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Halloween Poetry 09, page 1

Elftown Halloween Competitions


Please see the rules on the main page:
Halloween Poetry Competition
 - Halloween Art Competition
 - Halloween Costume Competition

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Contest Began: September 7th 2009
Contest Ended: October 25th 2009

Contest Closed

Thank you to all that contributed!


Winners: Halloween Poetry Competition

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[#"Dancing Masks"]
[#"The Elftown Ball"]
[#"Tonight We Shall Not Play By The Rules"]


By [Rice]
By [Mortified Penguin]
By [Teufelsweib]



How to post your entry:
Add your poem after the last one that has been already posted. Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag. Don't forget to write your username and the title of the entry:

1. <b>"Title"</b>
Written by [insert user name]

There is a theme:
Elftown Masquerade Ball
Make sure the entries fit the theme, or they will be removed.


1.Dancing Masks
Tip tap – tip tap,
These silver heels are clicking,
My mask shifting,
To a happier face.
Oh what wonders galore,
As we soar.
Across the dance floor.
White blurs and black smudges,
On canvas of movement.
These smiles are numbing,
These eyes blinding.
Masks everywhere,
A facade of life,
Dancing around me.
The bell chimes,
As the curtain falls,
The masks are dropped,
As the crowd applauds in horror.
Written by [Rice]

2. Paradise Refound
Middle Earth screams warnings,
“Be prepared to meet your demise!”
The mountains smolder as you pass,
Apparently, to your surprise.
Do you not know where you are?
You travel in a land old and so obscure;
Watch your step for the tar
And the blood of those found unpure.

Comitatus is no longer an issue.
Men of uneven ranks see eye to eye.
And all of a sudden you wish you
Were flying just above the sky.
Don’t close your mouth,
But open your eyes,
Your mask is sewn tight,
The guests dance with delight.
Your shadow awaits,
To wish you goodbye,
As you shiver, terrified.

The earth quakes,
The dead awake
And fortune is left to the raven.
‘Cause we sell jellied eyes
And viles of fat for the cravin’!
The ax-man swings,
The minstrel sings,
And she creates the bed she will lay in.

That evil devil, dressed in red
Has an angry arrow, pierced through his head.
And for finger tips, they are black!
For you have scratched your burns
‘til the skin peeled back.
Hell’s here on earth;
let the demons chant resound.
Halloween is here,
Let’s all be wound;
For paradise was lost
and will never be refound.

Raise your glass
and dance with cheer,
for this is the place to be;
a Hallowed Eve danse magique,
for the disturbed world to see.
Written by [sweet.tx.tea]

3. At The Ball Tonight

I've shifted faces for the night
Which shouldn't come as a suprise,
I've traded lips and nose and cheeks,
All but my own true eyes.

The mask you see before you now
Is hardly my own face,
My skin would never glitter so,
Except within this place.

And my lips would never curl into
This cold, sardonic sneer,
Nor would my general appearance
Ever give you cause for fear.

This evening, though, is different
With this character I've made,
Tonight I'm anyone besides
Myself at the masquerade.

Written by [Nioniel]

4. Hollow men

Sifting hearts and changling mess
My mask is red i can feel their dread
They are what they wanted to be
Prey for the decayed mind
The red mask hides the true heart
There lies before me a failed experiment
Twisted creatures of malcontent
Tonight we dance with the devil
Tonight we revel in hell
The ball will last till their final fall from grace
They will witness their own mass disgrace

This is the fate of the Hollow men
Tonight they dance in hell
Their masks oh so beautiful
Hide a truth so dreadful
They fear the red mask for it is truth
The evening will be filled with blades
The occult divanations
They go to great lenghs to conceal
The beautiful masquerade represents this sinful zeal
This is the plight of the hollow men
This is the stained glass facade of their desire
This is the masquerade dance in the fires of Tyre

Written by [Talos Cyrion]


Hallo to my dears
Halloween is here
This year is for all
This year is the ball

Gird up in your costume
Get into my pontoon
Party, party, party
Party all day long

We going to have the whole night
To wine and dine and dance
Chatting up and flirting
Having all the fun

Howl out the elvens
Pass it to wivens
Shout out to the orcs and dwarfs
That Halloween is here

By [Lakayana]

6)What a guise

They turn on heels as graceful as swans,
With fans held aloft in elegant coy,
And praise me on my painted face,
Behind beautiful falseness, like a toy.

But I am eccedentesiast,
I do not wish to spoil their fun,
At the stroke of midnight like Cinderella,
I must take my leave and run.

As the clock strikes twelve,
They shall remove their masks,
My own guilty shame will be revealed,
When finally someone asks...

Gods! The stroke,
It’s gone too late!
Those Abderian! Cachinnation!
The clock has sealed my fate!

“Why haven’t you revealed yourself?”
A bathykolpian woman quests,
Chill spreading through my bones,
As doves flutter beneath my breast.

Pushing away the capernoited,
I must look like a fool,
But rather I suffer exsibilation,
Than they learn I was a ghoul.

Far behind are the ones farctate,
Gambrinous, from ruddy to wan,
Gongoozler’s to my guilty pleasure,
Of pretending to be a normal human.

Written by [Evolution X] ....... if you need help with the words here:

7. Welcome to the masquerade

Faces hidden in masks
Body’s filled out in dresses
And fanciful hats
Welcome to the masquerade.

The lights are dim
Decorations hang high
People tilt drinks
Welcome to the masquerade.

Lovers meet in secret
Jesters entertain
Everything is sparkling
Welcome to the masquerade.

A feast lays out for all
Chatting fills the halls
No one feels alone
Welcome to the masquerade.

Welcome to the masquerade.

Written by [Alexi Ice]

8. The Elftown Ball

'Twas the night of Halloween and all through the town,
Men wore their tuxes and women donned their gowns.
In the effulgent moonlight they would dance, one and all,
For at last, it was the night of the masquerade ball.

Organizing the festival was, indeed, quite a task,
But it was all worth it, when they each held their mask.
It was a time to be carefree, a time to have fun,
They could finally let loose, the party had just begun.

Midway through the night, once Hedda was quite drunk,
Mortified Penguin drove his car through the wall with a "clunk"!
"Waz goin' own?!" he proclaimed with a shout,
"You ran over Hedda!" they replied, "You knocked him clean out!"
The penguin chuckled real loudly and ate an hors d'œuvre,
"What's wrong with that guy?!" "He's got some nerve!"

He paid them no mind and kept on eating,
"Call a doctor!" they shouted, "Hedda is bleeding!"
"Don't worry, you guys! He's just an old lecher!"
Mort only got glares as Hedda left in a stretcher.

An hour, some cake, and sixteen martinis later,
Mort started wrestling with an enraged alligator.
The guards and townspeople all gathered 'round,
"We think you'd better leave. Get out of Elftown!"

"I didn't want to be here anyway!" he boisterously exclaimed
He went on to say, "I hope you all get maimed!"
As he drove away in his car, he said, with a shout,
"Eat at Bob's Diner! Peace! I'm out!"

Written by [Mortified Penguin]

9. Masquerade Ball

Masks to hide the faces of elf and fairy.
Punch to quench their thirst.
Everyone dancing and all the merry.
Who will dance with who first?
Cake and treats for one and all.
Contests to find the best dressed.
This only happens in the middle of fall.
Only one stands out above the rest.
The night is over and all is done.
Partying is through for big and small.
Each has had their fair share of fun.
Come back next year for another Elftown Masquerade Ball!

Written by [FamousPanda]

10. Join the Masquerade

The place where beast can become belle,
masked emotions, flirtatious desire,
real life forgotten, hearts thumping,
on mysterious music,
till the clock strikes twelve
and masks fall down
to reveal the pumpkins
of Halloween.

Written by [arthemis_]

11. tonight we shall not play by the rules.

Changing color, reds to black,
trading your diamonds for a spade;
it's time to shuffle your deck, to trade the kings for a jack,
on this nightly masquerade.

It is no night to play by the rules,
throw away those cards!
we gamble with aces, dressing like fools
and dancing and dancing in just the right paces

a thousand new people behind a thousand new faces
a thousand questions arising, all in a single night

but no answers are here to be found,
just put on a mask and join the crowd;
and for one night we are all the gamekeeper

Written by [Teufelsweib]

12. Celebration!

Faces hidden,
Masked thee call,
Forget all troubles,
All woes be gone,
Through nightly shadows,
And the candle glow,
Warmth of friendship,
Adorations abound,
Whirling, twirling,
Dancing round,
Hear now!
The bell tolls the hour,
Harken the dawn glow,
Colors abound,
Every shape and form,
Show thyself,
Enjoy thy nightly pleasures,
Dance, eat, drink through all,
As the wee hours pass,
And at last free thy self,
Return to thy daily tasks,
As the eve of Hallows comes to pass,
Await the year,
Until thou can dawn thy mask again!

Written by [Ravendust]

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2009-10-24 [FamousPanda]: [Mortified Penguin] that poem is pretty much pure genius. I laughed my ass off.

2009-10-24 [Mortified Penguin]: It's alright for a quickly written one to get a badge... there are much better ones here though.

2009-10-24 [Talos Cyrion]: oh there's a badge for this? and yes mort that was pure was unfortunate that i was in a library...everyone thought i had somthing wrong with me cause i was trying so hard not to laugh

2009-10-24 [arthemis_]: My very first English poem... I feel so proud :D

2009-10-24 [Nioniel]: I like it!

2009-10-24 [arthemis_]: Thanks :D

2009-10-24 [Nioniel]: You're quite welcome. ^^

2009-10-24 [arthemis_]: I love yours! I envy people who can actually rhyme in English!

2009-10-24 [Nioniel]: Well normally I don't like to rhyme in my poetry, it all seems a bit predictable then, but it just seemed appropriate for this contest. Plus, it appears that [Mortified Penguin] has pretty much dashed poety predictability to pieces with his submission, so I can't gripe too much. ^_^

Which is your native language?

2009-10-24 [arthemis_]: Dutch :D I can't rhyme in Dutch either, maybe because all sound like Sinterklaas-rhymes (Dutch festival somewhat alike SantaClaus Christmas where we also put rhymes on our presents which magically appear at 6 December through the chimney in our shoes)

2009-10-24 [Nioniel]: lol, there's this author, I can't remember his name for the life of me, but he writes these short stories about his life experiences, and they're (most of them) hilarious, and one of them is about the difference in holidays among different countries and how unbelievable they all are...I'd recommend the books to you...ermmm...Me Talk Pretty One Day is one of them, though not neccesarily the one that has the story I've explained to you in it...gah.

2009-10-24 [arthemis_]: Lol, our Sinterklaas (which is just Dutch for Santa Claus) is very simular to Santa Claus, except for a few weird changes. We do not celebrate it with Christmas, but at the 5th or 6th of December. We proclaim then that it's Sinterklaas his birthday and that he comes every year from Spain to celebrate his birthday here and give out presents then. The original guy where this whole thing is based on, however, is originated from Turkey, where he put money in the drying socks of the poor. And the 5th not even the 6th was his birthday, no, Saint Nicolas died that day. Anyways... Striking difference, besides the date, is that we put our shoes under the chimney, instead of the socks and we believe that the guy arrives on a white horse which magically can climb our roofs and put enormous amounts of presents through our small chimneys... Who the hell has a fireplace anyway these days :P

P.S. I think you mean David Sedaris :D I looked it up on Wiki :D

2009-10-24 [Nioniel]: YES!! David Sedaris.
I can't believe that one escaped my connection is so slow here, it takes about 8 years to open another window and actually google things. Erm...we're getting away from the "poetry" theme a bit much here though...for some reason, your poem reminded me of a you write those as well? *amends*

2009-10-24 [arthemis_]: Ehm.. no... I don't think so :P

2009-10-24 [Alexi Ice]: Please move chatter to a PM. Thank you.

2009-10-24 [Mortified Penguin]: Or Bob's Diner if you prefer.

2009-10-25 [arthemis_]: Sorry

2009-11-04 [Alexi Ice]: I must happily say GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!

2009-11-04 [Evolution X]: Thank you ^_^ Yes, good luck everyone

2009-11-12 [Kaimee]: I must admit I love entry #8 ;)

2014-11-08 [Mortified Penguin]: But did you ever notice in it that Mort was the only one not wearing a mask? *nods wisely and drunkenly, spilling his wine all over [Nioniel]'s nice new shirt in the process*

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