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Harlen Kovitz





[The Black Cat in Your Path]


Harlen Kovitz


46 years old




See Picture Above. Stands at about 5'11", weighing approximately 180 pounds. Blonde hair with gray in it, and blue-grey eyes.


Very friendly and warm towards everyone. Has a very fatherly personality about him and likes to take care of everyone. Smart, but stays quiet about his intellect until someone needs it.


Was born and raised in Ohio by Irish immigrant parents, but moved to Washington to go to college for Criminology. Has a PhD in forensic sciences and criminal psychology and now works for the Washington Special Investigative Task Force as the assistant director of forensics and toxicology. Has a wife and three daughters, had a son who unfortunately died of leukemia at age eleven.

Always listens to classical orchestra and symphony music when he works in the lab.


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2012-07-01 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: So what do you guys think of him??? :) *in love with him*

2012-07-01 [Celtore]: I much prefer Ethan more. But I like this guy also.

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