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Elftown Halloween Competitions


This contest is CLOSED for 2010!
Deadline: 31st October 2010


How to post your entry:
Add your poem after the last one that has been already posted. Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag. Don't forget to write your username and the title of the entry:

1. <b>"Title"</b>


Written by [insert user name]


Theme: - Halloween! That's enough of a theme, right?

Rules: - can be found at Halloween Poetry Competition - read them first!

Entries that do not fit the theme will be disqualified!


1. "Horror's Cold Smile"

I watched the mortal from afar and began.
The night grew brisk, my heart skipped.
I seen the clouds thicken my magic aflow.
My eyes dashed, my palms filled with sweat.
I sent my shadows a muck darting about.
Muscles tightened in my thighs, my jaw clinched.
I drew my hand back as these claws flex.
There it comes from the corners, was it a blur?
I breathed an airless breath, my focus perfect.
Any moment it would strike, like lightning in the night.
I raised my hand at last and took the final stroke.
The beast jumped from the brush right infront of me.
I watched as the mortal ran, my furry fiend stood still.
Dear god it was horrifing, my feet fleeted me away.
I brushed my pet, my rabbit and grinned... Happy Halloween.

Written by [EmeraldGrizzly]

2. One Day A Year I Can Be Me

Halloween is never on October 31 for me;
it is on every day but.
These t-shirts and jeans are just not me,
but they are the preferred costume
for my day-to-day life.

See this witch's hat above my head?
Feel the silk of this gown I'm wearing?
"Great costume!" I get told on Halloween day.
This is not a costume,
this is me.

"Happy Halloween!" you all say.
Happy Halloween indeed.

Written by [Leb]

3. "The First Halloween"

In the night I lay cold as stone
What happened to me still no one knows
Time itself holds a grudge against me
Through the years I am now forgotten

It was a Hallow's Eve night when life stood quiet
So frozen they were as monsters stepped from darkness
It was a twilight so merry until shadows wished to play
I was the only one who fear could not sway

I did my best, I did all I could
To fight against the terrible creatures who thought us game
Souls were wrenched from bodies, giving immortality to vicious fiends
Humans dashed, humans fled

I gave my only life for them, I did
Offered my soul to the evil itself
And now I lay as bones beneath this dirt
Within a town no one even knows

Memories of the horror are in ruins
Centuries go by as stories change
My existence is no more than a simple rumor,
A simple fairy tale.

Written by [Avalyn Bastian]

4. "Halloween After Hours"

The night stands still, the air hangs thick
Well after the trick or treaters have retired with their bags of candy
The street lights go out
Long rested souls flood into the street
Witches drag their cauldrons to meet each other
Vampires descend upon their many victims
Drawing the sweet blood of halloween stragglers
Goblins and ghouls dance in happiness
Rejoicing in a night that's all their own
They dance, and prey, and pounce with glee
For an entire night, they are free
The town is theirs
As are the streets
And any misguided feet
That wanders across their broken path
Grounds filled with leaves and bones
Air is thick with saddened woes
As the night comes to an end
And another year of lonliness they shall spend

Written by [MyAlterEgo]

5. "The Witch that comes every other Halloween!!!"

Tonight is the night
when people come out
dressed up as witches and misses

They all walk up if they dare just to meet
Nenta Nary Nandy
who is always giving candy

Her house is old and moldy
and smells like witches brew
she always giving something
that smells like mostly ewww

Her face is green
and looks so mean
and warts that looks like beans

Her socks are stripped
and colors of green and blue
and smells like brunten stew

If she asks you if want some coffin cake
or if it was easy make
say you already have some baked
and it was a “piece of cake”!

This woman will not haunt you
but she still may taunt you

If you mess with her
you will turn into morue
and she will make stew out of you

For she always comes every other Halloween
to take souls of the teens so pranky!
So next year she can take another brake!!!

Written by [Anglebear]

6. "The Queen"

Hush! Be quiet, can you listen?
Hear the cries of the terror stricken!
A darkness comes, she getting nearer,
This crisp, cool night is getting clearer.

The leaves shall fall, they fear her might,
For this is their Mistress of the night.
All the monsters will howl for their Queen.
For she is the ruler of this Halloween.

Written by [Lirerial]

7. "A Poem"

Wind, icy wind, howled darkly,
Kicked rusted leaves across dead lawns
And into streets dark as oil in the night,
Sans the bobbing, scattered beams of light.

Tiny feet and cloven feet, and
Wheels and slippers and fins
Tromped and pranced and found their way
To illuminated doorsteps without delay.

"Trick-or-Treat!" so many say
While outstretched hands wait to receive
Tricks, not treats, on this, All Hallows Eve.

Written by [Nioniel]

8. "Vampire Wedding"

All was dark and quiet and cold,
The night I rose from the ground.
Many years have passed,
And dead I remain.
A man I met soon after arising,
He showed me how to live dead.
Soul-less we are;
We living dead
Who live through death and blood.
Tonight mirrors my first;
All dark and quiet and cold.
I would have it no other way;
For tonight we bind ourselves
Together for all eternity.
The music starts, my eyes light;
If I had a pulse, it would race.
I come into view,
Dressed in white with a flowing train
Holding flowers of black and red.
I glide near to him,
So handsome in black.
His eyes smile at me,
As he lifts my veil;
He slides a ring onto my cold finger,
And I say the words "I do".
Bound we are,
From now 'till Judgment Day.

Written by [haldirrox]

9. "The creatures"

The creatures at night
They crawl and creep and slither
Through night and brush they gather
They scream and cry and holler
These creatures are so scary
Every year they frighten me
I swoon and play and make a show
Away with my candy they will go
A hidden smile shared with the creatures keepers
While watching those little creatures
My own hidden in the fray
In a dragon costume he does play
This hallows eve doth wane away.

Written by [Alexi Ice]

10. "They Toilet Papered Me Again?!"

The Monsters are coming out,
They're starting to sing and shout,
Out from the hallowed fells,
All speaking fearsome spells.
They're marching through the streets,
Begging for little treats-
The witches and princesses and queens,
They're making such god-awful scenes.
They're coming out to your homes,
Past all your protective gnomes...

Turn out the light.
Lock your door that night.
Pull close the drapes and blind.
They're an awful mess,
I must confess,
Standing at 3 foot nine.

They'll take what they can,
I'm not a big fan,
Just like the guy next door.
They'll take your stack,
Put it in a sack,
And leave you feeling sore.
I say put up a fight,
They don't have a right,
To suck candy like a sieve.
I'll stand by the hose,
And take that kid in the nose,
All on Hallows Eve.

Written by [Pillowthief]

11. "Master de Halloween"

Into the darkness I shall fly.
As the full moon shines in the sky.
I see the kids just like the rest.
Wearing costumes they think are best.
With their bags now full with candy.
Those little ones are sweet and dandy.
I watch from the sky as the night gets old.
As the teenagers are getting slightly bold.
They stay up late.
Enjoying my date.
Then the adults who think they are brave.
Now those are the ones who are really naive.
But if they could only see.
The real looking me.
But they would need to travel in between.
For I am the one and only Halloween.
The Master of Screams.
The bringer of horrifc dreams.
The one and only Master of Terror.
The absolute almighty bearer.
The one you have never seen.
Master De Halloween.

Written by [Koho Ai]

12. "That is Halloween"

Night falls and covers the ground
Making humans jump at every sound.
From the darkness and the earth
Each creature is rebirthed
And again the wind howls
After the werewolves growl.
From the grave are the undead knaves:
The zombies, litches and vampires spawning in waves…
All of these creatures make their way just pushing and shoving
Until they reach the summoning coven
Where the witches greet them with open arms.
The creepy backgrounds are the warlock’s farms
Of goblins and ghouls
That create empty nulls.
And for the month we find strange events
That fascinate us as they’re spent.

Written by [wicked fae mage]

13. "Ghostly Call"

Deep in the night
I hear your call
Your howl
Your beckon
It is too dark
I cannot see
Which way to go?
Oh call to me!

Deep in the night
I hear your call
Your howl, your beckoning
I call out to thee,
Come find me!
But nothing appears
Nothing reaches out to me

Deep in the night I hear you call to me.

Lost I am
I cannot find thee.
Alone I remain
In the dark
Deep in the night

    I still can hear you
       Calling to me.

Written by [Cillamoon]

14. "Elftown Is Great, I Ain't Lyin'!"

Entrance so large, I have to stop and wait.
Leaves you wondering who could head a town so great.
Fireflies dance, ever so sweet. They are quite good...
To eat. (at Bob's Diner)
Onward, I go. Past the gates of silver. Fire rages on, each building is aflame.
Wonder who. Who could be to blame?
Now, the sky grows bright, giving new sight.

The sun rose high, providing great light.
In the courts, I see the cause.
There are tracks there. Of a lion's- paws-
So, I wait there. Lions. I'm scared. One of them gnaws!

Another approaches. Must run away!
"Sir, wait!" one starts to say.
Silly me, if I had only seen. These were no lions, it was just Halloween!

I can trust them now. I feel so relieved.
Or at least... so I believed.
I felt better inside. But the lions were hungry
And so I died.

Written by [Mortified Penguin]

15. "Hallow’s Feast"

Trouble brewing,
Bubbling high,
Witches in the nigh’,
Mischief wild,
Demons masked in human flesh,
Claiming souls,
Blood spilt,
Sating thirst of nightly beasts,
Come about for Hallow’s feast,
Hours toll,
Terror pungent,
In the nightly chill,
There comes a hope,
In morning light,
To wait again,
For next Hallow’s eve.

Written by [Ravendust]

16. The veil...

As warm breeze cools and green grows old to shades of red and brown and gold,
When raven waits and Pumkins smile, as children panter all the while;

As air is filled with scent of smoke, and sky is draped in cloudy cloak,
While black cats piercing eyes now peer at things unseen, yet ever near;

As Witches chant and Werewolves Howl, round frightened priest in fearful scowl,
Young ghosts and gouls now fill the streets, to play their tricks and claim their treats; 

Soon all return from haunted trails to hear and tell their chilling tales,
Then brush their teeth and off to bed, now sleep the living like the dead;

One and all rests in contented sigh, as Moon adorns center of the sky,
Deaf are their ears to distant screams, as journey they into their dreams;

For ancestors wot went before, on sacred Night should we adore,
Those whom are now hence evermore for Nights threehundred sixty four;

To otherworld did they all sail, bordered from us by unseen Veil,
Yet Once a year when day is gone, return they here when Veil is drawn;

Full free to see their Family, or perhaps to haunt their enemy,
In days of old fine plates were set, this eve that we may not forget;

And counsel wise did Fathers seek, loved ones from other side to speak,
The Jack O' Lanterns firey growl protected homes from spirits foul;

Then bid we farewell to loved ones dear, as Magickal Night gives way to dawn,
For they must again depart from here before The Veil again is drawn;

So play in joy your goulish gags, and sing your silly songs,
Dress yourself in spooky rags, and bring your friends along,

Feast in glee on sweets and treats, and chill your bones in fright,
And may we never again forget, Why celebrate we this Night...

Written by [NorthStorm]


17. "This Halloween"

Trick-or-treating I will go,
with my little one in tow.
This Halloween as all the creatures come out,
I will be taking my little one about.
Door to door,
each house wanting more.
On her first Halloween,
she will not be scared of the creatures to be seen.
For she thinks their funny,
masks, costumes, and even the mummy.
Laughter is the only thing she does
at the creatures abuzz.
Candy and happiness,
instead of shock, horror and ghastliness.

Written by [Sakuya]

18. A Sleepless Halloween Night

Disembodied whispers in your ear
Ghastly shadows causing fear

A chilling breeze flows through your bones.
There’s that sinking feeling you’re not alone.

Lying motionless in your bed
Heart pumping full of dread

Darkness lingers through the endless night.
The skeleton inside you full of fright

Dare not move, dare not look;
Praying for your Holy book

Wanting to scream, wanting to cry;
Feeling like you’re going to die

Specters, phantoms, and things unseen;
Just be thankful it’s only Halloween.

Written by [KLGourley]

19. Misadventures in Trick-or-Treating

In a city of sirens,
one wonders which houses are safe
to demand candy from.

Trick-or-treating is no longer a neighborhood activity,
for we all know that the neighbors are crazy,
so we drive around.

Houses decked out for Halloween
are like lighthouses for ships in a harbor.
The people that live there must care.

Next to a house decked out for Halloween
is a house decked out for Christmas.
Is it a trick or will they offer a treat?

Written by [Leb]

20. Where Danger Looms

When the darkness falls and danger looms,
werewolves howl at shiny moons
Dogs run scared and bats take flight,
flying off to the still of night
You're walking down deserted streets,
not knowing yet the things you'll meet
Whispers echo from every door,
begging you to come no more
Footsteps heard on the steps of stairs,
taunting you with stench filled air
You start to run, you try to escape,
your heart and breaths just can't keep pace

You run through the streets, screaming in fright,
but no one hears you this Halloween night
Then suddenly, through the mist filled air,
a shape appears with long grey hair
A woman with a crystal ball,
where lightening flashes through it all
Beckoning with her toothless grin,
"Come closer now and look within
A tiny movement, a careless act,
will take you where you can't come back."
But the beauty of the ball wins out,
you move closer now with stinging doubts
Forgetting the danger you look inside,
revealing the secrets it strains to hide

The paperboys scream "Man found dead"
working all day, their feet like lead
The woman listens with a knowing grin,
the secret she holds close within
Waiting for the next full moon,
she walks the streets where danger looms
Humming a song no one can hear,
she clutches a ball she holds so dear.

Written by: [IceFae]

21. Once every year...

I saw an apple red
It laid there beside my bed
I wondered who it would be
who'd mess like this with my head

Something did knock knock on my door
I stayed silent standing on my cold floor
wished it'd go away
but it knock knock knock only more

"Come out, come out,
don't make me shout!"
"Were you the one who gave apple
for my mouth?"

The air held still
"I promise, I will...!"
A knock knock sound!
And a breeze of chill

I trembled in fear, walked toward chilly air
"What is happening? This is not fair!
Why would a creature of night come here?"
Knock knock! But nothing was there

"Do not fear, love, for once a year
I'll come to see you, and will be here
When pumpkins smile and candles burn bright
I'll bring a red apple, for you, my dear"

I do not know should I scream, should I cry
I have an admirer from the grave! Oh my, oh my
At least I see him only once a year
but at this age, the time, it will fly

And so this is the way things have been
my admirer is lovely, he is so keen
And once a year we see each other and kiss and say
"Darling, Happy Halloween!"

Written by [MisLuck]

Go read the original one from my diary, I had to shorten it as noticed the line limit for the competition. It took some of the storyline away.


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2010-11-08 [haldirrox]: Does anyone know when the judging should be done?

2010-11-09 [NorthStorm]: *Laughz* The council, like us, have lives. I am confident that they will release their decision at their earliest convenience. I thoroughly enjoyed your entry, haldirrox. 

2010-11-09 [haldirrox]: K. I know they've got lives. I was just wondering. And thanks, btw. ^_^ I thought I'd try to do something different.

2010-11-09 [SilverFire]: The winners will be announced along with the winners of the other Halloween competitions (so tell your friends to vote in the art poll on Main Street :p)

2010-11-10 [NorthStorm]: Hey guys. Vote in the art poll on main street. =p No, seriously though, we'll tell em.

2010-11-10 [Alexi Ice]: Haldirrox - It takes a while to get enough votes in order to determine a winner <3 Don't worry. It won't be too long now.

2010-11-10 [Lothuriel]: If you'd like to have a chance to vote in official competitions, apply to become a member of the Assembly

2010-11-10 [haldirrox]: kk. Thanks, all. I'm just anxious, is all. ^_^

2010-11-15 [EmeraldGrizzly]: When do you think the results will be in please?

2010-11-15 [Lothuriel]: Read the comments above.

2010-11-16 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Ah, forgive me. Thank you. :)

2010-11-16 [Lothuriel]: Forgive...just this once *evil eye*

2010-11-19 [EmeraldGrizzly]: *cowers in fear and offers a cookie for sparing of own life*

2010-11-19 [MisLuck]: Here comes the cookie monster!

2010-12-31 [haldirrox]: I've been absent a while. Have the results come in yet?

2010-12-31 [Alexi Ice]: Not yet ^^

2010-12-31 [haldirrox]: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. lol.

2010-12-31 [Alexi Ice]: <3 Sowwie!

2010-12-31 [haldirrox]: lol. It's fine! ^_^

2011-01-07 [EmeraldGrizzly]: It's been awhile since i competed in a competition, do the badges slowly gain more color if you participate still?

2011-01-07 [Alexi Ice]: Yes they do, until you have a fully colored badge

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