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Halloween Safety Tips



Halloween. One of the best times of year for you and your family. Remember to keep your GSD safe in all the excitment though.

Keep your GSD away from all sweets and chocolate. I don't think I need to explain by now what it can do. If your pet has eaten any of these contact your vet immediately if you see these symptoms; vomiting, sore abdomen, excessive thirst, excitability, drooling, low heart rate and convulsions.

Unfamiliar sights (costumes) and sounds (fireworks, bonfires) can lead to nervous reactions such as cowering, frenzy and possible aggression. Take your GSD for a walk earlier in the day, it may mean that he/she has less energy in the evening to be aggressive to trick and treaters.

Provide a safe, quiet retreat for your GSD to go so he/she is not or less exposed to trick and treaters. Make sure he/she has his/her favrourite chews toys/blanket.

Do not let your family members or friends give him/her attention whilst in costume. He/She may not recognise them and might attack them.

Do not force your dog to wear a costume if he/she doesn't want to and do not cover up his/her key areas; eyes, ears, mouth and nose.


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