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Happy Bunnies United


Welcome, all happy people!


1. You must be a happy person, and share your love with others!
2. If you are NOT happy, you must have an open mind, and let us try to brighten up your day!


[Gone Travelling]
[a clockwork orange]
[Blue Highway]


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Do you ever find that...

...people aren't that happy anymore?'re the only one smiling
...bunnies are just the cutest?? ^.^

Talk about it here!!


A wiki dedicated to making you a happy bunny...

...Come here with your problems and we'll make that smile re-appear
Through loving words of the Beatles,
I'll tell you what we can do for you!
If there's anything that you want
If there's anything I can do
Just call on me, and i'll send it along
With love from me to you


Happy Event of the Day

Share your happiness with everyone! Or hop in, and let our happiness brighten up your day!!


Site under Construction
Any help apprieciated =^.^=

For more BANNERS go to HBU banners!!!! Wheeee!!!!


Important: As you can see this wiki has no password protecting it, so feel free to contribute in your own way, but us bunnies will not be happy if someone ruins the wiki.
Thankyou, [Gone Travelling] =^.^= *hug*

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2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: ok!!! =^_^= *hug* *kiss*

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: I'm back ^.^

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! =^_^=

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: you know what makes me happy.... CAKE! heehee

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: yeah!!! CAKE!! A HUGE ONE!!!! heehee!!!

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: with cream, and cherries =^.-=

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: YEAH!!! CAKE!!!! CAKE!!!! CAKE!!!! GIVE IT TO MEEEEEE!!!!!!!! MEOW!!! =^_^=

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: *gives [a clockwork orange] the cake she just made magically appear, with cream and cherries* heehee meow! =^.^=

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: thank you,[Gone Travelling]!!!!! Wheee!!!! CAKE!!!! heehee!!! *gives a HUGE hug to [Gone Travelling]*

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: *returns the huge hug from [a clockwork orange]*

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: hehehe!!! thank you,[Gone Travelling]!!!! i like hugs!!! =^_^=

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: you're very welcome... me too =^.^=

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: heehee!so, you can join huggers united wiki!!!!

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: oooo, there's a huggers united wiki??

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: yeah!!! and i am a member!!!!!!!wheee!!!!

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: =^.^= i'll go join... heehee

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: yeah!!!!! they have very nice banner too!!!!!!!!!

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: ooo yeah! *HUGE hug*

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: *


hug in return* =^_^=

2004-07-20 [Piccolo Sorcio]: Hi you 2... My mom sais Hi too :o)

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: ok!! HI!!! say 'HI!!' to your mom!!!! and give a huge hug!!!!=^_-=

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: Hi to both of you ^.^ heehee =*

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: heehee!!! *hug & kiss* i didn't know that you know how to play a guitar,don't you????

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: I'm working on it >.<"

2004-07-20 [Er0s]: hi everbody, I like guitars padloq. =^_^=

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: i want to learn to play guitar & i have one but it's complicated!!! =*_*"=

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: Hey [Er0s] ... do you play the guitar?

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: [a clockwork orange] yeah, it's hard for me because i have really short fingers and it's difficult for me to change note and play chords that are seperated out

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: i completly understand you cuz i have the same problem...!!! =^_^= heehee!!

2004-07-20 [Er0s]: I try, I have long fingers but no time, I put martail arts frist. and need some more guitar strings

2004-07-20 [Er0s]: huggy everybody, =^_^=

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: we hug you too!!!!!!=^_^=

2004-07-20 [Er0s]: yeah!!!

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: *huggles* [Er0s] and [a clockwork orange] =^.^= prrr...reow

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: thanks [Gone Travelling]!!!=^_^= heehee!!! did you see we have new members!!!!!Wheeeee!!!!

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: i will try to decorate this wiki!!!! so it will become more attractive!!!!

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: Aiiiiii! new members!!! =^.^= *jumps up and down* ... the middle finger on my left hand is hurting - i've been playing for a couple of hours now and it's getting sore >.<"

2004-07-20 [Er0s]: I played sometimes I think the I never be able to touch anything again

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: heeheee!!!! =^_^= i hope it will get well soon!!!!=>.<=

2004-07-20 [Er0s]: padloq hop your finger gets better too!

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: I'm sure it will ^.^ ... did i hear something about an attractive wiki ^.^ ooooo, you spoil me *grin*

2004-07-20 [Er0s]: your fingers will harden over time.

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: Only if i practice a lot... I tend to go through phases with my guitar, i pick it up and play it, and i'll play it for a long time and then all of a sudden i just wont anymore >.< *poor unloved guitar*

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: But it is loved at the moment, so it's ok ~^.^~

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: i do this too! not only with guitar!!! i do it with drawing,poetry,reading etc.!!!! =^_^=

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: hehe, you're right, i can think of several other things i do it with --> drawing, reading... ELFTOWN *SHOCK *HORROR* but that was only because i had no friends... whereas i have friends now =^.^= *gives out huggles*

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: yeah! friends!!! and we all love you!!! *hug&kiss*

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: awwwww *.*' *hug&kiss back*

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: wheeee!!!!! =^_^=

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: Anybody here like real rock? Like Cream, Led Zepplin, Deep Purple, The Ramones, The Who??? etc...

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: YEAH!!!!!!!! MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Led Zepplin, Deep Purple, The Ramones RULE!!!!

2004-07-20 [Er0s]: I like heavy stuff like the doors. they are the GREATEST!!!

2004-07-20 [Gone Travelling]: Yayy!!! I'm kinda attatched to 'smoke on the water' by Deep Purple =^.^= Anyway i g2g for tonight... will see you tomorrow *hug&kiss* =^.^= meow!

2004-07-20 [Er0s]: I like 'smoke on the water' cuz I can play it on gutiar

2004-07-20 [a clockwork orange]: ok! Padloq! Good Night!!(here is night) SEE YOU!!!

2004-07-20 [Er0s]: nght kitty

2004-07-20 [prisoner#81378]: MORE BUNNIES!!!! Happy bunnieeees!

2004-07-20 [Yuriona]: You mean there are people out there under 20 who know who Led Zepplin and Deep Purple are?? Impressive... don't forget Rush, KISS and Van Halen. I guess you happy bunnies are all right then...

2004-07-21 [Perplexity]: If yer happy and you know it... come on, sing with me. 

2004-07-21 [WestFactor]: Best of luck to zee happy wiki...

2004-07-21 [Jeccabee]: ...clap your hands! *clap clap* lol

2004-07-21 [Dark Wizard]: *gets his gun and start loading it!*

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: why?? no gun!! plz!!!

2004-07-21 [Dark Wizard]: aaaawwwwwww come on!

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! save the BUNNIES!!!!!

2004-07-21 [Dark Wizard]:

Fee Fae Fo Fum!!!!!!!!!

2004-07-21 [Dark Wizard]: I am a Bunny!

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: heehee!!! are you?? so why don't you put your name on the HBU members list???=^_^=

2004-07-21 [Dark Wizard]: *looks around* hey look behind you a evil bunny killing the other good and happy bunnies*

2004-07-21 [Dark Wizard]: *runs away*

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: *run to save the bunnies & punish the killer*

2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: WOW! Purtyness =^.^= Thankyou [Ankh] *hug*

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: Special Thanks to [Ankh] for making this wiki better!!!!!!! WHEEEE!!!!! *hug* =^_^=

2004-07-21 [Ankh]: ummm...... Thanks.......

2004-07-21 [Ankh]: I just made the banners, members and links look the same..... Hope thats ok

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: yeah! it's ok!!!! we all appreciate your work!!!!! =^_^=

2004-07-21 [Blue Highway]: Wheee! I just got out of bed, and the wiki has a new outfit!! What a nice way to wake up! Thanxx, [Ankh]!

2004-07-21 [Ankh]: um.... Your welcome

2004-07-21 [Malnu]: **in walks the Royal Rabbit Assassin** hmm... a happy bunny hole huh? No torture chambers that I can see...**looks around** can it be a happy bunny hole with no torture?

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: we are GOOD bunnies!!! we don't torture ppl!!! =^_^= heehee!!!!

2004-07-21 [Malnu]: hmm....**heads back to his bunny-hole** Just don't feel right without hearing the screams of the tortured souls of [Yuriona]'s Victims.

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]:

2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: hmmm, how strange @.@"

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: [Gone Travelling] i will upload new banner in 10 minutes!!!! i think you will like it!!!! =^_^=

2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: Okies =^.^= Aiiiiii! newness! heehee

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: heehee!!!!! =^_^= this one is awesome!!

2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: =^.^= i'm sure it is

2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: @.@() I'm trying to master, 'Substitute' by the Who, it's such a nice song ^.^ but it's killing my fingers >.<"

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: hehee!!! be careful!!!=^_^= give a rest to your fingers!!!! =^_-=

2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: hehe - i will, at lunch time ^.^

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: heehee!!! NEW BANNER!!! NEW BANNER!!!!

2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: Aiiiiiiiii! That's awsome! It's going in my house =^.^= *huggle*

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: i put it in my house too!!!! *HUGY*

2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: heehee =^.^= bunny bunny bunny bunny!

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: hehehe!!!


2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: argh! I'm not a happy bunny!!! >.< grrr!

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: Why????

2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: I just got a call of my phone network and they talked a load of nonsense giving me a headache, and at the end of the call i find out that they've managed to get me to go on a random tarriff where i get random calls free if i'm at home, blah blah blah - he was annoying and gave me a headache and now i've got this thing on my phone >.<"

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: ooh!! poor bunny!!!! let me give you a magic hug so your headache will stop!!! *HUGE MAGIC HUG*

2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: ^.^ thankyou, my headache has gone *hugs back* grr... i'm not answering next time

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: no,you had not to answer!!! =^_^=

2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: *.* meow

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: meow meow meow meow!!!!! lalalala!!! =^_^=

2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: hmmm, i dont know what to do... It's my friends birthday today, and a group of us are going out tonight on the town... thing is, i don't particulary like alcohol because it makes me uncomfortable, and not drinking tonight means i'll be babysitting the rest of them. My friend also mentioned going to some clubs, when i know i wont get in, and i just detest clubbing, because of the bad music, the alcohol and the intimidating people...

2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: I want her to have a good night, but i can't not go with her... I thought maybe persuading her the group to go see a movie or something would be good, but i mentioned it to her and she doesn't seem swayed *sniffle* this is getting me down

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: [Gone Travelling], i think that we are soulmates cuz i dislike clubs & alcohol too!!! while i was reading what you wrote i was thinking that i wrote it!! lol i think that you should go and stay with them till you get tired...

2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: heehee... it's possible =^.-= thing is... i doubt that any of us will get in because we are all underage and won't have any id with us. Plus there'll be scary drunk men in the clubs and around town *whimper* because our town has sooooo many clubs in it, i don't think you could go a street without seeing one

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: oooh! so.... GO freely & HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!! =^_-=

2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: *whimper* i'll go, but we'll have to see about that good time thingy

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: i am sure that you will have a really GOOD TIME!!!=^_-=

2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: Blergh... my head hurts >.< I'm going now... probably won't be on till tomorrow... will let you know what happened then =^.^= *huggle*

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: ok!!! SEE YOU!!! HAVE A NICE TIME!!!! =^_^= *HUGGY*

2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: Don't you think that having a nap is one of the best things in the world?? =^.^= ---> i do ...

2004-07-21 [a clockwork orange]: YEAH!!!!!!! NAP!NAP!NAP!!!!!=^_^=

2004-07-21 [Gone Travelling]: hmmm, just had a really nice nap =^.^= <--- it got rid of my headache, even if i'm all disoriented and dosy now... heehee

2004-07-21 [prisoner#81378]: heheheheheeeee......happy bunnies, and I run the debaucherous bunnies.....;)

2004-07-22 [Gone Travelling]: Eeeeee! There's a storm here, and it's scary!!! It's only a couple of miles away, and i think moving closer *.*"

2004-07-22 [a clockwork orange]: AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! DON'T PANIC!!!! BUNNIES will SAVE you!!!!! WHEEEEE!!!! Bunny- Army, stand still!!!! we Must save our CUTE BUNNY FRIEND!!!!!

2004-07-22 [Gone Travelling]: heehee... i hope the power doesn't cut out >.<"

2004-07-22 [a clockwork orange]: WE WILL NOT LET IT TO CUT OUT!!!!!!! wheee!!!! =^_^=

2004-07-22 [Gone Travelling]: heehee =^.^= Yay i am saved by the BUNNY ARMY aiii!

2004-07-22 [a clockwork orange]: Wheeeeeee!!!!!! lalalalaaaaaaaaa!!!! i am mad today!!

2004-07-22 [Er0s]: I gave kitty a big hug on the way over here. hehe

2004-07-22 [Er0s]: Meeooowww!!!!! =^_^= I am so happy today does anyone want a huggie?

2004-07-22 [a clockwork orange]: silence......and suddenly from the shadow come out a bunny and bolt on you to give you a huggy!!!!!!!!

2004-07-22 [a clockwork orange]: bolt=rush

2004-07-22 [Er0s]: yeah!!! bunny bunny ribbit. hehe

2004-07-22 [a clockwork orange]: lalalalalala!!!!!

2004-07-22 [Er0s]: bunny ribbits see kitty? hugs elfcat picks her up off her feet while doing it. and then puts her on his shoulders and dances around

2004-07-22 [Gone Travelling]: *biting the bullet* argh! this is scary! I'm practically telling this guy i love him. I don't know what he's gonna say... It feels like he's playing along with me, like he wants me to say it out, but it's scary! :'( i wanna cry!!!

2004-07-22 [a clockwork orange]: ooh! poor bunny!!! don't cry!!! we will think together bout a solution!!!

2004-07-22 [Er0s]: poor padloq. I try to help you too!!!!

2004-07-22 [Gone Travelling]: the tears are there, but not coming out... not yet... i hurt him a while ago, and haven't seen him since, i don't know whether he's forgiven me or not

2004-07-22 [a clockwork orange]: i think he will!!! just talk to him! tell him that you're sorry and what you feel for him!

2004-07-22 [Er0s]: trie not to seem hurt when talking to him. he will just run that is what guys do best. and just ask if he really does love you in stead of just having someone to not feel lonely

2004-07-22 [Gone Travelling]: i just have... and the tears have come, and i can barely see anything cos my eyes are stinging, so sorry for any mistakes i make... he says he doesn't understand what i did wrong and i just told him i miss him

2004-07-22 [a clockwork orange]: he doesn't understand??? so tell him to forget about it!!you did well by telling him you miss him! ask him if he feel the same way as you...

2004-07-22 [Er0s]: yeah what my kitty said. I know how you feel I cried so hard my eyes were on fire when ever I had to wait to get back on the pc so I could talk to my kitty

2004-07-22 [Gone Travelling]: he said, we've only met twice and he could be a right nob for all i know, but i said i like him for who he is, nobiness and all and he smiled =^.^=

2004-07-22 [a clockwork orange]: whee!!! that's good!!! smily!!!=^_^= i think he likes you!!! so don't give up!!! everything will be alright!!!!=^_^=

2004-07-22 [Er0s]: yeah that is a good sign huggy padloq

2004-07-22 [Gone Travelling]: i hope so. he's the best thing that's happened to me in a long time, and i told him so

2004-07-22 [a clockwork orange]: you did well!!! =^_^= i think you will be together!!!! =^_^= *hug*

2004-07-22 [Gone Travelling]: if it wasn't for the distance between us we probably would be =^.^= i think that's part of the problem, but he is one of the nicest lads i've met in ages!!

2004-07-22 [a clockwork orange]: that's wonderful!!!!=^_^= i am sure that you will surmount every distance!!!

2004-07-22 [Gone Travelling]: anybody like HOOBASTANK?

2004-07-22 [a clockwork orange]: i don't know them...! =^_^=

2004-07-22 [Gone Travelling]: :O check them out... as the site loads, on the right hand side there should be a little player at the top with 3 of their songs, they're all good but 'the reason' is the best =^.^= ... check it out

2004-07-22 [a clockwork orange]: i will check it tomorrow cuz i g2g!! so GOOD NIGHT! HAVE A GOOD TIME!!! *hug*

2004-07-22 [Gone Travelling]: good night *hug* i will. have a good sleep =^.^=

2004-07-22 [Er0s]: good night padloq, and good night kitty hug through the night

2004-07-22 [Gone Travelling]: good night [Er0s] *hug*

2004-07-22 [Er0s]: good night big huge padloq

2004-07-23 [Gone Travelling]: Aiiiii! He wants to go on holiday with me =^.^= *bounces around in excitment* I told him i didn't mind where we went hee hee because i would be with him YAY! for the cheesyness!!

2004-07-24 [a clockwork orange]: Wheeeeeeee!!!! Holiday!!! YEAH!!! i've told you that everything will be alright!!!! =^_^=

2004-07-24 [Piccolo Sorcio]: Hi, I love the new page :o) It's so happy :o) :o)

2004-07-24 [a clockwork orange]: hi! =^_^= my friend [Ankh] decorated it!!

2004-07-25 [Er0s]: meow need hugs!!! my work is sooo hard!!! glad I only have to do it on Sunday. kitty huggies.

2004-07-27 [a clockwork orange]: *HUGE HUG*!!! meow!

2004-07-27 [Er0s]: yeah Hmmm..... huggie huggie

2004-08-02 [Blue Highway]: Are you there, [a clockwork orange]? Did you already block me?

2004-08-02 [a clockwork orange]: yes!

2004-08-02 [a clockwork orange]: plz wait 10min cuz i have to eat! thank you! =^_^= write here what happened!ok?

2004-08-02 [Blue Highway]: OK! exiting....:)

2004-08-02 [a clockwork orange]: ok! i am back!! i've just finished my meal! so what happened?

2004-08-02 [Blue Highway]: Nothing, no messages. But I sent YOU one, and maybe you didn't get it! I'll send you another message, I'll just say Beauty of Athens :) If you don't get it within 5 minutes, than de-block me ok?

2004-08-02 [a clockwork orange]: i've just unblocked you!thank you very much!!*hug*=^_^=

2004-08-08 [Raiff]: scary...

2004-08-16 [Er0s]: need you ~Lilith~. hugs you come back soon

2004-09-01 [Gone Travelling]: Meowza! =^.^= SMILE everyone, at least once everyday. And even when you're not happy, smile because i guarantee you'll feel better for it =)

2004-09-01 [a clockwork orange]: YEAH!!!!! smile!!!!

huge smile

2004-09-01 [Gone Travelling]: Yay! hehe. Tingly tummies are always a bonus =^.^=

2004-09-01 [a clockwork orange]: heehee!!!! =^_^= You're absolutly right!!!

2004-09-01 [Gone Travelling]: *big smile* hehe, i can't stop smiling, and giggling because the tingles in my tummy are making me! hehehe!

2004-09-01 [a clockwork orange]: hahaha!!!!!!!!!! i can't laugh too!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!!!

2004-09-01 [Gone Travelling]: isn't it funny how laughing can sometimes make you cry??

2004-09-01 [a clockwork orange]: yeah!!! it happens oftenly to me!!!!!!!!! hahahaha!!!!!!!!!

2004-09-01 [Gone Travelling]: hehe, me too! meow =^.^=

2004-09-01 [a clockwork orange]: hahaha!!!!! laughing makes ppl live longer!!!!!! so i'm immortal??!! =^_^=

2004-09-01 [Gone Travelling]: hehe me too me thinks

2004-09-01 [a clockwork orange]: hehehe!!!!yeah!!!! so go on LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!1

2004-09-02 [Gone Travelling]: Wooot! More members =^.^= Coolio! Back to College today! Eeeeeeeee! Will see my guitarist =) I just have to remember to be myself, hehe, all bouncy and giggly *silly grin*

2004-09-02 [Gone Travelling]: College wasn't bad. I'm such a coward though! I didn't talk to him :( and i really wanted to! :( Made a new friend though. She's in the lower sixth (i'm in upper) but she's nice enough, she doesn't know anybody so it's cool because i can talk to her about my guitarist and she doesn't know =^.^=

2004-09-02 [Gone Travelling]: I'll prolly tell her who he is though... i'm not that mean!

2004-09-16 [Gone Travelling]: *Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy* Lookie! Lots of members! But nobody talks!!! Is everyone too shy? Spread your tales of happiness! =^.^=

2004-11-28 [shitijustgiveup]: happyhappy happy!....but the banners wont work on my page...

2004-12-02 [moira the paradox]: You know what, today was a great day. Everyone ought to be happy and have had a great day!!! *spreads the love by smiling*

2005-02-25 [Death's Die-Ary]:


2005-02-27 [Gone Travelling]: How rude!!!

2005-03-29 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: is this a happy bunny wiki as in jim benton happy bunny or something else?

2005-04-08 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: wow this isn't a very poular page i guess i've been in the same spot for a couple of weeks now...........can some one plz answer my question

2005-04-11 [Gone Travelling]: It's happy bunny, as in, we're all wonderful happy people. I hope that helps :) x

2005-06-07 [Daladís]: Are you guys fluffy or what?

2005-07-12 [clownsies]: huh?

2005-07-19 [fade_out]: i'm fluffy

2005-07-20 [clownsies]: im getting there

2005-09-30 [Slvrdragon7]: oh ... i was thinking jim benton bunnies, like "cute but psycho" ? seems i picked the wrong wiki ... sorry

2005-10-01 [clownsies]: no you got the right one! ^_^ or i just must be mistaken.......O_o

2005-10-04 [DawnUnicorn]: If you love bunnies, come chat and have fun at Rabbit Care ^_^

2007-11-01 [babycheechee]: hi can l please join this wiki and how do you join it

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