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Rick turned to her as the taxi pulled out outside Naedan's place "I dont really know. All i do know is that im strong. Really strong. Come over to Tank's tomorrow and ill show you." He said and turned back to the front of the car.

Selena pulled up behind them and walked in after Darvis. She stood against the wall.

Hannah smiled. " show me what you can do and i'll show you what I can do....." she opened the door of the taxi and handed her share of the fare to Rick. "I'll come over early, so be ready." Hannah stepped out of the car and closed the door giving a final wave to Rick as she walked into the house. "I'm back..." she called to Naedan and Darvis. She walked into the living room and sat down on the seperate chair. "How ya feeling?" she asked looking at Naedan.

Naedan looked over at Hannah unable to speak. Darvis came in from the kitchen and frowned. "She's have trouble breathing. My aunt is coming into town tonight to look her over. She's hoping there'll be a potion she can drink or something to help her recover."

Selena approached her and took her hand and layed it on her chest. "Breath as deep as you can."

Hannah nodded and stood. "Is there a back yard I can train in, I haven't trained with my weapon in quite a while."

"Actually we have a training area in the basement." Darvis nodded and pointed to the basement door.

"Oh cool, thanks...i'd ask if you would like to train with me, but maybe you should stay with Naedan." Hannah said tying her long blue hair back.

A woman burst through the door just then. "Nope nope nope. Darvis...out out out!!!" Darvis looked over at the small woman shoving him and grinned. "I guess aunty wants me to train."

Hannah smiled. "Ok. Grab whatever weapon you have and i'll promise not to hurt you..." She headed down to the basement and started stretching.

Darvis kissed his aunt ont he cheek and smiled. "Dont hurt her to badly." Nodding to him she went into the living room and began cooing to Naedan. Darvis went down stairs and looked over at Hannah.

Hannah looked up at Darvis and smiled. "Wanna see what a real weapon looks like?"


Hannah smiled and nodded then walked to the middle of the floor. She closed her eyes so she could concentrate, and as she did a small puddle began forming at her feet. She opened her eyes smiling. She reached down as a blue orb emerged from the water, followed by an aquamarine handle. Hannah took hold of the handle and with a quick tug pulled the crush trident from the water. The water at her feet vanished as she looked up at Darvis smiling. "Ready?" she said smiling as she began walking around swinging the trident.

Darvis watched her carefully, ready to defend, if needed. Smiling he heard his aunt upstairs singing. Naedan...One of these will grow stronger with your powers...if it's the last thing I ever do. He said quite sturnly into his sister's head. Naedan's eyes snapped open as she heard her brothers words. Looking over at her aunt she frowned. "Naedan, you know he's right. Im sorry to agree with him because I love you both...but you need to embrace your gift. Its nothing to be ashamed of." Naedan looked out the window and frowned. "It is if it's the exact thing that took your parents from you."

"What weapon are you fighting with?" Hannah asked Darvis as she still paced round the room.

Rick pulled up outside Tank's house. He paid the fare and the taxi took off, Rick walked into the house quietly and flopped down on the couch, closing his eyes "Its been a long day..." He said to himself.

Darvis smiled to himself and shurgged. "You'll see." Looking her up and down he smiled. "Unlike Naedan...I've progressed in my powers. Now, make your move."

Hannah smiled and nodded then without a word lunged forward aiming at his chest.

At just the right time Darvis forced his hands forward pushing her backwards with air. Smiling he winked and threw her backwards. "Careful my dear." He liked this one. She had spunk...something he liked.

Hannah steadied herself whilst still smiling. "Sneaky..." she said as she got ready to attack again. She lunged again but quickly changed direction aiming for his side.

Carefully he leaned to the side and flipped away from her. Catching himself in the air he landed gently.

"You are skilled." Hannah said smiling. "I underestimated you, I suppose i'm going yo have to play dirty now..."

Just then Darvis' aunt came down the stairs and cleared her throat. "Naedan asks to see you both upstairs." When Darvis didn't move his aunt frowned. "Now!" Turning on her heels and went back up the stairs. Darvis frowned as his eyebrows rose. "Well ok..." Hurrying up the stairs two at a time he came to an immediate halt at the entrance to the living room. There he saw Naedan, hovering in mid air, legs crossed indian style. "Well I'll be damned."

Hannah followed Darvis running into him as he stopped. She smiled when she saw Naedan. "Feeling better?"

Naedan looked over at her and winked. "When you two went downstairs to fool around, aunty made me better and showed me a few things about my powers. I may not be as strong as Darvis...but just you wait."

Hannah laughed. "This is gonna be fun having two of you's to practice with...seems slightly unfair as well...."

Naedan looked over at her aunt and frowned. "Aunty says Im not ready to practice with you guys yet." Slowly she lowered herself to her feet on the floor.

Hannah nodded whilst setting her trident down against the wall. "There's no rush..."

"Well that's good." Said her aunt. "And if you need nothing more I shall be on my way." Naedan walked over to her and hugged her gently. "Thank you for coming." Darvis came over and hugged them both tightly. "Yes, thank you."

Hannah stood back feeling slightly in the way.

With that there aunt was gone, leaving the scent of pepermint behind. "She always did smell amazing." Naedan smiled and shook her head. "She takes care of us since our parents didnt...but that was only years after she found out what they had done."

"If it's not too personal what did they do?" Hannah asked sitting down. "i'm sorry if i'm being rude..."

"They left us to go to war when we were children. There very powerful and very big up on the you know king or something." Shrugging she looked over at Darvis. "He was of age to remember it all...but I wasn't."

Hannah nodded. "My parents just didn't care for me. Their work was more important, they were never home due to business trips, I didn't have anyone when I was growing up. I was so lonely..." she said looking sad as she remembered her childhood.

Naedan came over to her and wrapped her arms around her. "Im terribly sorry."

Hannah looked up at her smiling. "It's alright, I have you's now to keep me company."

"Yeah...not so sure about Darvis..." Naedan giggled just as he spoke. "Hey dont think I cant hear you!"

Hannah laughed. "He's just here to help me train, doesn't want to be my friend..."

Naedan whispered into her ear. "I wouldn't be so sure." Giggling she hurried off into the kitchen. Leaving them alone.

"Naedan!" Hannah called after her sounding embarassed. She looked at Darvis and smiled then quickly looked away.

Darvis looked at her and smiled. "I see she's being blunt?"

Hannah looked up at him and smiled. "I think she is..."

Meeting her eyes he shook his head gently and quickly left the room. "I think I'll take a shower." Darvis stopped at the stairs, "Care to join me?" Winking he went up the stairs 3 at a time.

Hannah laughed. "You wish..." she shouted after him.

Naedan stuck her head out of the kicthed door. "Wish what?"

"He asked me to join him in the shower, he was joking of course..." Hannah said looking up at Naedan.

Naedan raised an eyebrow and grinned. Oh..I wouldnt be so sure. She thought to herself.

"What are you grinning about?" Hannah said whilst smiling.

"Oh nothing." Naedan giggled and returned to the kitchen.

About 10 mintues later Darvis came downstairs with a towel wrapped around his waist. Going into the kitchen he grabbed an apple. Passing the living room on his way to his room he stopped and looked over at Hannah. Taking a bite he smiled and watched her.

Hannah smiled. "Why are you watching me?"

Darvis shrugged and went upstairs.

Hannah looked at the kitchen door then the stairs. "Who do I follow?" she whispered. She stood up biting her lip then slowly made her way to the stairs. "I'll go for a shower, that'll help me think..."

Darvis went into his room and put some clothes on after drying himself off completely. After finishing his apple he threw away the core and went back downstairs without a shirt on. Sprawling out on the couch he relaxed for the first time in over 24 hours.

Hannah showered quickly then wrapped a towel round her body. She walked down the stairs and smiled at Darvis when she saw him. She entered the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge then turned to look at Naedan, a smile on her face.

Naedan waved a finger at her. "Your play games with his mind. And let me tell you, you wont win."

"I wasn't playing games..." Hannah said honestly as she standing up.

"Oh really?" Naedan leaned against the wall, looking at her questioningly.

"Yes! I was coming down to ask if I could borrow some clothes, as I don't have any with me yet. I was going to pick up a few of my belongings later...." Hannah replied.

Naedan grinned mischeviously. "Is a shirt and shorts good enough?" Walking towards the laundry room just off from the kitchen she searched for a pair of clothes.

"Yeah that'll be fine thanks." Hannah replied.

Naedan threw the clothes into Hannah's face and smiled. "Now get dressed before you give my brother ideas."

Just then Darvis came into the kitchen, walked over to the fridge and grabbed a soda. Turning he looked from Naedan to Hannah and then walked back out of the room.

Hannah smiled and quickly ran back up the stairs. She changed into the shorts and shirt, tying it at her waist, then pulled on her socks and black doc martins. She plaited her long blue hair then walked back downstairs. She walked into the kitchen. "I think i'll go get my things my clothes and car and stuff, wanna come?" she said looking at Naedan.

Darvis walked in and leaned against the wall. "If she's going...Im coming along."

Naedan glared at him, flashing an angered gaze at him. Looking over at Hannah she smiled softly. "Sure, I'll come. Even if he's taging along. Thinks I dont know how to take care of my own goddamned self."

Hannah smiled. "I just have to get my things from the place I was staying then get my car from my house...."

Naedan smiled and nodded. "I'll drive!"

Hannah laughed. "Of course i'll be giving directions...Darvis what are you going to do?" she said looking at him.

Darvis smiled and shrugged. "Im coming."

Hannah smiled. "I don't mind..."

Picking up the keys to the truck, Naedan dangled them in the air. "Let's go!" Heading out of the house she jumped into the drivers seat of the truck. "You sit in back, Darvis."

Darvis grumbled and rolled his eyes.

Hannah laughed and followed Naedan out getting into the passenger side of the truck.

Opening the back door of the truck he hopped in and slammed it shut.

Naedan started the car and took off down the street. "Now, where the hell do you live? Hopefully in this same town. If not...I may just leave you on the side of the road." Smiling micheviously she continued to drive.

Hannah directed Naedan to her house deciding that she would collect her stuff from the base another day. They turned a corner in the truck and she pointed up the street to an oversized house with iron gates barring people from entry. "Home sweet home..." she said rolling her eyes.

Naedan smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I know how you feel. Aunt use to try and get us to live on the home lands. I refused because it was so huge and full of...well shit. I hated being in the place, not being able to leave or people to come. Gods and godesses are so rediculus. Maybe it's better that we never knew our paretns, Darvis."

Hannah looked at her as they drew closer to the house. When they stopped she opened the door to the truck. "I won't be long, you's can come in if you want, or if you want you can head back to your house, i'll be driving my car over. Guess that mean's Darvis you can get in the front seat now." she said smiling. She opened the gates to her house then left them open so she could get her car out. She ran to the double garage at the side of her house and opened the door, disappearing inside. The sound of a car engine filled the air and slowly a black Audi TT covertible emerged from the garage. Hannah parked at the front of the house then ran inside her house to get her things.

Naedan watched Darvis get into the front seat and then honked the horn to let Hannah know they were heading home. Doing a U-Turn she headed back down the road towards their house. "It's going to be nice...not having an empty house anymore."

Darvis laughed and shook his head. "Our house has never been empty." Darvis glanced over at Naedan and frowned. "Naed....why dont you ever go into the wings of the house anymore?"

Naedan stared straight ahead without answering. She didn't know how to. She just didn't feel comfortable up there anymore.

Hannah quickly threw some clothes into a bag along with other things like cd's and dvd's. When she had finished she loaded her bags into the boot of the car and got into the drivers seat. She put on a pair of sunglasses then drove away from her house, glad that she wouldn't have to go back there in a long time.

Naedan looked over at Darvis and frowned as he looked out the window. "It really upsets you that I dont go up there, doesn't it?"

Darvis nodded gently. "It really does."

Hannah sped up, smiling when she saw Naedan's truck. She put her foot on the accelerator, bringing her car up beside theirs. She waved quickly then sped on, the wind whipping through her hair. She switched the radio on full blast then began singing along to the music.

Pulling back into the drive way, Naedan parked the truck and got out without another word to her brother. Going into the house she heard him follow her. Looking up the stairs to the wings she shuddered.

"If you want...I'll go with you." Darvis came up behind her and placed his hand on her shoulder. "Im your should know Im always there for you."

Hannah parked her car then jumped out grabbing her bag as she did. She walked into the house yawning. "I think i'm just gonna go to bed now, busy day and everything...which room should I take?"

Naedan shook her head and shrugged Darvis' hand off her shoulder. "Follow me." Making her way up the stairs she went down the hallway instead up going up either of the other two staircases. Opening a door she nodded. "This one'll be fine."

"Night Darvis..." Hannah said quickly then followed Naedan up the stairs. "Thanks the room's great, well goodnight then." she gave Naedan a quick hug then walked into the room and closed the door. She changed into her favourite pair of pyjama's then crawled into the bed, falling asleep quickly.

Naedan smiled and went to her own room, in the wing to the right. The wing to the left was where all the family belongings and memories were. She refused to go up there.

Darvis went over to Naedan door and shook his head. She will never understand what this does to our binds. Heading up into the other wing, where no one went anymore, he sat down in the large open room and closed his eyes, feeling at peace.

[The next morning]

Naedan awoke the next morning feeling a bit weird. She could sence that something in the house just wasn't right. Hurrying tto Hannah's room she knocked on the door a few times. "Hannah...wake up!"

Hannah's eyes snapped open and jumped out of the bed and ran to the door. "What? Whats wrong?" she asked looking at Naedan.

"Im not sure yet. Come on." Zipping up her jack, Naedan headed towards the staircase that she hadn't been up in years. Making her way up them slowly she listened. Coming to the last step she stared down at Darvis. "Darvis! What are you doing?!?!"

Darvis snapped awake and looked around. "Sleeping...why?" Looking around he saw a man croutching down in the corner. Jumping to his feet he went over to Naedan and Hannah and stood in front of them. "Who is that?" He whispered over his shoulder.

Hannah followed and gasped when she saw the man in the corner. "What do you think he wants?" she asked peering round Darvis to look at the man.

The man stood and looked over at Naedan. "I've been waiting here for you...for... 7.... years." Walking over to her he held out a black rose with a note attached to it. "I wouldn't take to long to read that if I were you." Kissing her cheek quickly he ran towards the window and jumped out it. Naedan swallowed and looked over at Darvis. He just shook his head and shrugged. "Hannah go over by Darvis." Darvis held his arms open for her.

"Whats going on?" Hannah asked as she walked over to Darvis. There was a small hint of fear in her voice, but she tried not to show it.

Darvis pulled Hannah into his arms and turned his back from Naedan. Forcing the air around them to stop as she opened the envelope. Naedan threw it into the air and it exploded. Carefully she froze the air around them until the explosion ceased. Naedan smiled slightly. "7 wonder it was a small explosion." Picking up the letter she began to read it. Naedan, glad you could open me. If you have lived threw this explosion it means you have accepted your powers. Now is the time you make the choice of keeping those powers, or handing them me. These powers are to great for you to handle. And you are too weak to even begin training. So natuarally you should just forget about them and give them to me. I'll give you until a week after this envelope was open to decide. And dont forget to follow your heart. -Zaroff- Naedan looked up at Darvis, her hands beginning to shake.

Darvis hurried over to her and grabbed the letter, reading it through quickly, he cursed.

Hannah looked at them both then folded her arms when she realised she was still in her pyjama's. "Will someone please tell me whats going on..."

Darvis looked up at Naedan and realized she was unable to speak, then looked over at Hannah. "Someone knows Naedan has powers and they know how great they really are. Here." Darvis handed her the letter.

Hannah read the letter then looked at Darvis. "Who's this Zaroff?"

Darvis shook his head. "I can't place my finger on it but his name sounds fimiliar." Darvis looked over at Naedan as she said something for the first time in a while.

"Like from a dream..."

Darvis nodded gently. "Exactly!" Thinking about what she had said from a minute it struck him. "Wait a minute...a dream..."

Hannah watched them slightly confused. "Have I missed something?"

Darvis smiled gently. "The only time we can ever remember anything about our parents is when we're dreaming. So...this Zaroff guy could be involved with the family somehow...right?"

Naedan nodded. "Right."

"But obviously he's not a good guy because he wants to take Naedan's powers away, which you won't let him..." Hannah said looking at Naedan.

Naedan looked over at Hannah and smiled. "You've only known me a few days yet you know me so well."

Hannah smiled back. "So what do you think he'll do when you don't give him your powers?"

"Im not sure. I guess all we really can do is wait to find out." Naedan looked around carefully and frowned. "Let's get out of here." Turning she went back down the stairs and into the living room.

Darvis shook his head. "I guess I shouldn't have forced her to come up here."

"You weren't to know what was going to happen." Hannah said looking at him. "I have to go out for a while, I told Rick I'd call in and see him."

Darvis nodded gently. "Careful of that one."

"He doesn't scare me." replied Hannah as she walked down the stairs towards her room.

"I never said anything about him scaring you." Darvis said after he followed her down. Going into the living room he sat down by Naedan and just sat there, waiting for her to say something like he knew was best.

Hannah changed into short denim skirt, black and white knee high stripey socks and a black tank top. She pulled on her black army boots then pulled her hair back into a french braid. She walked down the stairs and into the living room. "What did you mean by be careful then?" she asked Darvis as she searched for her car keys.

Darvis looked up at her. "Hmmm? Oh...never mind that."

Hannah smiled at him. "Well call me if you need me, i'm not sure how long i'm gonna be." She pulled her jacket on and picked up her keys. "See you later." she said smiling then blew them a kiss as she walked to the door. She jumped into her car and sped off towards Tanks house, music on full as usual. When she arrived she walked up to the house and knocked loudly.

Rick snorted in his sleep and half rolled over, almost falling off the couch. He called out "Commin!" And sat up, rubbing his face. After a little while he stood and walked over to the door, five oclock shadow covering his face and a sleepy expression. He opened the door "Uh yea?" He said shaking his head to rid himself from the dream.

Hannah rolled her eyes. "Forgotten already I see..."

Rick looked at her through bleary eyes "Ahh, tis you... Come in... bout to make some coffee, want some?" He asked walking inside "Shut the door behind ya."

Hannah walked in and closed the door. "No coffee for me thanks, hate the stuff really. But I think you need it." She walked into the living room but did not sit down.

He shrugged "Suit yourself." He proceeded to make coffee, two spoonfulls of coffee, no sugar. He flicked the kettle and walked back into the living room. "What i have got to show you... Its.... I dont know what it is, but, i can do things..."

"Ok. Well what is it that you can do exactly?" Hannah asked him.

Rick looked around the living room but couldnt find anything in particular, he stopped and turned to her "You have a car dont you... Dont worry i wont hurt it." He said smiling slightly "Show me your car."

"You better not wreck my car..." Hannah said leading him outside to her black audi TT convertible. "Ok show me..."

Rick grinned at her and walked up to the bumper, He began to lift slowly, the car's back wheels lifted off the ground he shuffled underneath it and suddenly stood up. The car resting on his shoulders. He took a deep breath and lifted the car over his head, holding it up with his arms, there was a little strain on his face but not an overly large amount. He looked at her "See what i mean?"

"Wow." Hannah muttered as she watched. "So what exactly do you need my help with? You seem to know what your capable of..." she said to Rick.

Rick slowly placed the car down back on all four wheels. "I know what i can do, but i dont know if there is anymore. If i can do anything else." He walked back over to her "Lets discuss this inside, the kettle's boiling."

Hannah nodded and walked back inside. "I don't know how i'm supposed to help you find out if you have any more abilities...I don't even know if i've discovered all my abilities yet Rick."

Rick half shrugged as he poured the coffee "Yeah spose. But i want in on whatever it is your in on. Somethin's up. What are we? Mutants?"

Hannah laughed. "No we're not mutants, we were touched by gods."

Just then someone knocked on the front door. Naedan rose and hurried over to it and frowned. "Hi Joshua." He nodded gently, leaned down and kissed her cheek. "How are you feeling?" Naedan shrugged gently and moved aside. "Im well."

Rick snorted "Gods?" He walked into the living room with the coffee "Gods. Like praise jesus?" He put the coffee down and sat down. "I aint religious."

"It's the truth I swear!" Hannah said putting her hands on her hips. "I'll take you to the base and let you hear the message left by the guy who brought us all together, then you can meet the others....and then maybe persuade tank to join us to."

Naedan looked up into the sky for a moment. "Guys I'll be right back. Im in the need to see my best friend. I think I'll walk." Naedan closed the front door and instead of walking she began to jog. She needed the strength anyway.

Rick looked upstairs then back at Hannah "I wanna check the place out first... see if you lot can be trusted with all your god bullshit."

Hannah rolled her eyes. "Fine whatever you want..."

Rick nodded and downed his coffee in one go. He stood up and looked around spotting a peice of paper and a pen. He wrote a note out and left it on the fridge "Righto, ready to motor."

"Yeah we'll take my car of course..." Hannah said walking to the door. She walked outisde then climbed into the drivers seat, waiting for Rick.

Naedan came up just as Hannah got into her car. Waving she smiled. "Hey." Leaning against the neighbors fence she looked up at Rick. "Hey, stranger."

Rick grinned slightly "Good to see you up and about." he said walking over "You missed the show. Coulda seen what Ricky boy could do." He winked at her.

Naedan smiled and gently hugged him. "Your my best friend. I already know and feel it. Where ya headed?"

He jerked his thumb over his shoulder "Shes tryin to make me believe its the gods. Im goin to some club to check it out."

Hannah rolled her eyes. "Fine if you don't want to believe it, i'll go home. No point me wasting my time is there..."

Naedan looked up at him and shrugged. "Well if you wont believe her...then believe me. My parents were two of those gods."

The smart ass smile slowly faded from his face "Your jokin right?" He turned back to Hannah "Just a sec ill be there." He turned back to Naedan again "Why didnt you tell me??"

"Because you just now found out about my powers when I was in the hospital. I figured telling you my parents were gods would have been a bit too much."

Rick shook his head slowly "I cant believe you didnt tell me.." He looked slightly hurt. "I told you everything..."

"Everything my ass! The only reason I knew you had powers was because I felt it!"

Hannah put her sunglasses on and sighed heavily. "Boy this is going to be a long day..." she muttered.

He openly laughed "I only found out i could do this shit after i left. When i was on my own."

"Exactly. So dont give me this shit about you telling me everything."

He put his arms around her and gave her a tight hug, he kissed her forhead "I dont know whether to hurt you or hug you." He chuckled lightly "Im gonna go check out this place. Ill catch you later."

"Wait...I've never been there. I'd like to come along."

"You'll have to sit on Ricks knee, There's no back seats in this car...." Hannah called.

Rick chuckled and got in. He patted his lap and laughed "Come on then."

Naedan rolled her eyes and climbed onto his lap.

Hannah smiled at them then turned the radio on loudly. She started the car up then sped off up the road.

Having shut herself up in her room, Vala laid on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. She felt dirty. Why had she lost control after all these years? Slowly climbing off the bed, she stripped while walking into the bathroom. Turning on the hot water, she waited for it to heat up, as it did, she stepped in. Bracing herself with her palms flat on the wall before her, she let the steaming water hit her frozen body. The police couldn't connect her to him, and even if they wanted to, she was in another state from him, and had been for a while. It's coming true....First him, then my father...I will not let this happen again! She slammed her palm against the shower wall. With her mind,connections were made,she let out NO!!!! and slumped down to the floor of the shower.

Rick bobbed his head to the music and his hand tapped Naedan's thigh "Great tunes, what speaker system do you have hooked up?"

Hannah shrugged. "Don't ask me things like that, because I don't have a dad had everything hooked up before he gave me this car." she said smiling.

Rick looked slightly disapointed "Oh... Aww well, spose its probably a baby boomer. Or a jackrabbit system." He said shrugging.

"If you want i'll let you take a look round the car, at the engine and all that junk, as long as nothing gets destroyed." Hannah said glancing over at him.

Rick grinned "What if it gets upgraded?"

Hannah smiled. "As long as it's nothing to drastic..."

Rick heard the No! then and turned to her "No? You dont want me to?"

Hannah jumped when she heard the No and slammed on the breaks. "I never said no..." she said looking at Rick and Naedan. "Who could speak...." Suddenly a look of realization and shock crossed Hannah's face. "Vala!" She put her foot down on the accelerator and sped as fast as she dared back to the base. Vala...can you hear me? Is everything ok?

Rick held on for dear life "SHIT!" With One arm gripped around Naedan, he was careful not to hurt her though as the car sped down the road.

Hearing just a whisper, Vala tried to keep her eyes open. She wouldn't cry, not now, not ever. Again she spoke, Why won't he leave me alone? Goddess help me.

Vala it's Hannah, i'm on my way, i'm coming to help you. She pressed her foot down even harder on the accelerator knowing she was breaking the speed limit now. but not caring. "Hold on..." she told Rick and Naedan. "There's something wrong with my friend...."

"Hannah? Please..he'll make me....hurt... The last of what she mumbled was lost within the connection as it faded out. "Please help..." Again the darkness claimed her, the hot water raining down on her slender body.

Hannah's body filled with dread as the connection was lost. Finally she reached the base and jumped out. "Naedan, Rick stay here...I..I don't know whats happening here but it's too dangerous for you to go in..." She handed the keys to Rick. "Take her for a spin if you like...just don't crash her..." She ran inside and took the lift to the rooms. She ran to Vala's and began hammering on the door. "VALA! Can you hear me?"

Naedan got out and leaned against the car. Getting a bit bored she began playing with her powers trying to figure out what Zaroff had meant by Two powerful.

Rick got out too and looked at her fiddling with her ability "You got a cool one... All i can do is beat the hell outta people and lift things..."

Naedan shrugged gently. "It's just the air."

Rick snorted "Just air... You could kill someone."

Naedan shrugged as she twirled air around her fingers.

Rick looked down at the keys in his hand "Hey, you wanna go for a drive?"

Naedan shook her head gently. "Not really..."

Hearing pounding somewhere, Vala cracked open an eyelid. There was a dark shadow outside the shower curtain. "No..." came a croked whisper. "No." She forced herself to say it louder this time. Without meaning to she made connections, she lashed out at the dark shadow, that had their hand up, opening the curtain. "NO!!!!!!!" With her mind she forced the shadow away with a powerful shove, causing the shadow to be thrown away, as well as those whom she had made connections with.

Rick fell back, a look of surprise on his face, he slid along the ground for a while before stopping. He sat up, his face red "What the fuck was that!" He yelled and stood, looking around for an assailant.

Hannah was thrown against the wall opposite Vala's door. She gasped as the breath was ripped from her chest on impact and she lay on the ground breathing heavily. Slowly she stood up and walked to Vala's door then with all the strength she could muster kicked the door down. "Vala?" she shouted as she stepped into the room.

Rick looked over to the house then to Naedan "We have to get in there, fuck what she said." He growled and ran across the road, heading towards the house and dissapearing into the house. "Hannah!? You alright?"

Hannah stopped when she heard a faint shout. She rolledher eyes and took her phone out dialling Ricks number. "Get in the elevator, i'm on the third floor..." She put her phone in her pocket then walked further into Vala's room. "Vala? are you ok?"

Naedan got to her feet and shook her head before running into the house. Seeing Rick she shoved him into the elevator and pressed the 3 button.

Rick waited impatiently in the elevator as it rose slowly, the elevator music going. Rick turned to Naedan "This is so stupid.... You would think that this being a 'top secret' base that they would have decent elevator music..."

Having exerted her whole energy reserves, Vala laid on the shower floor, the water now ice cold. Hearing a voice, she croked out, "Hannah....."

Hannah ran into the bathroom. "Vala.." she gasped and quickly turned the water off. "What happened?" she said grabbing a towel and laying it on top of Vala for warmth.

Reaching up, Vala caught a hold of her friend. "Is He still here?"

"Who's he Vala?" Hannah asked looking worried.

Her eyes darted past Hannah, the shadow gave a sinster smile, she shuddered visibly, then vanished. "He...Hannah. Oh gods," She looked at her friend for the first time, seeing that she was dishevled. "Did I do that to you?" Tears were pooled into her green eyes.

Hannah smiled. "No i'm fine, come on stand up and we'll go get you a cup of coffee. Then you can tell me what happened..."

"I'm so sorry...." She slowly stood up, wrapped the towel around her slim body, when she noticed that her right foreknuckle was cut and bloodied. "Crap..." She grabbed some toilet paper and pressed it to her hand. Taking her time, she walked back into the bedroom and changed quickly. When she removed the red stained toilet paper, the cut had already healed itself. "So it was you.." she half whispered to herself. Turning her head and attention to Hannah, she gave a weak smile,"Coffee is what I need right now."

Hannah smiled and nodded. "I've been meaning to call but alot of things have been happening where I live now...I haven't abandoned you's, just so you know."

Another weak smile came from Vala, "I know"

Rick hurried down the hall and stopped outside the door. He walked in, worry etched on his face "Hannah you alright?"

Hannah looked up at Rick and smiled. "Didn't know you cared Rick, but yes i'm fine. This is Vala my best friend, Vala this is Rick...he has powers as well."

Rick looked at Vala. He glanced back at Hannah "Somethin out there tried to slam me through a light post. What was it?" He asked. Though he had some idea.

Hannah looked glanced at Vala then looked back at Rick. "sometimes when people are going through a rough time their powers get the better of them..."

Rick looked at Vala blankly for a moment then raised his eyebrows. Usually he would think up a smart ass comment to say, but he could see she was hurting. Instead he frowned slightly and asked "Do you need to talk about it?"

Hannah knew he was only trying to help but she wasn't sure if Vala would want to talk to a complete stranger about things that obviously caused her great pain.

Vala listened to the exchange of words, but her tears spilled over onto her cheeks when Hannah said that she was her best friend. She hadn't had close friends in years, yet alone a best friend, except for her ex, who she killed. "Yes, but first, did you guys feel any kind of pain earlier? Like you were dying?" She calmed herself down enough to stop the tears.

Hannah shook her head. "No one is hurt...stop worrying." she said smiling softly. "You just threw us about a bit..." she said jokingly.

"So you didn't feel like your heart was going to burst?" Maybe they didn't feel it Relief was in sight.

"I don't remember any pain like that..." Hannah said looking thoughtful. "The only injuries I have is when I crashed my bike the other day..."

"Good." Vala gave a weak smile then chided herself for not saying hello. "Forgive me Rick, tis nice to meet you."

Rick nodded "Nice to meet you too.... If you dont mind me askin, what exactly is your power?"

Tucking her hair behind her ear, she answered, "Telekinsis, telepathy, anything with the mind basically."

Rick nodded slowly. He looked at her "So that was you that yelled in my head?" He asked about a time a couple of days ago

Full of questions isn't he... Hannah thought to Vala as she smiled.

Naedan came to Rick's side and patted his shoulder. "You have much to learn." Questions need answers...if you need anything answered just ask me. She said into his head.

"Yes that would of been me."She answered with a slight blush. And yes he is...are you and him? She narrowed her eyes at the newcomer, hearing what she had said.

Naedan tryed to keep her anger low but it hadn't worked. "If you wouldn't mind, I dont appreciate people I dont know being in my head."

Rick caught the hostility and turned to her "Nae, calm down a little..." He put his hand on her shoulder and gave a worried look. He was worried that Vala would get pissed and send them through the walls.

"Naedan..." Hannah said looking at her. "Remember this is Vala's home...just take it easy..." she said as she stood beside Vala.

"I didn't do anything. I just really wish she would stay out of my head until I get to know her further." Naedan gently shrugged off Rick's shoulder and cast him and soft smile.

Rick gave her a slightly worried nod. He turned back to the others. "So. God's huh? You said you have proof. Show it to me" He said spreading his arms slightly.

Hannah looked at Rick. "We're getting Vala coffee first remember...that stuff can wait..."

On the first floor, a rather ruffled looking Tank knocked on the 'door'. She knew she was welcome, but really didn't want to be there anyway.

Naedan smiled gently and looked at Rick. "Your girlfriend's here."

Rick raised his eyebrows "Yeah?" He turned away "X'cuse me ladies." He walked down the hall and into the elevator.

Don't worry Rick, I don't sense from you any harm, I will not send you or any of my friends through the walls. Vala took in what Naedan had said to her, control the snort that would of come out, then said, "Then you should learn how to guard your mind, you left yourself wide open. Anyone could be 'listening'. Hello Tank She gave Tank a sense a happiness, Welcome again, glad to see you She turned to Hannah, "Coffee, then could you please explain what has been goin on since you left my friend, and who these newcomers are?" Then to her head I sense there are more. How many? Oh I see Tank and Rick, how interesting.

Rick walked out of the elevator and chuckled lightly. He walked to the door and opened it "Hey Tanker. Come on up. Naedan's here, and Hannah, and some Psycick chick."

Hannah nodded. Just one more that I know of...Darvis. she thought with a slight smile. Nadaen and Darvis are the ones i'm staying with...and Rick lives with Tank.

"Vala," Tank confirmed to Rick and nodded her head a little. She looked tired, as if beaten in a game she hadn't wanted to lose. Hello Vala, she responded to the other girl, then emidiatly the mental barriers went up, and they had spikes on them. Tank decided to leave them up, from then on.

Rick frowned slightly "You alright Tanker? You look like your pissed at someone..."

"Pissed? Oh, no not quite," she told him sharply. "I'm tense, annoyed, bothered, and perhaps hostile, but not pissed, oh no, not pissed... And all that, Rick.. is directed at you." She gave him a dark look.

Rick sighed "Why are you pissed at me now?"

"I told you, I'm not pissed," Tank said to him, frowning. "But Rick.." She looked around the room worriedly, then back at him. "These people are crazy. Why would you come here?"

Rick raised his eyebrows "Because i can lift a car over my head with one hand, They seem to know more about it than me, please, if I dont think its any good, ill destroy a couple of walls and we will walk outta here"

She sighed defeatedly. "Fine.. Lead away," she said and made a slight shooing motion with her hand.

Rick smiled and lent forwards, kissing her cheek "Come on." He took her hand and began to walk to the elevator.

Resisting the urge to sigh again, Tank followed unresistingly, but looked more like she wanted to leave than stay.

Rick got into the elevator with her and looked at her with concerned brows "Dont worry, if i get the hint of this being a scam ill knock in some heads and a wall or two."

"I'm not worried about it being a scam," Tank told him as she leaned against the back wall of the elevator. "I'm not worried at all. Like I said, these people are crazy, and somewhat rude and slightly self centered to boot. Even if they aren't lying, and, considered what they, you, and I can do, they probably aren't, then they are still doomed."

Rick hit the stop button on the elevator "What is ityou can do?" He said turning to her.

Tank nearly cursed herself. "Nothing like lifting a car," she told him, unwilling to elaborate.

Rick walked over to her "What can you do?"

She shook her head. "Nothing really special, nothing fighter-esk. It seems useless if you ask me, at least, when you think it has to do with war..."

Rick had her trapped in a corner, he put his hands on the walls either side of her "What is your power Tank? Tell me."

Tank glared at him. "Don't you try to intimidate me!" she snapped. "Look, I can summon scales, all right? I don't even know what they balance or HOW they balance! NOW BACK OFF!" She pushed him hard away from her.

Rick glared at her "You know what? Maybe if you just told me instead of playing word games i wouldnt have had to." He pressed the stop button again, the elevator starting.

"Why'd you want to know anyway?" she asked petulantly.

Rick didnt look at her "It just would be nice to know what my girlfriend's super ability is." He said exasperadly.

Now she was confused. "When did I ever agree to be your girlfriend?"

Rick shrugged "well if you dont want to..." he left it at that.

"I didn't-" Tank began, but cut off when the doors slid open. She sighed and followed Rick out.

Rick walked down the hall and back into Vala's room. "Alright so, what did i miss?"

"Oh nothing much..." Hannah replied as she walked to Vala's bed and sat down.

Rick rubbed his hands together "Right, well. As you probably know im a very impatient person. So, how long will i have to wait before you try and sell me your story about gods?"

Hannah rolled her eyes. "Vala...i'm gonna go show him to the computer room, you can get the coffee started and i'll be back as soon as I can." She stood up and walked to the door. She grabbed Naedan's hand and pulled her to the elevator. "Rick, Tank hurry up...don't wanna disturb the others..."

Rick sauntered in "Comon Tank, this outta be good."

Tank rolled her eyes, but followed hurriedly to match Hannah's speed. "I've been here before you know. I know the story. I met the leader! I saw him.. I saw..." She fell silent, her eyes going to the floor as she continued wordlessly to follow.

"You didn't see his message did you..." Hannah replied as she pressed the number for the computer room. She stepped out finally letting go of Naedan and walked over to the largest computer where she pressed a few buttons making the message that had been left for them fill the screen. "Read." she said stepping back.
Estidny's message[remember come back here after you read it!]

"Sounds like someone wants us to drink the Koolaid," Tank muttered quietly, her eyes calculating as she looked at the screen.

Leaving them in Hannah's capable hands, Vala headed to the kitchen. A strange feeling hit her as she started to make the coffee, it was something from her past. Laughter was in the air, her father was cooking breakfast, a Saturday ritual. Waffles, bacon, and scrambled eggs, her favorite. Odd enough her mother wasn't around, working as usual or having one of her affairs again, so it was up to her to make the coffee. Neither of them liked it strong, but it was the smell they loved best. Her father was telling one of his corny stories, she laughed anyways, cause he was her father, her hero. Blinking away the tears, she slammed the coffee pot into the maker and set it.

Rick read the message and looked at her "This proves nothing. What the hell are... Others?"

Hannah looked up at Rick. "The people who oppose us...the people who want us dead."

Rick glared at the letter for a moment "And do they know who we are?"

"Some of us...but only the ones they have encountered...Chance, Selena and me...oh and Tank of course." Hannah said looking at her. "But on all occasions...we've come out on top. Tank can tell you, she was there when Chance fought the girl...she was there when I stopped the guy kill her parents. But then again they might know about all of us, thats why you must stay on guard at all times, who knows when they might attack..." She switched off the computer and turned to look at them all. "You should meet Chance and Selena, their the last of the bunch...except for Devlin...but we don't know where he is...I think Chance is in the infirmary, resting from the fight and Selena will be with him, shes the healer of the group, you should remember her Naedan, she was at the hospital, Rick I think your the only one who hasn't met her. Is there any questions before we leave?"

Rick nodded "Yeah i have a couple. One, how many of these supposed god's are there? And how come I've never heard of them before?"

Ignoring the fact that she could ask questions, as she didn't have any, Tank walked away and sat in one of the chairs in the room, leaning on her knees with her elbows, head in her hands. She didn't want to remember what happened, or what could of happened, and here this girl was reminding her. She had just convinced herself that had never happened, and yet here it was again. I don't think I like this anymore than I did the first time...

"I don't know how many there are..." Hannah replied to Rick. "And none of us had heard about this until we were brought here."

Suddenly, it clicked. "Thirteen," Tank said, looking up at them as if she just understood something they actually needed. "There are thirteen gods."

Hannah looked at Tank a little surprised. "How do you know that?"

"Because there are thirteen scales," Tank told her honestly before sitting back in her chair and rubbing her forehead.

Rick glanced at the two. "Thirteen? How quaint" He said rolling his eyes "Thirteen gods. Sad. Alright then, what are their names?"

"Do you expect us to know everything..." Hannah asked looking at Rick.

Rick shook his head "If your so devoted to these people you would think that you would know there names."

Hannah glared at Rick. "You are doesn't matter what their names are, all that matters is that we live through this...."

Rick glanced at the now blank screen "How do you know that they are really there huh!? I mean come on! That letter wasnt even singed."

"Who the gods? Even if they're aren't real, we still have a group of people who are equally as powerful as us, hunting us down...wanting us dead. They know about Tank...the girl who fought Chance, she was after Tank...are you prepared to sit back and let them continue to hunt her down, and if they find out about you, which they will, hunt you as well?" Hannah replied watching Rick.

Rick looked at Tank and recieved the familiar heart twang of love. He looked back at Hannah. "You know what? Fine, ill be in it, on one condition, you help me protect Tank and Naedan."

Hannah smiled. She knew the Tank comment would get him. "Sure thing...i'll protect them as best I can."

He looked at her "One more thing, you got a gym? A good one, that would be a challange to me?"

"no sorry, I don't think we do...but you can train with us if you like, challenge yourself against a real opponent." Hannah replied.

Rick chuckled "I would break you." He shook his head "Plus, i have problems with hitting women."

Hannah folded her arms. "Excuse don't know what I can do yet...."

Tank laughed, eyes closed as if against a head ache. "The street urchin skewerd on a trident, like a common shishkabob of fish." She laughed again. "She could really beat you down, love, I wouldn't test her. You may have strength, but she's got range."

It was Rick's turn to laugh, he pulled out a switch blade and flicked it open, Holding out his arm he pushed it down hard and ran it down his arm, normally the skin would burst open but not even a mark was left traced on his arm. "Thick skin baby." He held out the blade "Want to see if its sharp?"

"Thats just a normal blade..." Hannah replied. "My weapon is from a god...bound to be sharper than that." she said pointing at the blade.

Rick shrugged, not really interested anymore. He turned "There you go with that god bullshit again. Ill believe it when one of them talks to me. You get a god to come talk to me then i will start believin that."

"And how exactly do you expect me to get in touch with a god, ring them up on the phone...just forget about the gods for now...ok." Hannah replied.

Rick chuckled "No problem" He looked around "So, what is it that we do now?"

"Well what would you like to do?" Hannah asked him.

Rick turned to her, a thought striking him "Why dont you attack the 'others' back? Why stand around and wait for them to hunt you? Go to them and hit them where it hurts."

"Because we don't know where their base has only been by chance that we have fought them when we have....and the fights have always been out in the open." Hannah replied.

Rick shook his head "What about Vala, cant she use her abilities and find there base?"

"And risk them finding us? We will fight when we are supposed to, and anyway your not ready..." Hannah said watching him.

Rick turned back to her "Not ready? How can i be not ready? Ive spent my entire life looking after myself, i dont need you to tell me now that 'im not ready' Ill tell you when im not ready. And guess what? If they are going to try and hurt Naedan and Tank, then ill hurt them!" He said his arm twitching with anger.

"What you have experienced in your life is nothing like what you are about to experience...the girl that chance fought, she ripped up half the street by the time we got there...who knows what else those people can are strong but are you fast enough to dodge their attacks..." Hannah told him.

"Enough," Tank muttered, still thoughtful, but having been paying attention. "Rick, extra practice won't do you any harm, and Hannah, PLEASE stop patronizing him, even if it's only a by product of you trying to help. Rick can practice and you can do the same. Perhaps together? Where's Vala? Maybe she can help me out with this computer..." She looked up at the computer with a thoughtful scowl.

Rick made a hmph sound. He looked at her and shook his head "Youngest one in the room, and shes tellin everyone else what to do."

Hannah began to laugh. "but her words are very wise..." she said through the laughter.

Rick took a deep breath and shook his head "You know what, i wanna meet these other two, chance and Selina or whatever."

Hannah nodded. "Sure...if thats what you want."

"And I'd like to talk to Vala, if that's at all possible," Tank requested as she stood and walked past them to the controls and stood looking them over, taking it all in without touching anything.

"Tank why don't you call her know how to.." Hannah replied.

"Because I'm not allowing her to enter my mind," Tank answered honestly. It wasn't an unkind answer, just a fact. Her mental walls were still in place and nothing was getting through them without damaging her mind.

Rick shrugged and started to walk out of the room. He stood outside the room and pulled out a smoke. "Hey, anyone got a lighter?"

"Fine i'll call her." Hannah said rolling her eyes. Vala, Tank needs you in the computer room. She stood up. "Theres no smoking in here..." she told Rick as she stood waiting for naedan.

Vala turned the corner stepping into the computer room, she had heard what Tank said, "Thanks Hannah." She took a sip of her coffee, "And by the way Tank you can call me, since you have very good barriers, I won't be able to come inside your mind. I won't do that anyways, unless I have your premission, okay?" She took a lighter out of her pocket, "Here Rick. Always have a spare I say." She gave a small smile.

Tank smiled at the new arrival. "I know, but I also know you ask permission by calling into the person's head. So, I'll stick to physical means if you don't mind. Now.. questions, questions..." she muttered the end and turned to the computer as if trying to figure out where to start.

Rick grinned as he caught the lighter "Sweet." He glanced at Hannah "Come outside, i have more questions." He started to walk down the hall.

Hannah looked at Naedan. "You stay here with Tank and Vala, i'll be back in a minute." She disappeared outside to join Rick. "What is it?"

Rick lit the ciggarette "You said there was 13 gods right? You dont know there names. But do you if they are like the christianity god, you know, all powerful, or are they like the greek gods, like zeus and shit?"


[Wait...are Rick and Hannah outside?]

[yes? i haven't the slightest...]

Naedan looked over at Vala and wondered if she knew about her parents. Frowning she leaned against the wall and looked at the floor, crossing her arms over her chest.

Vala nodded at the other girl, keeping it polite. She took another sip of coffee. "Do you need help with anything Tank?"

"Well..." Tank began slowly, her young mind working furiously. "I was beginning to wonder if this computer could be used to map out the city and basically hone in on areas where the Other's possibly have their hide outs, as well as safe sites to engage them in battle..."

"Good possibility." answered Vala, "I don't believe any of us have checked what the computer can all do."

Hannah looked thoughtful. "I think more like the greek gods...."

Rick nodded and took a deep breath in "Right. Naedan is Air, I am obviously strength, what are you?"

"Water." Hannah replied.

Rick counted them off on his fingers "Strength, water, air, that means there is, fire, earth, thunder, vala is psycic. Im guessing the others would be, Void, gravity, some sort of sonics. Stuff like that"

Hannah smiled. "Not forgetting life, thats Selena and death thats Devlin...."

Rick suddenly intook a breathe, his eyes went wide and his head hit the wall. His face went blank for a minute then returned. He looked at Hannah "I know.. I know who they are...Life-Vidja Death-Kenibade Fire-Saled Water-Baltos Earth-Tirok Air-Zephos Destiny-Caryon Knowledge-Kazban Balance-Lathea Strength-Aklendzer Defense-Badnezer Speed-Tirran Chaos-Riptea" He stared blankly forwards after this burst of information before sinking down into a crouching position.

"How did you do that?" Hannah asked him as she knelt beside him.

Rick stared forwards then back to her "I... I have no idea... It was just like... all of a sudden I knew who they were. I have no idea..." He said dumbfounded.

"So water is Baltos....I wonder if I could find anything our about him...." Hannah said curiously.

Rick looked at her curiously "We should write these down. Tell the others you know?"

"We'll do some research on the names....see if we can find any info on them...might be able to find out what these other people are capable of...." Hannah replied.

Rick stood up slowly and walked back inside, heading for the computer room.

"We might be able to win this after all..." Hannah said smiling as she followed him.

Rick walked into the computer room "Tank, write this down on a word document or something Life-Vidja Death-Kenibade Fire-Saled Water-Baltos Earth-Tirok Air-Zephos Destiny-Caryon Knowledge-Kazban Balance-Lathea Strength-Aklendzer Defense-Badnezer Speed-Tirran Chaos-Riptea"

Hannah sat down and watched everyone in the room.

Tank froze and turned on him, her eyes like fire. "Don't tell me what to do," she said calmly, then turned back to Vala. "Would you be willing to help me with the.. map, I guess we'll have to call it?"

Rick's face twisted slightly and his lip twitched "Ill fuckin do it myself." Goes and grabbs a pen and begins to write them all down on a peice of paper. Then starts filling in names next to them.

Tank got up and walked over to him. Standing just behind him she watched him write while stroking his hair comfortingly. "Your hand writing is attrocious..." she noted quietly before she looked back at Vala, waiting her answer but not stopping her minustrations.

He finished writing them "Whatever you say, spawn of Lathea." He looked at the list. "Im a spawn of Aklendzer"

"We're not spawns of anything...they just gave us their powers...." Hannah said.

Vala smiled at Tank's politeness, "Of course Tank, anything you need."

Rick shrugged "Doesnt matter, spawn sounds better."

Hannah rolled her eyes. "whatever you say..."

Naedan left the room and rubbed her eyes carefully. She felt weird being around them for some reason. She wondered so many things. If they knew of her parents...if they hated her for who her parents were and were just hiding the fact that they didnt want her around.

"Well..." Tank put in awekwardly, then directly at Vala. "Town has a website, right? or at the very least, we have a map somewhere on an atlas sight? We could save it and get an eye from the sky and mark out places where it would be unlikely they are hiding.. Like.. the mall... Which would also be a place we don't want to engage them in battle..." She sighed defeatedly, thinking how much she felt like she was in a mental institution as she sat at one of the computer panels and emediately went to work to find a suitable map.

All the while, Vala nodded her head, sipping at her coffee. "Yes that's a great idea Tank." She smiled at the young woman.

Rick shrugged "Just tell me who to hit and i will." He said and turned away, walking to the door he looked down the hall " Alrightm show me where these good fighters are"

"Apparently in this relationship, I'm the brains and Rick's the brawn," Tank muttered, almost to herself as she worked quickly.

Hannah rolled her eyes. "Selena and Chance will probably be in the you want to go and see them right now?"

Rick raised his eyebrow at her "Jeez... Your like no fun are ya.."

"What do you want me to be like? This isn't exactly a fun situation..." Hannah replied.

Rick shook his head "This shit is so stupid.." He muttered rubbing his forhead "Lets just go and do somethin, obviously im bored."

"Well what would you like to do?" Hannah asked.

Rick shrugged "I have no damn clue, this is your place, what do you do for fun?"

"I was only here a couple of days and most of my time was spent outside so don't get rude with me." Hannah replied.

Rick shook his head "Oi Tanker, im goin out for a while." He said before turnin to Hannah "Right then, lets find somethin intrestin to do

Hannah nodded then left the room.

Rick followed her giving a wave to Tank as he left.

"So...where should we go?" Hannah asked as she stood waiting for him.

Rick shrugged pulling a cigarette out and popping it into his mouth "How about the pub?"

"Sure, whatever..." Hannah replied as she turned to walk away.

As they walked outside Rick looked at Hannah "Hey do you have a problem with me Hannah?"

Hannah looked at him and sighed. "no...I just don't want to get too close to anyone in the current situation. I'm not to good at making friends anyway..." she said smiling. "I started to get to know this guy and he was rude to me so I broke his nose...probably not the best way to make friends."

Rick chuckled "Well seems intrestin, your going to love this bar. Wanna drive?"

"Sure, we'll take my car of course..." Hannah said as she pulled her keys from her pocket.

Rick made a motion with the cigarette "Aloud to smoke in your car?"

"Sure, i'll just put the roof down..." Hannah said as she climbed into the drivers seat and put the key into the ignition. She pressed a small button on the dashboard and the roof of the car folded away.

Rick lit the smoke and nodded as he opened the door and sat down "Right, head to the east."

"Ok..." Hannah said as she followed his directions. "Whats this place like?"

Rick shrugged "Pretty rowdy, your better off causing havok when you get there."

"Think there will be any cute guys?" Hannah asked whilst smiling.

Rick laughed "Cute guys? Dunno, do you like scars and broken noses?"

Hannah laughed. "Not particularly."

Rick shrugged as they pulled out outside a roudy bar "You probably wont find what you need here then."

Hannah parked the car then got out. "I'll let you go in first..."

Rick laughed softly and got out, going straight in the bar went silent for a moment before a guy was tossed out head first and hit the floor, everyone started cheering and the noise went back to normal. Rick opened the door "Come on." He said motioning to Hannah

Hannah followed him in. "i'll let you get the first round in."

Rick laughed and the roudy bar there were people singing and laughing all over the place, Rick going straight to the bar and ordering two drinks of beer.

Hannah went and sat down at an empty table and waited for Rick to bring over the drinks.

Rick brought over the two beers and sat down grinning "Now this is fun!"

"Yeah I suppose it is..." Hannah said smiling as she took her beer. She took a long drink of it then set it down.

Rick picked up his beer and Hannah's as a guy was knocked back through the table, Rick laughed then handed Hannah her beer again.

Hannah took her beer and smiled. "So violence makes you happy?"

Rick shrugged "Its how ive been brought up, everything is violence, hate, happiness."

"Oh...I like violence." Hannah replied.

Rick chuckled "Right then, lets start a brawl." he said grinning.

"are you serious?" Hannah asked.

Selena wandered down the street. She was thinking to herself about the past few days. This is all crazy. I haven't told my mom and I havent gotten any of my clothing. She turned on a cross street. I need clothing. To my house I must go.

Rick snorted "Of course i am!"

Hannah shrugged. "Ok then, show me what you got." she said smiling.

Rick stood up and winked at her then turned to all the others "OI YOU LOT OF~" He then began a long strand of insults, when he finished he grinned "YOUR ALL PATHETIC, WHO WANTS TO FIGHT!?" They roared and instantly a baroom brawl started out.

Hannah sat laughing, tears filling her eyes. "I gotta get in on this.." she said then stood up and without a seconds thought swung her fist into the stomach of a brawling drunkard.

Rick started swinging, but as usual he had to hold himself back, someone in the far side started throwing bottles, one flew straight for Hannah

Hannah saw the bottle at the last second and tried to move out of the way. The chiped neck of the bottle sliced across her arm, blood spilling from the wound. Hannah winced in pain but continued fighting.

Rick growled at the man and grabbed a tabletop "YOU KNOW THE RULES!" He tosses the table and it goes past everyone and smashes against the guy that threw the bottles. Everyone stopped

Hannah looked at Rick. "i'm fine, it's just a scratch..." she said as blood continued to pour from the wound.

Rick growled "Scratch? Bullshit, come on." He said walking out.

Hannah quickly followed him out. "whats wrong with you?" she said as she placed a hand over the wound.

Rick turned to her "Whats wrong with me? They are wrong with me, people who dont follow the damn rules!"

"What rules...we were fighting. There usually isn't rules when you fight." Hannah replied.

Rick looked at her "There is in that place."

"Well I didn't know that. I'm really doesn't hurt." Hannah said.

Rick pulled out a cigarette and popped it into the side of his mouth and lit it "Let me be the judge of that." He said and reached for her arm "Gimmie."

Hannah reluctantly took her hand away from the bloody wound and showed Rick her arm.

Rick inspected it carefully, looking at the depth and length.

"So am I gonna live?" Hannah asked with a smile.

Rick gave her a dry look "Yeh i spose." He said and let go of her arm and puffed on his cigarette "So now what?"

At the corner of the street, there was a thump and loud curse. Ren sat up on her knees, glaring at the brake in the sidewalk she had accidentally made and caused herself to trip and fall before turning back to pick up the food she had dropped and put it back in its bags. Before going out, just to make sure she didn't stand out as anything more than a hostile punk, she had tucked her amulet inside her shirt so it wasn't noticable.

Hannah looked round at the new person on the street. She shrugged and turned back to Rick. "Wanna have a little fun with" she said smiling.

Rick winked "You know it." He cracked his knuckles

Hannah gave a small smirk as she leaned against the wall, a small puddle forming at her feet. She quickly directed the flow of the water soaking Ren and her bags. She quickly looked away, trying not to laugh.

Ren stopped when the water soaked her and her bag. She let out a sigh and rubbed her forehead. She didn't have time for this. He started stacking the things that had survived the water.

Hannah sent another jet of water towards Ren.

Ren dodged it with the least amount of effort that was possible before returning to stacking her things. She still ignored them as if they weren't there.

Hannah rolled her eyes and sighed. "I'm so in the mood to fight one of those other them that we are the more powerful..."

Rick snorted "And what am i supposed to do?" He asked and winked at Hannah.

Sighing in submitted annoyance, Ren stood, her things in her arms (only two packs of cookies and the tuna had survived) and started to walk past them to return home.

Rick's foot slid out "Whoops." He said as it came just infront of Ren's as she walked by.

Ren was furious the instant it caught her and the food skittered across the pavement and she was on her feet again in an instant, her fist tightly clenching the front of his shirt. "What's the big idea you street thug? Think your balls are bigger than your brain? If so, you're wrong, because you don't have either," she snapped at him, her reddish eyes glaring daggers into his.

"Hey calm down, it was an accident..." Hannah said watching Ren. "Come on Rick, let's go.." She said suddenly feeling very uneasy.

Rick growled at her, his face darkening "I advise ya for yer health ta let go of me shirt."

"Gladly," Ren replied darkly, releasing his shirt with a push to his chest. She looked disgusted. "It's covered with your filth anyway. You're in luck, though. I believe it's supposed to rain tonight. Maybe you can wash off one layer of grime the streets coated you with and perhaps snag yourself a hooker real cheap." She turned back the way she came, heading back toward the store.

"Rick let's just go back to the base..." Hannah said quickly. "i'll let you drive..."

Rick's hands went to the lightpost next to him as he half crushed the metal, his eyes scowling on the girl. "Fucking skank." He muttered wanting nothing more than to hit her.

"Brainless dick," Ren hissed back, giving him a last glare and shake of her head before she turned the corner and left.

Rick growled "Fucking slut.." He muttered moving fowards "OI, GET BACK HERE!"

Ren rolled her eyes and continued walking.

Rick turned and picked up the only thing that was near, a mailing bin, he ripped it out of the ground and tossed it, it smashing into the wall next to her "OI! IM TALKING TO YOU BITCH!"

Ren paused, looked at the fallen mail bin and smashed wall calmly, having not even flinched, then slowly turned to look at Rick, raising an eyebrow. "And?" she asked, disinterestedly. "I really do have better things to do than talk to a street rat who binges on garbage as a delicacy. I think everyone does, really."

Rick walked towards her his eyes livid "You are so gonna regret that."

"I never regret telling the truth," Ren told him honestly, making move to run away. She stood defiantly before him. "And while I'm at it, I should tell you that your breath stinks from that garbage, so you really should stop talking. And this whole display of macho-ness your attempting? Not working for you. You still look like a pathetic dumpster diver, starving for attention."

Naedan walked along to road back to her house. Looking around she frowned and shivers ran up her spine.

Come on then you little skank." Rick muttered growling, now close enough he burst forwards with surprising speed and try and tackle the girl.

Ren sidestepped out of the way and looked at him with acute annoyance, as one might a bug. "Go away. You're bothering me."

Rick skidded to a halt and advanced slowly.

Ren just glared at him with mild annoyance. "Why do you insist on this nonsense? I don't have the time, you don't have the brains. Leave me be," she snapped irritably.

Rick swung at her, a ribs shot, not holding back at all.

Ren dodged, but just barely. Taking a few steps back, she looked at him incredulously. "Are you crazy? What's your problem! Get away from me, I don't have time for this!"

Rick growled "Havent got time for this? You shouldnt have pissed me off then!"

"Maybe you should get over yourself! You have the pride of a pampered prince with the brains of the villiage idiot!" Ren yelled right back. She was quite a few steps away now, her stance defensive as she glared at him. She wouldn't strike, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to protect herself.

Rick looked to the side and saw another pole "G'day sunshine" He muttered and ripped it out of the ground and held it like an oversize baseball bat.

Ren groaned. Damn this brat. She really didn't want to show him she was an Other. So instead, she feigned shock, quite well actually. "Oh my... What are you?!" she yelled at him, taking more steps back.

Rick grinned softly "Your worst fucking nightmare." He growled and swung it low, aiming for her legs.

Ren jumped the pole, but it clipped her foot and she landed hard on her back. Sitting up, holding her side to try and catch her wind again, she quickly tried to get up. It didn't work and she fell to a knee, eyes opening to look at him. This guy really was crazy. She forced herself unsurely to her feet and took up the defensive stance again. "Stop it..." she said, her voice tight from the blow.

Rick laughed softly and dumped the pole on the side he walked towards her "And pray tell, why should I?"

"So you can take a bath with this," Ren said and spat viciously in his face, still breathing hard. Her heart hurt.

Rick shoved a palm flat for her chest, not restricting himself this time either.

Unable to dodge, Ren had to take it, slamming hard into the ground and cracking the pavement. She coughed, blood coming from her mouth, her eyes tight with pain. "What is your problem?" she asked roughly, trying to sit up but she was damaged somewhere in her chest and it was restricting her breathing greatly and made it hard to move, so she lay back on the broken ground.

Rick came over her, lifting her up with her shirt he spat in her face "Take your bath, you might need it." He said before dropping her back and turning to walk away.

Ren nearly passed out from the pain. She reach up with a shaky hand and touched the saliva. She moved it away to look at her hand, then at Rick in something close to shock before her face contorted with fury and she forced his gag reflex to stick, making his body feel the need to regurgitate it's contents. She forced herself to her feet, half delirious and tried to walk back home, but it was a slow and nearly 'fall over and never wake up' walk.

Rick heaved once, then twice, then lent against the wall throwing up all over the floor, then doing it again, and again. Feeling horrible.

Looking up and away from Tank, Vala felt a 'ripple' in the 'world'.She did a quick check everyone on, then sent a message, Hannah?

Don't ask...Hannah replied as she ran to Rick. "Are you ok?"

Rick hurled again, almost throwing up before swallowing it down, tears in his eyes "Ergh.." He muttered wiping his face

"Do you need to go to the hospital..." Hannah asked watching him nervously.

Rick closed his eyes and growled "It was that bloody bitch... She did summat to me.. Shes one o them others."

"How do you know? You might just be sick..." Hannah replied quickly looking at the distant figure of Ren.

Rick coughed again "Firstly, nobody can take a beating like that and still stand.. Secondly it only started after she got pissed with me

"You want me to go after her?" Hannah asked.

Rick coughed "Nah... Lets just go.." He muttered as distant sirens started "Maybe pretty fast.."

Hannah grabbed his arm and helped him to her car. "Back to the base I guess."

Rick could mostly walk by himself but accepted Hannah's help as he walked around to the car and got into the passanger side

Hannah ran round and jumped into the drivers side and slipped on a pair of sunglasses. "Let's get out of here." She said as she turned the cd player up full then sped off.

Rick just sat there, not feeling the best and watched as things flew past, not caring.

"Hey that was some fun huh...I get my arm sliced open and you have chronic vomiting...gotta do it again some time..." Hannah said then laughed.

Rick laughed softly, the sickness passing "Hey you know.. that was better than lyin around doin nothin

"Yeah I suppose it was..." Hannah said smiling now. "So some stitches for me and some sickness pills for you, they're never going to let us go out together again."

Rich suddenly started laughing hard "What the hell eh? We go out to the bar and end up gettin your arm cut deep, and me throwin up all over the place and you drunk more than i did!

Hannah laughed. "Do you think the others will be mad at us...think that we're irresponsible and childish.." she said then laughed again.

Rick looked at Hannah "Yeah acorrdin to Tanker im already irrisponsible Childish and got no brains."

"I don't care what people think of me..." Hannah glanced at Rick. "so you and's a couple?"

Rick sighed "I dunno hey... i mean like, most o the time shes just yellin at me.. or throwin things." He chuckled "Dont get me wrong i love to piss her off, but like.. it aint all fun and games."

"Doesn't sound very fun..." Hannah replied. "She doesn't sound like she has much fun..."

Rick shrugged and grinned at Hannah "Hell maybe i can cheer her up and make her stop bein so responsible and let her have more fun eh..? Or like... I dont know..." He said looking out of the car again.

"Yeah she needs to loosen up a little, have some fun." Hannah said as she gave a devilish grin and pressed her foot down onto the accelerator, now going well over the speed limit.

Rick yawned and stretched back "You callin this fun? You should let me drive" He winked at her.

"If you want.." Hannah said then quickly put her foot on the brakes, the wheels of the car screeching loudly as they stopped. She jumped from the car.

Rick slid over and waited for her to get in "You know... you might regret this" He said grinning, he then put a hand on her thigh "Dont worry, i wont dint your car." He laughed softly and put the car in neutral, revvs it, revvs it again. " you ready?"

"Let's me what you got." Hannah said smiling.

Rick slammed the accelerator and dropped the clutch, once, tcie, three times, the tyres spinnin on the spot till they reached third gear then taking off with a jerk and accellerating fast, sliding it into fourth then down to third again as he drifts around a corner "NOW THIS IS FUN!" He calls

Hannah laughed. "This is awesome!" She shouted.

Rick kept tacking corners faster and closer, sometimes missing by mere inches, but he never scratched the car. Suddenly he turned, pulled up the hand brake and dropped it. The car spun and skidded to a halt outside the base "Now that driving." He muttered.

"I'll have to let you drive more often..." Hannah said as she smiled at him.

Rick chuckled "If you did you would be paying for tyres very very often.." he muttered getting out and looking to see how much wear he caused.

Hannah got out if the car and locked it. "Back to the boring life of the base..."

Rick motioned to her "Hey what about the hood?" He asked pulling out a cigarette and lighting it, then pulling out another and offering it to her "Here try it.."

Hannah took the cigarette and lit it. She took a small puff and choked slightly. She laughed then tried again, this time not choking.

Rick walked behind her and instructed her on how to breathe the smoke in, by using the air on the sides which is where he touched her.

Hannah gradually began to smoke normally. "So you think we can be friends now..." she said as she smiled at Rick.

Rick grinned at her "Yeah sure thing Hannah, your pretty cool" He said and finished his cigarette "Now lets get your arm looked at."

Hannah nodded then finished her cigarette. "your not to bad yourself..." she said as she walked past him and lightly slapped his cheek in a playful manner.

Rick laughed openly and followed her inside "Alright which way?"

"In the elevator." Hannah said walking to it and stepping inside. "Come on..." she said smiling.

Rick got into the elevator and looked at her arm "Give me that.." he said and took her hand and lifted her arm, inspecting the cut. "Damn that must have hurt.."

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