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Look how huge the anchor is!!!
Cool glittering fish in front of the pirate ship.
Fire Dragon!!!
Fire Dragon again!!!
View of Pirate Ship from the other side of the street so you can see how it just towers over everything else!


These are a bit out of sequence of how I took them, but it will be better for the story and flow of things in this sense now that I'm posting them. :)
Approaching the Hotel.....


My mothers second favorite flower. :)
Walking more towards the Hotel, walking near the beach, which was on our right side (but out of view for the moment). Mom & Jess in front of me. They are so cute! ^_^


The Beach! Hurray! Ocean!!!!
It's always dangerous to not be paying attention around me when I have a camera in my hands...muhahahahaha!!!! Unsuspecting victims!

Going inside.....turns out there is a ton of history in this place! It's a wee bit over 120 years old to start off with! The Wizard Of Oz was written here, as well as Some Like It Hot was filmed here! The building is still in perfect condition, all natural dark wood on the inside. I even learned that it has no real nails in the entire structure, that when it was built wooden pegs were still being used instead of metal nails. Imagine that! This place was soooooooo cool!!!!
When you first walk in through the back of the building where we were above, you walk through this hallway that leads to stores if you keep going straight, or you can choose to take the stairs to the lobby. Guess which I decided to pick?

Grand chandalier in the lobby, GORGEOUS!


Leaving the lobby area, we next venture to the inner courtyard. This shot isn't so great in lighting or clarity, but it shows how dark the wood and the inside of the building is in contrast to the outside light.
View from the inner courtyard.



After we left the Hotel, we were wandering back to the car, which was a nice walk aways as we could not find ANY close parking, I saw this awesome sign! Now that I had learned The Wizard Of Oz was written here in San Diego, I was estatic to see this shop sign:

AND THEN right next to it was a museum on Frank L. Baum! TOTALLY AWESOME!! Turned out his great grandson had been by just the day before to check in on everything. Soooo cool!!! So here's the pics from the museum.>>>>
Wizard of Oz Museum

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2009-07-08 [Skydancer]: Lots of very nice shots there.

2009-07-08 [Cillamoon]: Thank you! I'm getting better with almost every shoot so I'm beside myself thrilled!

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