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Please see the rules on the main page:
Halloween Poetry Competition

This contest is CLOSED!

Halloween Poetry Competition


How to post your entry:
Add your poem after the last one that has been already posted. Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag. Don't forget to write your username and the title of the entry:

1. <b>"Title"</b>
Written by [insert user name]

There is a theme: Halloween

DEADLINE: 10th Nov 2014

Entries that do not fit the theme will be disqualified!


1. Bah! Humbugoween!

Trick or treat? TRICK OR TREAT?!
Be away from my door you despicable beasts!
You mask yourselves and beg at my door
And once you're gone there's always more!
And don't you dare complain about what I give -
It's something for free! Sticky and sweet!
I don't care about your allergies or
That you don't like toffees or sherbert. For
Goodness sake, aren't you old enough by now
To stay at home and not come out
Begging for a morsel that will rot your teeth?
And don't get me started if I run out of treats
And you vandalise my home! How would you like it if
I came to your abode and decided to piss
Through your letterbox?! Not very much!
Now bugger off! Before I call the fuzz!

Written by [CuteCommander]

2. Fear and faith

At home I was alone last night
Sat on the couch frozen with fright
Cat silhouette in the dim light
Pat on the door so very slight

Might be just a little brat
Plight for candy and all that
Despite the pants I nearly shat
Flight to the bedroom, stat

Flat shadow of such a height
Bat ready to swing with might
Clad with a blanket really tight
Gnat in my neck taking a bite

For on this creepy Halloween's day
Door knocks, friend or foe, who's to say
Gore and mayhem to keep at bay
You're best to hide away

Pray from the deepest of your core
Stay awake 'til your eyes are sore
Lay you down and start to snore
May the sun rise in all it's galore

Pour light on lands drenched in grey
Your nightmare is over with a ray
Before you go out on your way
More homage you must pay

To the hallows and martyrs of good faith

Written by [Sunrose]

3. Anticipating Halloween

Tonight we eat delicious pumpkin soup
From the jack-o-lantern right outside
Big evil grin and clenching eyes
Lit with a candle to guide passers-by
Do stop here and ring our bell
For a trick or a treat and perhaps a scare
We're very curious to see at our door
The monsters, witches, ghosts and what not
You've donned yourselves up as this year
It'll be a happy Halloween indeed!

Written by [Sunrose]

4. What Should I Wear?

Though I've been a witch
year after year,
that's not a suitable costume for me.
I'd probably get motion sickness if I tried to fly,
and hats hurt my head,
and I prefer dogs,
not cat.

I'd be a good dog,
acting all excited to see you.
But Halloween is supposed to be about make believe,
and that's what I do,
day-in and day-out.

A vampire costume wouldn't suit me, either.
Blood makes me want to faint.

A ghost would not be a fitting costume for me.
I wouldn't be a loss,
so there'd be no one to haunt.

I can't wear a couple's costume
since no one has taken up that job.

I am as round as a pumpkin,
and if I got a spray tan,
I could be that orange, too.

What does it matter what I wear?
Nobody cares.

Written by [Leb]


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2014-10-02 [CuteCommander]: My daft and poorly written entry has been submitted!

2014-10-02 [Nioniel]: Huzzah for the first entry! :3

2014-10-03 [Sunrose]: That was fast!

2014-10-04 [Ravendust]: <3

2014-10-04 [CuteCommander]: I like to get in before the queues

2014-10-10 [Sunrose]: I'm waiting for Mort to enter..

2014-10-12 [Nioniel]: Yay, a second entry! :)

2014-10-12 [Ravendust]: Its officially a competition now ;)

2014-10-12 [Sunrose]: Haha good observation x)

2014-10-13 [Ravendust]: why make yourself entry number 2 twice? ;)

2014-10-13 [Sunrose]: It was late.. :P

2014-10-14 [Mortified Penguin]: I dunno, man. Tough theme this year.

2014-11-07 [Ravendust]: 3 more days, time to get those last minute entries up! ;)

2014-11-11 [CuteCommander]: Only 4 entries, tough!

2014-11-12 [Ravendust]: makes me sad, even *accidentally* left the contest open; no focus to see when exactly [Nioniel] closed it for sure, but much appreciated! <3 Spent my day outside doing other stuff, only just now opening my computer and getting to stuff.

2014-11-12 [Nioniel]: Around 5 a.m. the 11th ET time. :P

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