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2008-01-09 18:41:30
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WELCOME ALL to Harry Potter Fan Fiction Contest 2

FANFICTIONS, yes I think we all know what they are- a story using the charecters and settings of other storys... Basically.
This contest is to write a HARRY POTTER fan fiction.

1. It can be any length (wow!) * we will read it all!*
2. It can be about any year, any character, made up characters, and anything having to do with Harry Potter
3. Don't copy anyones ideas.
4. Okay I will allow Swearing but this is a warning tell me if there is any!
5. One entry per person
6. Have fun!

If you enter a fanfic you cannot judge but you can nominate a judge.

The storie doesn't have to be finished, they will be maked on writing teckniques and how good it is as a storie so far, ectect

Send all entryes to [+♥+SAFFY+♥+]in parts If you have to or send a link.
I'll pass the entryes on to the nominated judges.

If you wish for a link to your fanfic on this page message me!

I'll put all entryes below. As many Entries as possible, contest will close in April, hopefully, if we have more than five enteries.

Any Questions!-----[+♥+SAFFY+♥+]

Harry Potter Fan Fiction 2 Contests

DISCLAIM I don't own Harry Potter, JK DOES!

Get writting

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2007-08-09 [Jade Lee]: I take it you like Kingdom Hearts Hermes? :P (Hi)

2007-08-10 [Hermes322]: I love Kingdom Hearts. the people that the story is dedicated to and I used to play it all the time.

2007-08-10 [~Crimson Angel~]: I've never played it.

2007-08-11 [Hermes322]: it makes me nostalgic, the first time that I played it after they died, I cried

2007-08-14 [Jade Lee]: Lol, oh god... *prays that Herms wont be introduced to my friend*. I probably know as much about that game as most people who have completed it- believe me, she's told me. I also know a great deal of the lyrics to Hikari because to her. Don't have a clue what they mean, being in Japanese mind you.

2007-08-14 [Hermes322]: lol I understand them all, it actually helped teach me alot of japanese ^_^ lol

2007-08-17 [Jade Lee]: Yeah, my friend Ben takes that approach.
I don't know if all you people here are interested, however I made a page that's a sort of fanfic gallery for harry potter fanfic, you can link to yours if you want to share your work, or you just want advertisement :P
quills and keyboards

2007-08-17 [Hermes322]: I like advertisement!

2007-08-17 [Jade Lee]: Lol, thanks!

2007-08-18 [Linderel]: Based on the comments, it seems the contest is over and the winner has been chosen... If it's so, please confirm so that I can change the data on Writing Contests accordingly. Thanks. :3

2007-09-04 [+♥+SAFFY+♥+]: The Contest Will Re-open sometime this month.

2008-01-09 [+♥+SAFFY+♥+]: This Contes is offically Reopen!
Have Fun

2008-01-09 [Linderel]: Question: Is futurefic and/or AU allowed? What about slash?

2008-01-19 [Corazie]: I'm Ditzy's sister... Yes, it is allowed =]

2008-01-19 [Linderel]: Ooooh, goody.

2008-01-20 [+♥+SAFFY+♥+]: yes any fic is alloud if it's harry potter of corse

2008-01-22 [GODofMUSIC04]: lalal i neeed to add mine ive been meaning to add it since the first version of the contest years ago...aaahhh!!!

2008-11-11 [Duke Devlin]: Ooo :D Can I submit stuff I have written in the past? :)

2009-06-06 [LinkTurrner]: Is this closed or can I still make a story for it?

2009-06-07 [Duke Devlin]: I'd imagine so.... But no one has been active here in a LONG time... See how my last question went unanswered?

2009-06-07 [LinkTurrner]: oh I didn't notice the date

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