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post goings on and news from the Vampyrie world. Including gatherings for the future? Tips for new Vampyries and FAQ's!


1.Can you can contract Illness's?

Vampires are not immune to illness. It is possible to be a Vampire and have AIDS, cancer, diabetes, schizophrenia, a cold or any other disease or illness. Not only that but many of the symptoms of vampirism are also symptoms of other known, treatable illnesses. It is very important that you see your doctor when anything that concerns you is happening with your body or mind.

You do not need to tell your doctor that you think you are a vampire. Doctors are not interested in self-diagnosis; they are interested in symptoms or how you feel. Here is an example: Instead of saying "I think I am a vampire because I hate the sun and am nocturnal", You can say the following. "I have been having trouble sleeping at night and am lethargic all day yet energetic at night. Lately I have noticed that I burn more easily when I go out in the sun and I am having trouble driving during the day because the sun hurts my eyes and makes them want to shut and the glare off oh other cars blinds me." The later is a more accurate description of the symptoms that you are experiencing and allows the doctor to access you from a medical standpoint.

As you become familiar with this community and possibly start participating in it you will notice that people will often suggest that you see a doctor when you describe what is happening to you. This is not to say that they do not believe that you are or are not a vampire or that you are or are not experiencing what you say you are. The reason that doctors are suggested is to ensure that you do not have something that is treatable, as leaving an illness untreated often causes complications that would not have occurred with prompt treatment


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