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2004-11-06 21:31:06
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Happy Events here!!!



1. [Gone Travelling] A very long tiring day resulted in revelation. Risks are needed to be taken to achieve any kind of result desired.

1. [Gone Travelling] Whoop! I'm going to a Sugarcult gig on the 2nd of October! Wheee! Can't wait, should be great!
2. [Blue Highway] I'm home sick...which is good news actually. I desparately needed a break, but I never allowed myself to have one, hehe!! Now my collegue said I looked like a ghost, told me to stay home till after the weekend! Not a bad idea... *yawn* :D


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2004-07-19 [a clockwork orange]: tzatziki?? where did you find it??? =@_@=

2004-07-19 [Blue Highway]: I looove Tzatziki! Have my own special recipe!

2004-07-19 [a clockwork orange]: one moment!! till now i thought that tzatziki is eaten only in Greece!!! but i am glad to hear that it is eaten in other countries too!!! Whee! the POWER of TZATZIKI!!!! hehee!

2004-07-19 [Blue Highway]: New wiki? Tzatziki-lovers-united??

2004-07-19 [a clockwork orange]: hahaha!!! why not?? Tzatziki Rules!!!

2004-07-19 [Blue Highway]: D'you think there IS a cooking-wiki? With recipes and all?

2004-07-19 [a clockwork orange]: i think there is NOT! i never saw sth like that!

2004-07-19 [a clockwork orange]: i saw your son's drawing! give him congrats from me!=^_-=

2004-07-23 [Blue Highway]: [Gone Travelling], you had STORMY weather yesterday??

2004-07-23 [Gone Travelling]: yeah, it was quite bad, really unexpected too. there was flooding in some areas >.<"

2004-07-23 [Blue Highway]: Really? We had the most beautiful weather in the world. But last week we had this storm. 19 ppl got injured. There was even a sandstorm going on round my apt. !

2004-07-23 [Gone Travelling]: Scary! I don't like being out when it's storming - just lucky i was in when it started >.<" I dont mind the rain however, it's refreshing, plus wet t-shirts are sexy! =^.^= I dont think anyone got injured, but there was some minor flooding a few miles from here... Luckily i live on a hill ^.^

2004-07-23 [Blue Highway]: I kind of like extreme weather. As it says in my description: when (if...) I grow up I want to be a storm chaser! I've always wanted that, comes from long before they released the 'Twister' movie. But you may keep the rain, thank you... I don't really look all THAT good in a wet t-shirt :D

2004-07-23 [Gone Travelling]: hehe. *dances in the rain that isn't falling* O.o"

2004-07-23 [Blue Highway]: Heyyy! Rain-dancer! Will you stop that. Try a SUNDANCE! I had enough of that wet stuff these last couple of days!

2004-07-23 [Gone Travelling]: But the sun isn't as much fun! I'll do a sundance tomorrow! =^.^= *splash*

2004-07-25 [Blue Highway]: Sorry...made no entry on Happy Event of the Day yesterday. Needed to be 'cheered up' myself. Please, don't comment on this one...feel stupid, have to deal with it first...I'm sure that SOMETHING good is gonna happen today!

2004-07-27 [Blue Highway]: [a clockwork orange], one day, long ago, I touched Jim Morrisons GRAVE on Père Lachaise...he's been haunting me ever since...WOOHAHAHAA..!!

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