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Halloween Poetry 08, page 1

Elftown Halloween Competitions


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Winner: Halloween Poetry Competition


"The Spirit of Halloween"
"Gravedigger's Son"
"On This Night"


By [Captain Rachel Black]
By [Madame Black]
By [Crankychangeling]
By [Thunder Cid]
By [All_Most PUNK]

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Thank you to all that contributed!


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1. The Spirit of Halloween

I am the thing
That tangles puppet strings
The chill that runs down your spine

I’m the noise that
Simply can’t be placed
The voice inside
Your mind

I’m the moan and groan
Of creaky stairs
A jack-o-lantern’s

The forgotten name
On an empty grave
Bones stacked in a

I’m a feeling
A fear
A skull’s
Hollow Sneer
The eyes that watch
When no one is near

Beware, Beware
My joy is to scare
I’m the spirit of Halloween

Written by [Captain Rachel Black]

2. Halloween, Halloween!

Halloween, Halloween,
I will paint my face green!
Halloween, Halloween,
I'll create quite a scene,
Halloween, Halloween,
me and my black cat called Christine!
Halloween, Halloween,
The bats above me are thirteen
Halloween, Halloween,
I'll get a broom but not to clean!
Halloween, Halloween,
High on sugar and caffeine!

Written by [Jitter]

3. Gravedigger's Son

The sun would set on a lonely hill
On a lot outside of town
Where trees were few, only grass there grew
And from birds there came no sound.
Not a soul would stay by the lonely graves
Save mourners here and there
But the Gravedigger's Son, alone as one
Who would cherish the sight and stare.
Then came a day when a new-dug grave
Would take a young man to hold
His death was sad, a new wife he had
For so the stories told.
Though before were none save the Gravedigger's Son
Now the New Widow came to stare
While no life she sought, white lilies she brought
That his grave might not be bare.
Every day she came, every day the same
White lilies on the tomb
She was deaf and dumb to the Gravedigger's Son
Who had loved her all too soon.
From his lonely perch, he then emerged
Like a phantom among the dead
He desired her such, was compelled to touch
The dark locks on her head
As she turned afright, he knew that night
He must have her then and there
But she turned to flee, and glanced back at he
Left alone only to stare
The world turned 'round, and he heard no sound
As her image pierced his mind
Bellows to his fire, one of desire
His thoughts then turned malign
By wiles and ways he had found her place
By the hollows of midnight
He observed her there, and her raven hair
Shown radiant in the light.
Many a night he came to sight
The new widow without a thought
That there were eyes outside, past the window light
How greedily she was sought.
If not in life he could have as wife
Then a corpse bride he would make
So he crept inside, and cherished her cries
And the life he was to take
On swipe of his spade, now makeshift blade
And the her blood began to pour
Crimson red on brown, 'round her like a crown
Spewed out upon the floor

And all was done, for the Gravedigger's Son
But to dig the New Widow's grave

Written by [Madame Black]

4. Black Cat

See me lurking in your dreams,
Hear the voices that are unseen.

Giving shivers down your spine,
Everything you know is now mine.

See the ghosts as they moan,
Singing a soft, murmuring groan.

The monsters hiding underneath your bed
everything you now seek and dread.

The moon's face smiles,
as you go on for miles

Screaming, shouting and crying,
You don't see me creeping..

Towards you and swallow you whole,
This story untold.

Of a girl who never was found,
yet again earthbound.

So you now know my story,
But don't worry.

I am the Black Cat that haunts your dreams
because nothing is what it screams....

Written by [Breathe_Angel]

5. The Vampire's Pledge

I shall cut my flesh
To make a show for you
And as it begins to
Reform from the mutilated
Mess I shall draw forth
My wings and fly.

The little ones
Who run so fearlessly
Through the night
Shall fair little
Against us, my love.

I shall bite
Stale and hollow candy
Though I much prefer
The bitter taste of blood.

I shall run in order to feel
The freedom of it all
And I shall hunt on this
Cold and wicked night
As the humans gather to
Find treats and tricks
And cheap thrills
Such as this.

I shall follow you
While the moonlight pools
On the distant horizon
And I shall make sure that
No tricks shall befall you
On this hallow eve night.

Written by [Alexi Ice]

6. On This Night

One day a year. As the tenth month dies,
and the winter is well on its way.
A cold wind blows, rustling leaves across the sky.
Causing scarecrows to dance and to sway.

This is my night, one I wish for the most.
After waiting long days and dull weeks.
With the moon rising high on this cold New England coast.
Casting shadows to frighten the meek.

My kitchen is ready, filled with delicious foul things,
that would turn the stomachs of man.
But one thing is missing that this evening will bring.
A final piece to complete my devious plan.

They come to my door dressed in costumes quite grand,
making mock of the heritage I hold dear.
Carrying bags full of sweets clutched in fat little hands.
Laughing joyfully as they draw near.

"She is rumored a witch!"They whisper and call
as they step up to my welcoming door.
But I bat not an eye and my smile doesn't fall,
betraying nothing that I have in store.

Catching is simple. One just lures them in,
with a well placed spell here and there.
I take but a few. Then the real fun begins
as I kill, cook, and leave nothing to spare.

Though the night is long the dawn soon draws nigh,
and the work is finally through.
My pantry is full and the magic is high,
as the day of all saints starts anew.

The children will be mourned, but they'll soon forget.
Of that I make carefully sure.
Still the stories will be told, the legend won't quit,
and the fear will still taint the pure.

Written By [Crankychangeling]

7. Want to Be Liked, Not Mocked

I am a monster that spends Halloween thinking about how:
The humans dress up as us,
But we could never dress up as them.
Can you imagine a human with green or blue skin?
A human would never settle for a wart that is as big as the average witch’s.
Humans do a horrible job dressing up as us,
But a great job of making fun of us.
What they don’t realize is we have to live like this everyday
And we don’t have a mask to remove.
Let them have their fun this Halloween,
But after they eat their candy and want to go to sleep, they’ll go back to viewing us as evil,
That we live in closets to torture them.
They won’t come to visit the ghosts in haunted houses anymore
Or even bother to say, “Thank you” to all of us monsters for this fun they will have;
They’ll all be scared of us again.
So maybe this human tradition isn’t so bad if it makes them like us one night a year.

Written by [Leb]

8. Fires at the Crossroads

The fires at the crossroads burn
To beckon wayward souls
The year-wheel makes another turn
While the fires at the crossroads burn

The fires at the crossroads burn
While windswept leaves do whirl
The wolves howl out their sad nocturne
While the fires at the crossroads burn

The fires at the crossroads burn
The veil thins through the night
The spirits, hungry, thirst and yearn
While the fires at the crossroads burn

The fires at the crossroads burn
'Til dawn's light breaks the spell
And those claimed by flame shall ne'er return
From the fires at the crossroads burned

Written by [Falx]

9. Halloween Spirit

Kids everywhere out getting candy.
Parents sitting in their cars with extra bags handy.
House after house, doorbell after doorbell.
Little angels and little devils spawn from heaven and hell.
Running around like headless chickens.
Trying to be first in line so they can get their pickins.
Going home with growling tummys and smiling faces.
Awaiting the arrival of the chocolate's graces.

Written by [FamousPanda]

10. Halloween

We're coming up on Halloween
The scariest holiday I've ever seen.

That Black Cat is back around.
I watched it cross my path just now.

And I don't think this is very good:
He's got my lucky Rabbit's Foot.

This morning I broke a mirror
I was carrying under a ladder.

I'm afraid on the thirty-first
My luck will go from bad to worse.

So with visions of Goblins in my head
I await Halloween filled with dread!

Written by [stevedoyle]

11.Halloween of the 21st Century

I am the ghost of Halloween past.
If I took you back to the 90's,
Would you even recognize it?

Back then, candy was assumed;
You didn't receive floss instead.

There was no x-raying candy,
Or worrying about obesity.

Nobody's house was off-limits,
And costumes were cute, not slutty.

Trick-or-treating at the mall instead of your own neighborhood was unheard of.

Teachers would bring a piece of candy for every single one of their students,
And kids would bring in homemade cookies they decorated themselves.

Children of the 90's,
Make sure you keep your children safe this day,
This day of Halloween in the 21st century.

Written by [Leb]

12. Favours for Flavours

So the pumpkin said, “Let’s put a smile on that face.”
Oh what a joker it was, it’s timing was ace,
It leapt onto my head and began its work,
It’s stubby, little stems, going berserk,
It carved my head like a snowboard does a hill,
Everyone laughed, uproariously, shrill,
I didn’t mind, I grinned from temple to temple, and besides,
I returned the favour by eating his seedy, shady, insides. 

Written by [Doormat]

13. Pumpkin

One day I found a pumpkin seed.
And planted it and pulled the weeds.
It sprouted roots and a big, long vine.
A pumpkin grew; I called it mine.
The pumpkin was quite round and fat.
I really am quite proud of that.
Then came time for me to pluck it
It was so large I could not budge it
I let it stay for one more night
And came back to see a great big fright
The pumpkin rose: I began to scream
On this the dawn of Halloween
It rolled to me all big and fat
And asked for a jacket and a hat
I clothed the fruit of orange and green
And asked it to stay for Halloween
It agreed to stay for one more day
So we could scare some the kids at play
And egg their houses this one time
And commit other juvenile crimes
Alas our time has come to an end
The pumpkin swore he’d return again
I fixed his jacket and his hat
And my pumpkin pal rolled off like that

Written by [Thunder Cid]

14. False Horror

Blood curdling screams
No blooming live tree
Holes along the seams
Witches are all free
Cats' horrible meow
Chainsaw's revving away
Dracula's taking a bow
Zombies on the crossway

Woman only startled
Fall season has started
The kids all wrestled
Green women parted
Kitten peacefully cuddling
The machine with no gas
Dracula is now bowling
Undead are playing bluegrass

Written by [Tynuka-Rhytishy]


She claws her way
Through fingers and tongues,
A mask of darkness,
An assault on the lungs.

She moves through realms
And digs through earth
Through all the beings
Just seeking rebirth.

Samhainn, they cry
As she sifts through the ground,
Words on deaf ears,
All lacking in sound.

It's Halloween night
And she walks on our land,
Like dancers from nightmares
She's making her stand.

She's the spirit
Of all that's to scare.
She's the reaper,
A ghost on the air.

She waits for the Demon
To find her the feast,
To restore her body,
To uncage the beast.

On All Hallows night you're welcome to dream,
But mind for Samhainn,
The eater of screams.

Written by [Chimes]

16. Costume

The one-day where you
can be what you choose
and you are cursed because
everyone wants to be you.

Followed and tormented
into the night, howling
at the moon.

One may never know why
they carve pumpkins,
to keep away the evil spirits
that haunt our dreams

Costumes that everyone wears
shadows of forgotten tradition

Tattered jeans and a little
hair gel; perhaps some fake
blood to make it look real.

Today I wear a mask,
but I cannot say that tomorrow
will bring anything different
for that is the curse of us all.

Written by [pegasus1000]

17. Trick Or Treat

H owling screams in the twilight zone
A creepy creature sneaking around
L aughing ghosts following you
L aughing witches try to allure the weakest ones
O verrated fears creeping upon you
W alking through the coldest night for treats
E ndless saunter from door to door
E nvy towards the ones sitting by the fire
N othing stays the same, nothing more to say but…


Written by [Iske]

18. Legal Assault

Skeletal grin-
Who you grinning at,
Mr. Pumpkin?
Not me, I hope-
But I’m not scared,
Not I, nope.
I’ll run by-
Trick-or-treat bag in hand,
Sugar high!
In costume-
The corpse to
Shrieks and screams-
This night, nothing is
As it seems.
Late night-
Candy binge,
Teachers’ delight!

Written by [Tickle Me Emo]

19. Mother Lolth.

Little spiders come to me,
when I speak with vicious tongue.
Find your way into the streets,
will Halloween finally become?

Tickle tackle, tickle tackle,
excellent eyes and segment legs.
Tickle tackle , tickle tackle,
which kid is suitable for their eggs?

We swallow the night, the course of moon,
with the blackest heart of all.
Children's laughter rises after noon,
they play innocently, but for how long?

Tickle tackle, tickle tackle,
our webs and fangs will now consume.
Tickle tackle, tickle tackle,
"Look mom, they're all in spider's costume!"

Written by [Tingis]


Oh what a fearfull night
that comes in late october
The night is dark and cruel
And filled with fear and death
Yet children come out late
To play and make a game
They mask thier face with dead
And try to creat a ghost
And parents dress thier houses
Like tombs and graves alike
Oh' what a fearfull night
That comes on all saints eve
Why is it on eve of saints?
Or are saints born of Ghost?

Written by [Lakayana]

21. A Trick, A Treat: Once More Unto the Fray

Beans and beans, franks and buns and beans,
It’s my birthday on Halloween!
Everything’s done on the fly and in a rush,
Washing it all down with quarts of Orange Crush.
The presents will have to wait till later on
There’s enough sugar in me to last till dawn.

It’s Friday night and it’s almost time for trick-or-treating fun
If there’s eggs in the air fight back with your Super Soaker gun.
There’s some harmless nutty neighbors who aren’t humans at all
They aren’t evil but they’re way too scary for the mall
These dragon people are goofy and just screaming for a prank
Daddy’s had a few beers and for now he won’t be a crank.

Mommy’s stocking the baskets and removing the gum
The sugar’s a horror and what if it sticks to your bum?
No one knows how old that candy corn might be
Quarantine all that nasty stuff that discolors your pee
Flashlight’s a-go-go, the power packs a-charged for hours,
Heaven forbid this poem should get lost in the flowers.

The door’s a-ring-a-dinging as the sun goes down
Who’s that at the door, but the goofiest family in town?
It’s those silly golden anthro-dragons, dressed like people
They get lost in town, perching like gargoyles on a steeple
For once it seems like they’ve gotten their bearings straight.
Daddy gawks at the female’s cutoffs and proposes a date.

“Dream on, beer belly boy,” winks the dragon-lady a.k.a. “The BOSS”
The growing dragon-boy with the doggie shirt won ‘08 Rotten Egg Toss.
“Grawwrr?” says the looming dragon-man as his tight dress slacks rip at the crotch
Daddy slurs, “What’ll it be? A trick . . . or a treat?” as he drinks some Scotch.
The dragon-people glance at each other and tilt their heads, confuzzled and slack.
“A treat?” asks the boy as his parents sing some Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack!

“Wow, so good!” Mommy says, “Don’t be like Donny and jump off the window beam.”
“A trick!” yells Daddy who sprays ‘em with a two-fisted salvo of shaving cream
The boy strikes back flaming his Silly String spray and lobbing an egg
Daddy smites the dragon lady with cream all over her tushie and legs

“Um, Happy Halloween?”, waves Mommy, tossing them candy as they run away.

Written by and © to [Paul Doyle]

22. Halloween Creation

The brisk cold sliding down your neck
Touching your heart, causing it to forget
The steady rhythm it is meant to keep
The crescent moon hidden behind wisps of white
Casting faint shadows upon the landscape
Mourning call of the wolf fading to silence
Lone candle burning defiantly in the steady wind
Turning thoughts over in your mind
Remember the stories of witches, vampires
Remember the ghosts, goblins, and ghouls
Remember the werewolves who cry into the silence
They all celebrate in the dark of night
The pumpkins carved and decorated
All in the hopes to scare some passer-by
The decorations causing a scream or two
The children dressed in colorful creations
Carrying their treats, and supply of tricks
Tonight they play an scream, they run
Simply children tonight who desire fun
But one day myth, legend, and lore
Will teach them the meaning behind Halloween
And it’s precious secrets galore!

Written by [Tranquil Insanity]

23. Hallow's Eve

Tonight we shall dress and play,
But mostly to scare the spirits away.
They're active this eve
And bound to deceive
The unsuspecting.
It's vexing,
The way we have to guess
Who's really a ghoul and who's just dressed
Like a scary spirit on the chilly night
That's filled with mystery and fright.

Written by [wicked fae mage]

24. Halloween Fright Night

I crouch in the dark,
Behind the oak door,
A small beam of moonlight,
Across the stone floor,

The wind in the rafters,
Rattles the chain,
That hangs from the latch,
On the small window pain,

I suffer in silence,
I know a great fear,
Of the ghost in the attic,
As Halloween draws near!

Written by [Grandamelf]

25. A Special Night

There is a night,
come once a year,
a special night
not for cheer...

On that night,
strange things appear,
crawling out
from everywhere

That who hides
the rest of the year,
on this dread night,
dares to appear

Ghouls and witches,
skeletons galore,
ghosts, monsters,
undead and more...

All come out for
treats or tricks,
on this special night
called Old Hallo's eve.

Written by [BinaryPhoenix]

26. I Put a Spell On You and Now You're Mine

Spindle, crackle, claw and bite
Evil curse be my delight
Devils, demons, lords of fright
Ghost and spirit, prince of night

With my black cat by my side
The candle's light
all around and my pentacle
upon the ground

Near to the altar
kneeling at his feet
I signed a sinful contract
written in bloody ink

From the chalice
I take a forbidden drink
He turns the cards
one by one for me
in a twisted tarot reading

With my wand
in my hand
I seal the deal
and seal my plans

A simple chant
and all will be done
You'll take my hand
To I alone will you give your love

Blessed Be this holy night
as I cast this little spell
Given to me
For just one soul
from the king of a burning frozen Hell

Cast the runes
Read the stars
They will say what I wish to see
In exchange for one soul this is gaurunteed.

Written by [Jadala*(Once upon a moment)]

27. Creatures of the Night

Darkness is there home
where there is no light
lurking in the shadows
the creatures of the night.

You can feel them breathing
you can hear them call
you can fell their presence
you can hear them all.

They watch you everywhere
waiting for the time to be right
so they can grab you
and take you out of site.

Written by [stevenp]

28.On Halloween Night

Halloween full of treats,
Yummy, yummy good to eat.
Witches fly on their brooms,
Werewolves hollow at the moon. 
Light the fires, stir the cauldrons,
Chant a spell powered by the rising moon.
Trick-a-treaters running wild,
Full of glee from house to house.
Screaming, laughing all the way,
As they beg for treats today.
Halloween what a blast,
Lots of fun to be had.
All you monsters, all you ghouls,
Fairies, imps, ghost and fools.
Make a circle round the fire,
Dance and prance all night long.
Halloween full of treats,
Yummy, yummy good to eat.

Written by [Morningstar Rising]

29.Shadow Puppets

A boy, troubled young by insomnia,
On a Halloween Night,
Decides to make shadow puppets,
On the wall with his flashlight. 

Rabbits and dogs,
Rats and cats,
Snakes and spiders,
Ghosts and bats. 

A new shadow appears,
Hideous, twitchy, and stout,
The boy drops his flashlight,
And it goes out. 

The figure is back,
It emerges in a rage,
Destroys the other puppets,
On the window stage.

It vanishes, but,
The walls have maws and claws,
Convoluting faces,
And muffling paws.

He struggles. 
Clawing for the light,
Too little, too late,
Screams cut off at midnight.

Written by [Doormat]

30. Galadriël's Last Hallow's Eve

Galadriël, an elf, one Halloween night,
Was spotted and captured promptly on sight.
Now it being the eve of Halloween,
Anything possible can always be seen.
Through the woods, as she chose to roam,
After a party on her way home,
It was dark, not a star or a moon,
To shun any willies, 'twas humming a tune.
So quickly it happened, no time to spare,
With a blood curdling scream that curled her hair,
A dark, scary being, a beastly beast,
Jumped in her path, a giant at least!
In the darkness it stood with eyes of fire,
Escape wasn't possible, yet her only desire.
She was quickly reformed, helplessly entranced,
The beast cast a spell as 'round her he danced.
A cloak of musty, yet a sweet scent of pine,
Was draped over her by careful design.
The beast transformed into a handsome drow.
Galadriël's reaction visible, he smiled with a bow.
As he advanced, she stood motionless, still,
Her thoughts possessed, lacking free will.
Suddenly there shone a moonbeam nigh
From a moon once gone from a blackened sky.
Rúmil swept her up, ungrounding her feet.
They twirled and spun, gravity thus beat.
The shaft of light from the black magic moon
Carried them high in a voracious typhoon.
Upward and over the forest they rose.
Where they went, only the owl knows,
For he watched it all from his private tree.
He ain't saying anything, but "Whooo" to me!

Written by [Artsieladie] © 10/21/2008

31. Games

Night of witches
Cold ghost land of
Trick and treat

Toothless laughter
Pumpkin feet
Jack O'Lantern
Now roams free

Come on, children
Gather around
For a little
Game of tag

Little cherubs
Not your fault
If Master Pumpkin
Wins your souls

A bright soft morning
A spurious night
New young spirits
Learn to fly

Oh, brave children
You've died free
In the night of

Written by [All_Most PUNK]

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