werewolves,
Ghosts and haunts,
Zombies and goblins, too,
Each with designs upon your soul,
Coming after you...
So beware, my child,
Do watch your step,
And come home to me safe,
For I love you
Just as you are,
And would rather not
Tempt fate.

Written by [Solitiaum]

7. Removed for being too short.

8. On All Hollows Eve

On All Hollows Eve,
When the moon doth arive,
Terrible things shall happen.
People shall thrive.
And when it is time to go,
Hold on tight!
And let the wind blow.
On All Hollows Eve,
When the moon doth arive,
Terrible things shall happen.
People shall thrive.

Written by [Piercedskull]

9. 'The Trick Or Treaters'

Halloween, Halloween, the very best night,
When trick or treaters venture without fright.
Spooky costumes and candy to share,
Egging pranking and scaring beware.
Witches goblins fairies and monsters,
Bodies corpses mummies and mobsters.
Gather tonight to collect candy from all,
Each house they hit the big and the tall.
From city to city the madness increases
Till not any house has treats or pieces.
No chocolate or caramel is left in the bowl
The trick or treaters have gotten them all!
They all head home with prizes in hand,
eating their treasures as much as can stand.
Each trick or treater then shuts off their light,
And says their prayers before calling it night.
For this night comes only once a year,
Only three hundred sixty four days till its here!

Written by [Sir. Robert]

10. “Screaming Silent”

-Standing silent in the dark
-Hearing voices and my heart

-No moon light glow to fill the sky
-Wondering if I will live or die

-No ones here to guide the way
-I must stay here until the day

-Wondering if I should sleep or stay
-Even though I know eternal sleep will come my way

-Even though I cannot hear what they’re saying
-I know the meaning of their swaying

-Children screaming like a whisper
-No one knows what I must hinder

Written by [Solid_Metal]

11. "Halloween Song"

When the leaves of autumn fall
from the trees so cold and tall
The moon turns bright
and within its light
it is where spirits will call

When the last day of October draws near
the air is filled with howls and fear
The night will come
and yet for some
their life is still perfecty clear

On the 31st of October on all floors
little creatures will all open their doors
With their laturns they
follow the tray
in the sound of moaning roars

Halloween is coming nigh
The spirits will relieve their sigh
They'll ring your bell
and surely tell
to give them candy or die

Gladly I'll walk along their side
people run all over to hide
The ghosts are kind
and you'll surely find
that Halloween is their own pride

The ghosts are near
Stop trying to hide your fear
All Hallow's Eve is their own pride

Written by [Melocrie]

12. A Night of Nights

As the night sinks in you gather close
you start to hear the wails of ghost
for this is the night you dare to dream
this night of nights this time of Halloween

for if you go out it will be bleak
for the time to collect candy
the time to trick or treat

you were warned not to travel far
but the hunger for more is what you crave hard

for this night of nights is a chance for us all
its a night to dress up and have a ball
its a night to be different
a night to change

for it is the one night that will never be the same
for on this day and its nights of nights
I promise you an awfully good fright.

Written by [Draconius]

13. Halloween.

Halloween, Halloween
There ghost and spirits of the night.
Halloween, Halloween
Be affraid scared of the night.
Trick or treat, and spiders everywhere
Be scared, be scared!
Just for the fright
Monsters everywhere, childeren be aware
'Cause it's Halloweeeeeen!

Written by [someelf].

14. All Hollows Eve

The Spirits rise and the dead do walk
On the eve of the Hollow Day
Eternal torment from the dead do move
As the souls of living do end
I see the truth now as I watch
The Pain and torment of the eternal suffering
I watch it now as I speak these words
I ask the dead to come to me
On this day all Hollows eve

Written by [dark cleric]

15. Night of the Dead

Halloween, the spooky night
When druids come and pay
Their respects to the dead
To bid them rest, sleep, stay
Don't stir, don't stir, my kin, my kin
Sleep the Afterlife away
For when I die we will be free
To be together every day
Rest, oh rest, my kin, my kin
Sleep and sleep forever
Sleep In Peace, my kin, my kin,
Until we are again together.

Written by [Ylaraniala Majere]

16. Hallows eve

Dawn Rise
Dusk dies
across thy skies the kids will rise
made up with make up
bleeding though fake
it's time for imagination to take
upon thy minds of the disguised
It's halloween time and the demons will find
children to come and embrace the dark
For some it's real and for others its play
on the night of halloween day

Written by [Riggs]

17. Across the Skies

As children dance through the streets
The skies flash through the clouds,
Silouettes and ghostly shapes,
Stand out, black and proud.

Witches, goblins, ghosts and ghouls,
Come out to play tonight,
Knocking on doors, demanding treats,
Giving people a fright.

No-one will notice you're the real thing,
They're too tied up with the fakes,
So you can frolick all you like,
And be rewarded with sweets and cakes.

So tonight you play all you want,
Add to the ghostly scene,
Enjoy it, it's only once a year,
When tonight is Hallowe'en!

Written by [omgOMEGA]

18. The Truth of All Hallows.

All through the street,
The village is dark,
No sound of people here
No sound of dog bark.
The mud road is ragged
from the tracks of the carts
We wait for the dawn
With no hope in our hearts.
This night is All Hallowed
And so it is named,
All Hallow's Eve
Night that is famed.
For out of the darkness
The claws of the dead
Eyes shining brightly
While we're in our beds.
Witches and gouls
and monsters of lore
Come out on this night
And venture forth.
The wind in the trees,
sound of a rattle,
Uncanny footsteps,
The light-darkness battle.
Dawn shows the dead
And the chickens in their pens
The victims of All Hallows
The message they send.
So keep guard by the door
and watch out at night
Even in your world
The beasts come out at night.

Written by [FireOpal]

19. Removed for being too short.

20. The Gift of Halloween

On Samhain night
across the meadow,
I'll traverse
through all shadows.
Listen says the wind.

Ghosts of all sorts
come to me.
I'll see their battles
played by spirits
trapped in this purgetory.

"Come hither!" they call.
"Come fight with us!"
and they let loose battle calls.
I just watch with delight,
their games and unending sights.

As sun rises they fade,
back to the darkness
and their graves.
Now I know what I've seen
it is what waits for me.

Written by [Tanka]

21. Spirits of the Night
They walk by night when no one sees;
Without shadows they roam free.
Those whom sense them quake in fear
While these spirits loom and lear.
They cry for those who lost their soul
To darkness beyond the shadows.

When soon the sun will rise again
The spirits hide until they rein,
Then once again they will find
The poor souls left behind.

Written by [Soul Guardian]

22. For The Vamps 
We're the ones who stalk silently through the night
And put fear into your mind,
Because you try to say we are not real.
But every time you say that
We hear it through the night;
Like an echo that never stops saying it over and over.
And this is why you fear us
Because, actually, its only yourself
In the mirror of the night.

Written by [SkyeDrake

23. One Night

What's the draw
Of All Hallow's Eve?
To collect the most candy,
To invoke the most screams?

These might be the main reasons
For the majority of you,
As you dress yourselves up,
Oblivious to any clue.

But what about them,
The other's you deny?
They're still about,
Lurking in the pitch black, night sky.

They're the reason
You get chill ridden skin,
For on this one night
The veil's thinnest of thin.

They prey on your innocence,
Catching you unaware.
Possessing your souls
While you're to busy to prepare.

We're the peasants of the darkness.
We're convertors of the belligerent.
By disregarding our existance,
You're embracing being ignorant.

Hide behind your costumes,
Cower at masquerades.
Halloween is our One Night,
Our goal; Sending you to the grave.

Written by [Blaithin]

24. Ode to Halloween

Halloween, oh wonderful Halloween.
Those sweet candies that are given away that we find so contrary to chlorine.
Here you may see a toothy fellow and a little girl of ballet.
Them and others seek to fill their buckets of buckets with what their parents describe "horrible and unhealthy."
A pity those children feel for their old and crumbled parents, such pity.
But their mouths are full with sweet-tooth foods and now their parents will not obtrude.
These children spend their sugar and play amongst their preppy selves as the weary parents shelve themselves and flee their noisy cartels.
In the end sleep is screeched and only the smallest have trouble with it's reach.

Written by [Anti_Anti_Groups]

25. Lil' witch on Hallowe'en

Hexes and jinxes
love potions too
what is this little witch
going to do?

It's All Hallow's Eve
and everyone's about
frolicking and wondering
who they will meet

Picking at her robes
oh, so plain and dull
what do the other children think?
--her heart is full

No spells tonight
she doesn't want to be mean
forget tradition, forget appropriate!
Fun is to play 'trick or treat'.

Written by [Linderel]

I live the laws of life,
I break the laws of death.
I ceased to exist in either.
I’m a wandering spirit.
Engulfed in fire and living in water.
Flying through sand and earth as well as wishing on the moon.
Searching the stars for lost memories and dancing in the pages of books.
I’m the meaning of a painting,
A thousand words present me.
I soar with the wings of dragons,
Though my thoughts as evil as decay.
And my heart is as pure as liquid fire.
I drink the air, I breathe in ashes.
I eat poison, I taste life and death.
I thrive in all.

Written By [Noxme]

Sweat trickles down your neck; perspiration from fear.
Mouths dry with no saliva to moisten your lips.
Rough waxy skin and then your goose bumps rise.
The wind whips your hair in your face, discarding sight.
Your pulse beats uncontrollably, making your vision edged with black.
Blood pounds in you ears, while you try to fix your gaze on unanimous objects.
Step forward and then your body shudders in slow motion.
Hair stands up all over your body, competing against your goose bumps.
Breath comes out in small gasps and inhale difficultly.
You smell nothing, see nothing, and are nothing.
No light to revive you, only darkness to capture your soul.
Fall to your knees and cry out for a sudden death.
Your wish is granted, and now you really are nothing.

Written By [Noxme]

28.  The Blood Curdler

It started off as a harmless wink,
what friends thought was sensual fun.
Their blood splattered, no time to think,
feet carrying me as fast as they can run.

The wretched one rises from the floor,
spots of life land here and there.
She glides up behind me lusting for more,
she throws me back with a hand full of hair.

I feel the teeth sink into my vein,
fingernails holding me cut my wrist.
The shadows lurk and hands pull me into pain,
The final bite, a spray of mist.

I awake from the dream,
still in the dead of night.
What lay beneath me a bloody stream,
now death I have to fight.

“What’s going on?”
I scream in my head.
A whisper “I’ve saved you my wicked son!”
a shadow soon fled.

Here I stand before you, condemned by hell.

I thirst for blood, but you won’t stay alive to tell.


Written by [gabetheangel]


Who`s there?
A witch?
A ghost?
Is it something else.

I wonder
Who`s there
Say a word
Who`s there?

"It`s me"

Neither witch
Nor ghost

Only the sound of all hallows eve.

Written by [Lady Vanira]

30. Halloween Night

Chills and Thrills follow through the darkness
Take the step venturing forward into the fright
Tread carefully; be sure not to walk on the dead
You never known what lurks in the night

Anxious nerves, pulling left and right
Scratching noises, leaving you with a case of suspicious sight
Hesitant behavior, leaving you alone without the light
You never know what goes bump in the night

Standing alone, trying to pick a path into true sight
Terrified desperation sends you fleeing to the dark
Hands tugging, robotic nature takes hold
A circle forming, to a sweaty palm gripped hush
You never know what hovers in the night

Concentrated energies, channeling to the other side
Shaking madly, carried to the ground
Dark questions, receiving incoherent answers
Breaking free, evil entities sending everyone from the site
You never know what follows in the night

Walking carefully, don’t look back
Skin crawling, skip happily into the night
Reassuring words, dying upon lips at escape
Unseen hands, wrapping thin fingers around your neck
You never know what kills on Halloween night

Written by [MissTricky]

31. returning souls

The undead souls come to pass
Mortals in ghostly masks
Floating like a hellish light
Hoping to give a scare of fright
Lingering on whats left to find
There love of it keeps them bind
Returing from once they came
Halloween is there night of fame

Written by [SleepingxPoison]

32. The coolest time of year

Costumes and lanterns light the side streets
Masks on little faces, and bags filled with little treats
Watching them makes me think of how much fun
How much fun I had when I was just a little costumed one

Now I sit here looking at their faces and paint
Some are funny, some are goofy, some just make you faint
They have one night to live in fantasy and delight
To get their fill of cavities on this O Hallows Eve night

They walk down the streets with their lights
They trade their candy until they get just what is right
The little kids love to trick or treat
But let me explain teens like to get some nice eats

Although they dress a little different with maybe some more flesh
Everyone knows Halloween candy is the best
Bags full of chocolate and lollipops
Taking a break to satisfy their munchies is the only time they stop

Your biggest fantasy comes to life, by your creation or others
Some made by your hands, a store’s, even you mothers
You walk around happy and gitty ready to show it around
Funny how everything can come to a stop with one little sound

The sound of your mother telling you to come home

Written by [UndergroundAngel]

33. Halloween (in lack inspiration)

At the end of the Celtic year
The hunters and the haunted feed on fear
A terrible ghoul roams the streets
And terrifies everyone he meets.

On All Hallow’s Eve when the moon is bright
Creatures lurk deep in the night
For on this night they’re free to go
And fill every living soul with woe

So beware, and lock your doors
And be sure not to soil your drawers.
The ghosts outside that nature forbids
Are nothing more than little kids

Written by [Cookieholic]

34. Mummy Does'nt Believe In Halloween
Mummy does'nt Belive ..
But I do,When I look Out of My window On Halloween
I see all The People dressed up
Knocking on peoples doors

Causing Havock, I can hear Noises
Shouts and screams
That's Why Mummy Does'nt Belive
It's all the Ghosts and Witches Beware

She does'nt believe In Creating a scare
She does'nt do "Trick Or Treats"
She does'nt Take the time to Decorate
Nor Be full of spirit for the time of year

But I do, I have my own stash of treats
and Next year I'm going To give them Out
Make the ghosts and Witches Happy
..Next year I'll hear them Shout

Written by [Hype Hype'.]

35. Tonight

Tonight you'll see me
even more scary than ever
You'll be more scared of me
than people are of the Devil

It's so hard to choose a mask
- I have so many -
But I'll wear the worst of them
I won't wear any

Written by [Lennever]

36. Non-Believers
Each Halloween the tale is told
Of the spirits young and old
The children sit by candle light
Telling tales of terrible fright
What they do not know is this
True are the stories of a vampires kiss
True are the things they make up in their head
Real are the things hiding under their bed
For this is example, here i tell
Of a little girl, listen well
Who did not believe the tale that was told
Of the spirits young and old
And that night as she slept
Unaware that the spirits crept
Into her room of child-like dreams
Soon to be filled with child-like screams
So little children on All Hallows Eve
Know better than not to believe
They know on that night when the sky is black
The spirits take the non-believers back.

Written by [Chimes]

reaching from the closet,
one hand at a time.
the ghouls come out,
once they hear the clock chime.
its 12am,
on october 31st.
you think last year was bad,
but this will be the worst.
the hauntings will begin,
as soon as the children wake.
you cannot run,
this is what they will take.
you send your kids out,
they have alot of fun.
they comeback in the morning,
but the hell has just begun.
your kids eat the candy,
and start to feel sick.
you take them to bed,
but the pain comes quick.
all the children will die,
and come back as ghosts.
i guess teh candy was perfect,
it had the right dose.

Written by [Blood Filled Necrophiliac666]

All hallows eve'
The portal has opened,
The scaries are through'
Witches and demons,
Beasts a new.
Shivers are running,
Spirits are high'
This is all happening,
On halloween nigh'.
Just look around you,
And you will believe,
That scary things happen,
Cause its all Hallows eve'.

Written by [Deleted]

39. Samhain
Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Halloween
All Souls Night, Day of the Dead
the night the dead walk
unaware the children laugh
dress as witches and ghouls
while the real ones look on.
I come to a clearing in the forest
others are here
we raise our arms to the sky
we call the spirits
they come wailing forlornly
we offer incense and candlelight
they whisper words of wisdom in our ears
they tell us of bygone days
when they ruled the land
of the ancient gods in all their glory
the moon rises
round and orange
we take to the sky
fluttering like leaves on the wind
below us the world turns
for this night the world of nonhumans comes closer
for this night we are free
and below us the children laugh.

Written by [RiddleRose]

40. A Lament For The Greedy Children
There was an old lady who's eyes were pale blue,
She lived in a grey house with a black cauldron or two.
On Halloween night the parents would say,
"Stay away from her house, don't stray that way."

So the kiddies would huddle away from her door,
Though her treats smelled sweet drawing the greedy more.
"Come," she would say i've got plenty for all,
And the greedy would go embracing her call.

The very next morn the parents would cry,
For their greedy little one's who had paid them no mind.
In her grey house the old lady would knit,
and in a cauldron or two a sweet stew would sit.

Written by [QuietAngel]


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