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2008-09-08 15:34:03
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The Legend Begins...


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Happy Hero: Issue #1

All artwork and storyline contained on these pages is copyright to Matt "Evilmonk" Likness and EvilmonkStudios 2006. Duh. No unauthorized reproduction ,with or without monetary gain, is permissable without first having express consent by the owner. No stealing, assholes. Thanks! ;D

Visit the official home of Happy Hero by clicking here- The Official Elftown Hero. Come get banners and wait for other things, that might or might not get added in the future, while waiting for Issue #1!!!!

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2006-10-29 [Canvas Confessions]: >.> Scary comic... =.= happy hero looks too much like Gluttony from FMA... *twitch*

2006-10-29 [Calico Tiger]: If Gluttony had a big yellow smiley face for a head and was ripped like a psycho muscle-builder instead of a big fat guy :P

2006-10-29 [Perplexity]: Happy looks about as much like Gluttony as Rush Limbaugh does. Well, no... actually Rush looks a lot more like Gluttony...

2006-10-29 [Lothuriel]: Yeah, I'm not seein' it. Considering Gluttony is a big fat bald idiot.

2006-10-29 [Perplexity]: And Happy is simply a big, bald idiot. I mean it's apples and oranges, people!

2006-10-29 [Lothuriel]: ...or grapes and bannanas.

2006-10-29 [Perplexity]: Now I am just getting hungry. I need fruit!

2006-10-29 [Lothuriel]: Haha!! My evil plan is unfolding!

2007-04-21 [sky fox]: have i gone so long on elftown without finding this wiki!? gods bless happy hero!

2007-04-22 [Perplexity]: Wow - ALL the gods bless Happy! =D

2007-05-11 [Company Awesome]: By far the most down-right hysterical comic I've seen on elftown. Even LoPan from Big Trouble In Little China was included. Pure Genius.

2007-10-25 [Rennaisance Tiger King]: You can never hate something with Lo-Pan in it.

2007-10-28 [Perplexity]: Without the risk of death.

2007-10-28 [Calico Tiger]: Or at least without the risk of him pointing very bony hands at you and saying "You are not here to 'hate it', Mr. Fucktard". Or mebbe feeling you up.

2007-10-31 [Elisha Kelly]: hmmm being felt up by lopan an interesting concept...

2007-10-31 [Perplexity]: Not likely to happen unless you are a girl with green eyes. I hear he has a bit of a fetish.

2007-11-21 [Elisha Kelly]: my mum better watch out then.

2007-12-28 [m.e.s]: kick ass
no more words needed

2008-09-08 [Hedda]: Same here... img600 would be nice.

2008-09-08 [Hedda]: Eh... I just change it, and then you can spank me if you don't want it <img:stuff/Br23-gif.gif>

2010-09-30 [Olwen]: ahah :D funny comic!

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