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The Hi-Mail page where you can voice your experiences, post screenshots (uploaded from deviantart or some such other site if possible, we want to uphold the uploading art rules after all, naturally ^^)

1.) [Wes Foxx]

Aren't you sick of the dreaded "Hi!" elfmail! They all end up like this:

~The looser~hi!

~You~ Hello.
(irl: *Sigh* not another one of these. I hope they'll just go away now.)

~The looser~hi! wut do u wanna talk bout

~You~ Dunno. You?
(irl: What the ****... I don't even WANT to talk to you, hell, I've only just been able to glance at your house and all you have is this 3 line "0mgz!!!!!11" s*** that no one cares about, not even other loosers like you.)

~The looser~ wut du u wnna talk about?

~You~ *Don't reply*
(irl: ...What the...god damn son of a... I... you... *eye twitch*)

~The looser~ heloooooo?

~You~ Sorry, I was busy {make up some random BS excuse}
(irl: *Incoherent with pissed offed-ness* What... and... stupid... son of a... They can't even spell "hello" right?!?)

~The looser~ o. thts 0k. so wut do u wna takl abot?

~You~ Sorry, I gotta go. (Note: you really dont)
(irl: Oh dear god, someone get this pathetic looser spellcheck for the love of god...)

~The looser~ k.

~You~ *You have logged out.*
(irl: Did you REALLY have to send me a f***ing ONE LETTER MESSAGE to tell me you heard me?!? I checked your house, you've been here for FIVE MONTHS! Get with the freakin' program you pathetic looser. If I for some reason CARED that some 10 year old read my message, I'd check my messages and see if you'd read it or not. Jeez. And now I've been forced to log out when I didn't want to because you just wouldnt shut up)

But they haven't gone away. They will continue to come back and give you 4 word long, badly spelled and internet-chat-ized comments like "ur pic iz k00l" until you block them.

2.) [Wes Foxx] again ><

The same person will simultaniously:
1- expect you to strike up a conversation off of nothing but "hi"
2- will then do nothing to actually encourage conversation for 3 or 4 posts, then some actually have the nerve to tell me, and i quote: "go away now". double-you tee eff.
3- they will constantly harrass you if you dont respond promptly with "heloooo r u dere", until 4-...
4- they ask what you want to do/talk about. You try to talk to them. repeat steps 2 and 3. Naturally they are still talking in netspeek and say "wut u wana takl bout" or "wut u wana du", completely ignoring spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
5- you kindly point anything they've done to deserve a verbal ass-kicking. they get pissed and try to incriminate you or meld into the the pity wh*re who posts angst, sorrow, and suicide threats all over every inch of elftown they find.

3.) [Inoni] - A conversation between me and a boy from my school a few days ago...

Fr0zt B1te: hi

Inoni: ^_^ Oh, hi Chad, how are you today?

Fr0zt B1te: good u

Inoni: I'm doing al-

Fr0zt B1te: wat u wanna talk about

Inoni: I don't really know, actually...

Fr0zt B1te: well thnk off sumthin damnit

Inoni: No thank you, actually...

Fr0zt B1te: jus say sumthin

Inoni: You know what would be amusing? If said something actually INTELLIGENT for once!

Fr0zt B1te: ur a whor

Inoni: Oh, really now? How so?

Fr0zt B1te: Lok at urself u slut

Inoni: I don't really see what you're talking about.

Fr0zt B1te: shut the fuck up u fuckin slut!!!!! *logs off*

4. [Kelaria]

Just check out my wiki: Nancy's List of Terms Violators

4. [swabloo] a conversation i had not so long ago...

From: [nick234]
To: [swabloo]

hi will u chat to me

From: [swabloo]
To: [nick234]

is that really how you would approach someone in real life, or are you just acting stupid?
i, among many of my friends here, don't answer to those 'hi will u b my friend' sort of messages.
but thankyou for the realisation that i need to put that in my bio.

From: [nick234]
To: [swabloo]

so do u wanna chat 2 me or not

From: [swabloo]
To: [nick234]

*sigh* another person with the brain capacity of a slug. i'm thankful i have buisness elswhere.

(i had to go to school at this point)

From: [nick234]
To: [swabloo]

wat does dat mean

From: [swabloo]
To: [nick234]

¬¬ *sweat drop*

From: [nick234]
To: [swabloo]

wat u mean sweet drop

(i logged out after that... i couldn't take it any more >.<)

6.) [swabloo] this is a conversation minutes after i joined this wiki, and seconds after i put the warning in my house.

From: [tracy burak]
To: [swabloo]

hi how are you

From: [swabloo]
To: [tracy burak]


excuse me, but do i know you? how do you expect me to strike up a conversation with a question like that?

From: [tracy burak]
To: [swabloo]


From: [swabloo]
To: [tracy burak]

o.O excuse me?

(that's all that's happened so far.. if the person responds, i'll post it up here)


[lil_miss forgot(and feels so stupid)]: Hi [I’ll giver her credit. She capitalized it.]
[tuff ghost]: What do you waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant?!
[lil_miss forgot(and feels so stupid)]: Sorry i just wanted to talk
[tuff ghost]: Then go ahead.
[lil_miss forgot(and feels so stupid)]: do what
[tuff ghost]: Talk your heart out.
[lil_miss forgot(and feels so stupid)]: what do you want to talk about
[tuff ghost]: Whatever you want to talk about. It’s your responsibility, I think. Right of way, or something. You started firrst. Well, for lack of nothing better, how about politics?
Then we proceeded to chat about politics, which is when I learned that “[lil_miss forgot(and feels so stupid)]” is violently anti gay marriage. I called her a homophobe. She asked me what THAT was. Then she forgot what we were talking about. I called her a homophobe again. Then...
[lil_miss forgot(and feels so stupid)]: whatever
no response by me
[lil_miss forgot(and feels so stupid)]: leave me alone


[Wes Foxx], immediately after logging in.

[kind hearted]: hi howz u

I've created a copy-pasteable response for these now, by the way :)

*You have been blocked. Visit Hi-Mail if you are unsure why you were blocked.
We hope that you will read a person's description before messaging them in the future.

Username (or number or email):


2005-06-02 [Inoni]: Ohhh.... I had the BEST conversation for here, but I seem to have lost it! >_> I'm gonna go double check for it...

2005-06-02 [Inoni]: Haha! Found it!

2005-06-02 [Wes Foxx]: thats classic.

2005-06-05 [Taresuke]: I'm still talking to a Hi-Mailer >< God, go away >< This is the last message I've got so far. "kl kk i like da cartoon pic dat u drew that was pretty kl" *shoots self* What does KL mean?!

2005-06-05 [Wes Foxx]: cool I assume oO thats when you sed them 1. the link to this page, or 2. send them the commentaries

2005-06-06 [~Saraneth~]: wow [Inoni]'s conversation was pretty bad. . . and hilarious at the fact this guy was sooooooo dumb and disfunctional

2005-06-07 [Wes Foxx]: there are plenty of people like him -_- *sighs*

2005-06-10 [NamelessMerc]: I really wish I saved those random conversations... There are so many of them to be given to the Internet for the enjoyment of those who can spell...

2005-06-12 [~Saraneth~]: lol Yes exploit those dumbasses all! I hate them so much . . . .

2005-06-12 [NamelessMerc]: I was actually quite surprised that I managed that without typos (O_O)

2005-07-28 [Cathos]: If I see a "hi" message in my inbox, I go to the house of the member, block them, then delete the message without opening it.

2005-11-06 [swabloo]: hmm i'm definitely going to put my recent 'hi' message ;) .. although, somethimes commenting on their spelling/punctuation/lack of grammer can be worse, because they just say stuff like 'wat u meen' or they repeat their earlier question, in hopes you'll reply in terms they can understand oO

2005-11-06 [Wes Foxx]: XD that person's response just cracked me up. Id much rather get some random person confessing powerful love/lust for me out of the blue than speaking in english that, from personal experience, is far worse than people who don't even know english as their first language.

2005-11-09 [swabloo]: lol yeah i agree with you X3 'cept i've never even seen/heard of that person in my life o.o

2005-11-10 [~Saraneth~]: Ok curiosity led me to something that is lmao worthy ^_^ . . .

2005-11-10 [Wes Foxx]: Thats something that you usually find on a self-satyrical webcomic. Xx too much high-level english class thinking has totally screwed with my vocabulary.

2005-11-10 [swabloo]: plus, i was in a bad mood ^^

2006-07-27 [kittykittykitty]: That's funny Anna :P Though it does say on her house "i forget stuff[i have bad memory]" so what did you expect ;)

2006-07-27 [tuff ghost]: Hahahaha! You have a good point. I totally failed to connect the dots on that one.

2006-08-28 [It Comes Like Fire]: thats hilarious

2008-11-27 [Alexi Ice]: Ok, can anyone add stupid conversations here, because I have some good ones.

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