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2009-09-13 19:01:58
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<3 Healed hearts <3


The couples page!
For those of our members whos hearts arn't so broken anymore!
Yay for them!!! O.-


[Don't lie to me] says: Now...I'm not sure what's going to be here yet...we should at least have a list over happy couple member... So why don't couples just write their names here somewhere here? I'll start the list by adding my name... Thank you Dave, for the idea of this page. *smiles*



I often think about you
and it's time that I confess
you're on my mind a lot
every day, I guess
sometimes I almost miss you
when you're not so near
in fact, I truly long for
the day that you'll be here
occasionally, I want you
but only now and then
well, perhaps a whole lot more
than I imagined
and there are times I need you
but only just a bit
well perhaps a whole lot more
than I really should admit
but just because I think of you
every single day
and just because I miss you
every time you go away
and just because I want you
and because I need you too
do you really think I love you?
well you're absolutely right
  I do

(Written by [A heartbroken fool])


1. [Don't lie to me] and her husband (He's not in ET).
2. [scary_mary_] and JB (not on elftown) <3 <3
3. [angela01] and soon to be hub.[M.C. BOB]
4. [A heartbroken fool]
5. [MyWings] and [Crathes] <3
6. [.Toxic Valentine.] and her penguin [Twisted Dimension]
7. [Nioniel] and her husband [W.L.]


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2006-10-21 [MyWings]: you choose. n.n
we'll be happy no matter what we get. just do what you think looks best.

2006-10-21 [Meesh]: i have to use my brain....i get back to you soon...

2006-10-21 [Meesh]: and how do i get my name on the list..and jacobs?

2006-10-21 [MyWings]: Ooooo. great!
hold on. i'd totaly forgotten about locking it... i'll change it again so that you can write on it. n.n

2006-11-14 [Meesh]: its fine...he broke up with me last week..

2006-11-17 [MyWings]: i'm so sorry

2006-11-22 [Meesh]: kk..not your fault...i think he broke up with me for the computer i'm sitting next to...they might elope to Vages or something...^^

2006-11-22 [MyWings]: huh?

2006-11-28 [Meesh]: nm

2006-11-28 [MyWings]: kk

2007-04-22 [.Toxic Valentine.]: helo.

2007-04-22 [MyWings]: hmm no on'e s been on this page in forever

2007-04-23 [.Toxic Valentine.]: untill me!

2007-04-23 [MyWings]: ahuh! hehe
i'm not sure how many of the people here are still together anymore. xD

2007-04-26 [.Toxic Valentine.]: wel.. i am !

2007-04-26 [MyWings]: yeah, i know you are. n.n

2007-04-28 [.Toxic Valentine.]: *grins* i like to point out the obvious sometimes lol . sorry.

2007-04-28 [MyWings]: hehe well, you're not the only one.

2007-04-28 [.Toxic Valentine.]: yay! *dances around*

2007-05-01 [MyWings]: *dances with you* ;P

2007-05-01 [.Toxic Valentine.]: whoo!

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