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In Elftown, it is assumed that you speak English. However, if you don't you can visit one of the other help pages that is in another language. Feel free to ask questions or even make up a help page of your own!

The help pages in other languages are still under construction. Due to this we have listed the old links below the corresponding language.


<img0*36:flags/fr-t.gif> Aide en Français
<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> French

<img0*36:flags/sp-t.gif> Spanish Help

<img0*36:flags/de-t.gif> Hilfe auf Deutsch

<img0*36: flags/po-t.gif> Portuguese Help

<img0*36:flags/fi-t.gif> Apua suomeksi

<img0*36:flags/netherlands-t.gif> Nederlandstalige help

<img0*36:flags/italy-t.gif> Italian Help

<img0*36:img/new/heb-t.gif> Hebrew Help

<img54*0:flags/norway-t.gif> Hjelp på Norsk

<img:stuff/turkishflag.jpg> Turkish Help
<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> Turkish

<img:> Hjælp på Dansk
<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> Danish


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2004-07-28 [cute_angel]: what about people who need Sign Language to talk? you dont have anything for them.

2004-08-02 [~Nikki652~]: They dont have any english for people who need english talkin help

2004-08-02 [font]: The main help page is in English

2004-08-17 [.lets.kiss.]: i thought u could translate things on here but u cant

2004-08-18 [Martiio]: My cousin is deaf, and has signed since he was a toddler. He usually doesn't have trouble reading, though.

2004-08-24 [Cookieholic]: I made a somewhat usable guide to making wikis wikis for dummies, any comments, help or otherwise wouls be appreciated.

2004-08-24 [Ocean Dreaming]: Well, you could use the corresponding Dutch versions of the pages linked to in the Dutch version of your page ;)

2004-08-24 [Cookieholic]: uhmm i'm blond you'll have to type slower

2004-08-24 [Ocean Dreaming]: I'm blonde too. You linked to, for example, the Uploading Art Rules. There -are- foreign versions of that text. It's easier for foreign people if you link to those pages instead of the English version.

2004-08-24 [Cookieholic]: ah okay, got it now, i'll try and think of it, i have really bad memory, but i'll updat all my wikis soon

2004-09-22 [vampire_wish]: or swedish, what about that!

2004-09-22 [Cookieholic]: and norwegian, esparanto, zwahili etc. lots of languages =P

2004-10-04 [Hellooo]: why can't they have swedish

2004-10-04 [font]: well there would be help in swedish if some one had the time to make a help section in swedish

2004-10-05 [Cookieholic]: ask the swedish :P

2004-10-08 [sonna cool na kimi wa plastic]: im swedish...i could help... where could i post the translation? =)

2004-10-08 [Sunrose]: Make a wiki just like you see here and if it's done you can send the wiki name to for instance [Ocean Dreaming].

2004-10-08 [font]: The translated help pages can be a translation of help

2004-10-11 [Sunrose]: [BirdHouse107]: post your name on Translator wannabe's.

2004-10-22 [eny]: and you don have anything for slovenian!!!lool

2004-10-29 [ga_inja]: or on swedish!

2004-11-01 [gwath]: просто типа ради прикола а как насчёт русских?

2004-11-01 [gwath]: HELlo what about Russian language?

2004-11-01 [Sunrose]: Make a wiki just like you see here and if it's done you can send the wiki name to for instance [Ocean Dreaming].

2004-11-01 [Ocean Dreaming]: [gwath], please understand that most of these pages are made by Elftowners themselves. We can't make pages in a language that we don't speak, you have to understand this. If you want a Russian page, like Sunrose said, make it. ^-^ We'd be grateful for it and the Russian Elftown community would too, I think.

2004-11-24 [Wednesday]: I could translate and make a Afrikaans page...there is allot of afrikaans people here. South Afrikans and Namibians speak afrikaans

2004-11-27 [nathan jones]: make jrr.tolken a language,Id like to learn it. nathan jones

2004-11-27 [Sunrose]: You can learn languages at Languages :)

2004-11-27 [wolfdreamer]: lol there are some books, you can learn it with those.

2004-12-28 [RoCk_AnGeL]: i can do help in russian or ukrainian

2004-12-28 [Sunrose]: You can start the same way the hebrew one started.. :)

2005-01-04 [kaitlyn marie]: i want to learn japanese from more then i can learn off of the internet... which generally isn't much... can someone help translate things so i would understand or somehow help me learn japanese from sending me general words and pronouncing with a definition?

2005-01-05 [Sunrose]: Go to Japanese Classroom :)

2005-01-10 [Zantia]: hi whats the wiki for learning swedish again?

2005-01-10 [Sunrose]: Swedish-Farsi Classroom you mean? :)

2005-01-10 [Zantia]: yea, thanks ^.^

2005-02-28 [Ash_Nyte]: any1 no elven or can sum1 help me n french i only no wat i tok in school...

2005-02-28 [Sunrose]: First try to ask your question without the netspeak please :)

2005-03-10 [fire imp]: Does anyone know someone or is someone fluent in the Tolkien languages

2005-03-10 [fire imp]: and yes i know i cant spell

2005-03-10 [Sunrose]: Quenya Classroom :)

2005-04-07 [naddy]: missing denmark

2005-04-07 [Sunrose]: You mean Danish help? :)

2005-04-22 [lunarsun]: i know how to speak Drow if thats what you mean Fire Imp

2005-04-24 [Ocean Dreaming]: Drow isn't a Tolkien language, though ;)

2005-04-25 [calamaethor]: naddy-->Im translating the help pages to danish at the moment. Ill finnish it as fast as i can. Plz have patience. :)

2005-05-11 [Sunrose]: Please don't post nonsense here and if you don't even show your email to others through your house, it's certainly not a good idea to post it on a wiki :)

2005-06-15 [calamaethor]: are u talking to me? if u are u talking about?

2005-06-15 [Sunrose]: About deleted postings...otherwise I would've mentioned your name. Please try and ask a bit respectful >.<

2005-07-05 [calamaethor]: im sorry :)

2005-08-07 [evflip124]: what about romanian

2005-08-07 [Sunrose]: You can create it :)

2006-07-31 [kittykittykitty]: French isn't exported :)

2007-08-06 [Vonvilkia]: drow would be awsome to speak or some elven language or russian.

2008-01-25 [Kairavini]: If someone could teach elven that would be great.

2008-01-26 [Yncke]: Perhaps you can find something in the Elftown Academy?

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