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The Dreaded "hi" Elfmail!


This is a wiki page that I ([Wes Foxx]) formed as a shadow-page of Take Elftown Back, one specifically for people to voice their hatred of this most dreaded and all too frequent event. Add your experiences to it on the Hi(t) List (for some reason you may have to edit the page to see the info there ><) and

add your name to this list to join!


1.) [Wes Foxx] - Creator and POed kitsune who will be smearing his anti-hi example rant in the message box of the next non-newbie to commit this attrocity.
2.) [~Saraneth~] Your average conversation lover who is sick and tired of these lame messages that clutter my message box and just well . . . make me wanna burn those people who sent them!
3.) [Taresuke] - Yes! Someone finally made a wiki for people against this mail >< I get one word messages almost everyday. It's really discouraging to check your mail and see that all it is, is "Hi."
4.) [Linn Scarlett] atleast TRY to say something!
5.) [LeafyGreenPuddle]...Hi.   ;)
   I like to toy with the kind hearted folks who drop in to just say hi. They leave my house either A-mildly amused, B-perturbed (which leaves me mildly amused), or C-slightly illuminated and coming back for more. Try it. I know, I know.. it's a crazy way to turn the "hi" problem around... but it only takes a pebble to create countless waves. *pokes you with the Zen stick*
6.) [Catlover] I feel a bit guilty getting at the people saying 'hi' - after all, they're only trying to be friendly. But then when you get a follow-up message saying 'why haven't you replied?' (or 'y avnt u rpld'), I get annoyed. Because you didn't give me anything to reply to!
7.)[FiSHr.] - Its so annoying...why cant they at least ask how ones day has been...its ridiculous.
8.) [Kelaria] - I just can't stand it! It happens to me ALL THE TIME! I'm SO sick of it! I will definitely be adding my offenders page to the hit list page!
9.) [abandonedhouse7 7] ARGH! I even have a notice near the top, but do they read it? To hell they do!
10.)[Azuri] GAHHH at one word messages. i try not to do them i just wish others put the same effort into it!
11.)[Elmiira] WHAT COULD I HATE MORE THAN THESE! I have written in my house with big letters that I don't want to get any of these "hi" messages, but nobody seems to read even that. I still get them as much as before.
12.)[Grey Eyes] When they say "hi" I know they haven't even looked at my house, where it specifically states I don't except messages shorter than three words x.x
13.) [Oude acc van Melcinítan] Is it really that hard to say more than just hi.... -_-"
14.) [Metalelf] GAHHHH! I TOLD people I didn't want to be sent random 'hi' messages. And they still don't listen!
15) [Blue Hawk] I also warned people not to send "hi" messages. I hate one word messages, and I make a point of writing long messages with atleest one sentence.
16.) [Martox Stormclaw] I was forced to place a warning at the top of my house about one word or extremely short messages because I got so POed about them. It's mind boggeling how people can't create a cognitive sentance! >_<;
17.) [AbLam] And then they expect you to provide the conversatioN!
18.) [girl. interrupted.] I will never forget my convo with [whore with a cause] (now [Happy to be.] The ET guards made her clean up her act.)
19.) [Artsieladie] How about the 'what's up?' message? I don't like this one, either!!!
20.) [Giganto Coconuts] ditto^
21.) [Saray] It just makes me want to......*clenches teeth viciously* The lack of creativity! The lack of ability to converse! Plus it NEVER EVER turns into a good conversation.
22.) [Leelo]- I don't mind them, I just won't respond to them.
23.) [hercules the legend]- I can't stand to see a "Hi" message it gets on my nerves and it makes me want to just CHEW THEM OUT!!!
24. [Whisper Sweet Nothings]- hmm i like this wiki ^_^
25.) [Kuramasgirl]- I'm just sick of people messaging me like that -.- It really wastes my time.
26) [Crow T. Robot] Those suck so bad. Sure I'll join.
27.[Qqqqqqjdidbfjd] *joins*
28.) [Tehrror] Messages likes these that makes me raise an eyebrow and go... "Umm.."
29.)[sequeena_rae] Like I can have a conversation with THAT!
30.)[VivaciousVixen] i love to talk to people. i love conversation. Sometimes even intelectual ones, but i absolutely cannot stand it when hi, hey, hello, or wazzup appears in my message box. Hi, just thought i would say hi is fine, but just hi? Come on, we have brains for a reason.
31.)[Kiddalee] - I wouldn't call myself a true hater of Hi-Mail, but I can see the stupidity and problems with it. Just a few minutes ago, I answered a "hi" with, "Am I so boring that you can't think of anything to say to me?"
32.)[swabloo] it's nice to fine people who can hold an intelligent conversation and don't cut out all the vowels.
33. [Joakim] hi mail is perhaps the most annoying thing about elftown. stop sending them!!
34. [albert] I really don't see whats so bad about full sentences and a decent amount of correct spelling
35. [kittykittykitty] Never again will I feel the need to answer a one-word message
36. [Chimarwa] Can´t they write something else?
37. [Piggly_wiggly]
38. [~Zander~] Nothing would be as sweet as to watch the heads of these incoherent people, fall from their lifeless bodies from sheer ignorance.
39. [POG] Drives me WILD!!!!!!! (with anger, i mean @_@)
40. [grey wanderer]Hi is a greeting. I have no problem with it so long as it is followed by something with meaning!!!
41. [LRMMMM] grrr I now hate the word 'hi', it drives me mad! grrrr kill all 'hi'ers!
42. [Morbid Carrot] I hate those mails. AND I've just become member 42! Hitchhiker, anyone?
43. [Frivalicious] I hate those bloody Hi-mails!!
44. [Blasphemous Rumours] Hi! Or not... Grr
45. [Ayeaka] Irritating as hell.
46. [pink floyd] *joins* Hi-Mail... I get alot of these... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
47.[Cyto] Call me cruel but I toy around with them and eventualy block them. (insert maniacle laughter)
48. [ACCOUNT DELETED.] I hate 'Hi' mail. With a passion.
49.[tuff ghost] Hi.
50. [Beatify me Capt'n]How on earth do people put up with those?
51. [Moonlit Serenade] I don't even answer them anymore. They annoy me so much!
52. [The Purity of Brutality]
53. [Terrsaa] If they're going to waste my time, they could at least have the decency to EXTRAORDINARILY waste my time. I like to send them here
54. [speakyourwords] hi. xD
55. [Tigers and Trees] Stop boring me!
56. [Nekko fox] Stop sending me the one syllable messages you pedantic, dotarded excuse for reprobates!
57. [sky fox] i don't know you, i don't want to know you. one word 'hi' messages show a lack of what to say. come back when you take the time to actually read my house. i still get these messages despite the giant HI MESSAGES WILL BE IGNORED sentence at the start of my house.
58. [Avrora_Black] Seriously,did I study English for 10 years so I can use it that way? It's not fair to be treated like that,especially when the messages are written more in phonetics stype than regular...HI messages such!!! They tell nothing of the writer adn are absolutely useless
59. [silent_voice] It is absoloutly thick to just say hi, you either read their house and have something intellegent to say, or you GO AWAY!
60. [Novvy] Yay, I got 60. I totally agree. Have some content in your messages people! Love getting messages, would just like to be able to reply to something..!
61.[Jitter] hijk :P/worship
62. [DeadSockMonster] Sixty-two. Mm, nummy number.
63. [Galatea] Whole sentences are nice.
64. [light.]
65. [Viking] I respond to all 'hi' messages with the text from the web page <URL:>. Sometimes people even thank me.
66. [Triv] I seem to get one-line messages on a daily basis..... I love a deep conversation but "he, wa's up" or any other of the hundreds of pointless messages I've seen serve only to anger me... And realize that people are idiotic.
67. [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice] When I message someone, I'm either messaging them with a question about their house, or about a picture they have posted. I don't message someone just for the hell of it. I WOULD LOVE IT IF PEOPLE WOULD TREAT ME THIS WAY ALSO!!!
68. [Duke Devlin] Its just ANNOYING.
69. [ForeverNothing] finally someone does sommin!
70. [Avatar15] If your going to message, have a conversation. On top of it, don't forget what your saying, act stupid, make type-o's, then get mad at US. It makes me giggle how 23 year olds can type worse than me... "I support good grammar, I am part of the 'save the vowels' movement, I am anti-txt-talk".
71. [ljkfdjgklhdfjke efhejf] "Sup?" Me: *closes door*
72. [Druid Fables] Tired of those one worded messages that give you nothing to reply to.
73.[Disko-tecka]If you've got something to say,say it literate SENTENCES not words.Otherwise,don't even bother messaging me unless I KNOW you.D<
74. [Erubeus] Geez... -rolls eyes and beats one worders with a broom-
75. [Fetish Dolly Koneko™] Words cannot describe my frustration..
76. [Todd van elslande] why cant theese "hi" people read my only rule. or are they all to brain-dead to read proper english.
77. [Iruvielle] They need to learn the art of conversation!!!
78. [Ayaka] why is it that the 12 year old n00blets always talk in txt speak? do they think it's cool?
79.[HardRockAngel] A message containing nothing but "if ya', 'could ya' and 'hun' was the final straw for me. ENOUGH!!!
80. [How to Break a Fucking Piano]
81. [Alexi Ice] - I. Swear. To. God. If I get another 'hi were du u life?' message I'm gonna strangle myself...rather..I'm going to strangle the person who sent me the message.
82. [LynnAnneBrown] My mother always said the "Hi" was the first word that ever came out of my mouth. But like a good message, plenty more followed.
83. [Rice] 'Hi-mail' makes me want to punch babies >8(.

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2005-08-24 [AbLam]: Whoa..bitchslapped! Toucher!

2005-08-24 [Yiwerra]: O____O  whoa ... that was a .... strong reaction O_o

2005-08-24 [AbLam]: Yeah, but it was pretty good!

2005-08-24 [~Saraneth~]: *bows* thank you, thank you! lol, and just in case I blocked her. I only feel bad she was the random, unfortunate cyberer that ended up getting all of that. Not that I'm a coward, I just hate getting those messages that say cunt in reply because they are just effectively uncreative. 

2005-08-24 [AbLam]: Yeah, I know what you mean. They just clog up my inbox. And plus, they make no point. Plus, I think the word cunt is totally retarded.

2005-08-25 [Your Favorite Stranger]: Yeah for some reason, there's just something about that word. I agree with you guys wholeheartedly.

2005-08-25 [hot_gurl3]: oh yea right so im the 'random unfortunate cyberer'.as if u had ANY idea of who iam nd wot i do.did i ensult u like..AT ALL!!!1?!?/!?/?!1ANYWHERE????wot the HELL s ur problem????u shoudl go and learn 2 deal w/ ur aggressions.i just askd u, and ur ensulting me lik THAT?!1now whos childish madame?i dunt feel ensultd tho,b/c i know that wot u say bout me isnt tru and u just hav 2many problms w/ urslef thats y u talk 2 me lik that.go read my diary for any not intrestd in an argument w/ u

2005-08-25 [Stray Kitty]: Okay. Calm down. I would like to point out that you are the agressive one here. You are the one that is getting angry. You asked her in a very rude way and she responded much more maturely than you did.

2005-08-25 [hot_gurl3]: ah relaly?! so b/c i used 1 one word ('bitchin') it means im mor ensulting then she was?!? aha. nice to no ur rulez. btw, i HAVE freins. u can jsut look at my relationlst

2005-08-25 [Stray Kitty]: I did not say insulting I said aggressive. There is a difference.

2005-08-25 [hot_gurl3]: oh ^^

2005-08-25 [Stray Kitty]: I'm sure that she did not mean to insult you personally, it's just that there are a lot of other people with similar names that might've offended her.I'm not saying it's right, just inderstandable.

2005-08-25 [hot_gurl3]: hmmm, well everythings undrstandable isnt it. but y did i deserve to be associated with others..

2005-08-25 [AbLam]: Cause that's what this wiki is listing for cyberers. The name should tell all. Apparently, you were a potential cyberer.

2005-08-25 [hot_gurl3]: ah. well so wotsup

2005-08-25 [AbLam]: Hi-mail...sits in a corner and rocks back and forth..hi-mail...

2005-08-25 [Yiwerra]: O_O   O_o 

2005-08-25 [Wes Foxx]: hi-mail, in broken leet. groan.

2005-08-25 [~Saraneth~]: Am I not welcome here anymore? I leave if you guys deem me unfit for this wiki. I cannot say I'm sorry for what I said, I just want to apologize if it offended any of you besides the intended. For that I am truly sorry. 

2005-08-25 [*Boo-Boo*]: Can i join i am tired of geting those messages too*^^*

2005-08-25 [hot_gurl3]: did any1 insulted beside me?

2005-08-25 [AbLam]: What? I am having difficulty deciphering what you mean!

2005-09-08 [purelily]: Hey the conversation in take elftown back starting with 21:47:07 is REALLY interesting AND hilarious! for a minnute I thought I had landed here instead of there! take elftown back

2005-09-09 [Linn Scarlett]: please no chatslang... and no half slang either, its kinda annoying and degrading for the language you use hotgurl. you might be the victim off the mob because most with a name like yours, splatter pictures of their tits all over thier house saying that they want to cyber...thats just disgusting

2005-09-09 [Linn Scarlett]: elftownguards suck ass? you'd only think they suck if you are doing illegal stuff.... or am i completely missing the point here hm?

2005-09-09 [~Saraneth~]: I have no idea anymore about that wiki. I totally let them have it there and I was told I was harassing the members. So I left. Yes, I have no clue as to why the wiki exists/still running.

2005-09-09 [Linn Scarlett]: hm? do i know you? *frowns* sorry if i ran over you with my own comments, i didnt mean too

2005-09-09 [~Saraneth~]: Um . . . . no probably not. You did not, lol ^_^. [Calico Tiger], nice as she is, told me i was harassing and mean. Also, I found out from another source that my accusations on there were tackless. Oh and by the way, it's Elftown Guards Suk Ass! *sarcasm* I'm sure they would be deeply offended if you, a gaurd lover, got it wrong as I did. Lol

2005-09-09 [Linn Scarlett]: *roles eyes* my deduction: the guards inforce the reasonable and perfectly fine rules needed to keep all the assholes in line ----> you hate the guards THUS you must dislike the rules otherwise you wouldnt hate them ----> conclusion: you break the rules all the time, so you are either 1. a photo maniac with a kazillion pics outside your bio 2. a complete harasser and asshole,,, or last and certainly not least 3. A CYBERER

2005-09-09 [~Saraneth~]: That makes perfect sense to me and the rest of the non-asshole, sane world, why not them? Have you read their banners yet? Awwwe, they miss their 'pimp-shit.' *lmao*

2005-09-09 [Linn Scarlett]: ....they should die....slowly and painfully

2005-09-09 [~Saraneth~]: Muahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa! I love that idea!

2005-09-10 [AbLam]: God, she makes no sense! [hot_gurl]

2005-09-10 [Linn Scarlett]: than the gods iam not the only one that thought that

2005-09-10 [AbLam]: Grawg! I hate names with numbers in them, like sexii69 or bigboi8888 or crap like that. Numbers are so...not!

2005-09-10 [Stray Kitty]: I find it ironic that on the Elftown Guards Suk Ass! there's an (image deleted by gaurds) thingy.

2005-09-10 [AbLam]: LOL! Really! I have to go check now!

2005-09-11 [Linn Scarlett]: *snickers*

2005-09-11 [~Saraneth~]: I'm sorry that I'm repeatitive in my chat-speak but I am so taking advantage of this opporitunity: *Lmao* 

2005-09-12 [sequeena_rae]: *wanders in* hello *sits down*

2005-09-14 [~Saraneth~]: hello

2005-09-15 [AbLam]: Some girl [Blaze the Nameless] is mad at me because I stated that humans are stupid! And thenshe tells me that I am bitching about 'something so stupid'.

2005-09-15 [Linn Scarlett]: ...humans are stupid...elves will rule the world :P

2005-09-15 [Wes Foxx]: Why else do we live in Elftown under non-human avatars? 'cuz we know how much of a let down and an embarrasment it is to be a 'hyooman.' =P

2005-09-15 [sequeena_rae]: lol I just read what she said, very funny ^_^

2005-09-15 [AbLam]: I know! ANd then she asks me 'how I know that humans are destroying the world'. Um. Duh. I mean, anyone with half a brain can watch the news. ^o)

2005-09-16 [Linn Scarlett]: humans are destroying the world because all other animals live in harmony. (proving my point by denying the oposit :p)

2005-09-16 [sequeena_rae]: exactly lol XD

2005-09-16 [AbLam]: Yeah, I don't really think she has any idea what she's talking about. I mean, any remotely intelligent person can SEE that we are destroying everything.

2005-09-17 [Linn Scarlett]: i try to keep my destroying as little as possible but

2005-09-17 [sequeena_rae]: It's hard not too >.< I know what you mean lol

2005-09-17 [AbLam]: Exactly. I mean, no matter what anyone says, we all pollute.

2005-09-17 [sequeena_rae]: I've got to be honest I do litter

2005-09-17 [AbLam]: I don't...usually...

2005-09-17 [sequeena_rae]: Lol everyone does it..

2005-10-06 [~Saraneth~]: but really they shouldn't . . .

2005-10-07 [sequeena_rae]: I know :( I try not to

2005-10-07 [~Saraneth~]: I only litter with one thing: gum. I have a bad habit of sticking it in odd places.

2005-10-07 [sequeena_rae]: lol

2005-10-07 [~Saraneth~]: Yeah, not to good of me though.

2005-11-06 [swabloo]: man i'm SO glad i found this place -.- recently i had a message from someone they said 'hi u wanna chat' so i asked them if they aproached people irl and asked them the same thing, but she just said 'so do u want 2 chat' grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr................ i told her she had a brain capacity of a slug, but noOoOo, she wouldn't leave me >.< she said....... 'so do u still want 2 chat with me' grrrrr i hate these sort of messages...... i'm sorry for rambling ^^;;

2005-11-06 [Wes Foxx]: 'Tis okay, your among friends here now. *pats on the shoulder* At least they didn't start cussing you out because you said no, when they asked if you wanted to chat.

2005-11-06 [swabloo]: thanks^^ aw dam.... *cuts self* i just remembered what the stupid person replied to the brain capacity coment >.< : 'wat dus that mean'

2005-11-06 [swabloo]: o.O i think i'm gonna barf. seconds after i put up a warning in my house about hi messages, i got a message saying 'hi how are you' and.... i'm really creeped out by the persons reply to my reply 0.0

2005-11-06 [~Saraneth~]: What was the reply to your reply?

2005-11-09 [swabloo]: i put it up on hi(t) list

2005-11-10 [~Saraneth~]: ook I wanna see what mad eyou seem so disturbed ^_^. Curiosity killed the cat but it has nothing on me . . . yet

2005-11-10 [swabloo]: hehe i'm not a cat X3

2005-11-10 [Linn Scarlett]: you know swab, i usually yell NOOOO in their face. thats what i do when people ask me "can i ask you something" in real life

2005-11-10 [swabloo]: lol.. the best thing to say is "is it a retorical question?" or say, "are you going to ask me anyway, despite my opinion? if so, what's the point of asking?" lol

2005-11-10 [~Saraneth~]: I love those! May i borrow/plagerise them??? O_o

2005-11-10 [swabloo]: sure :3

2005-11-10 [~Saraneth~]: Ooo thankies. ^_^ So how ar eyou?

2005-11-10 [swabloo]: doin great, thanks. i got a lvl 7 for a piece of english work today ^^ *happy* it seems i've started getting higher marks now that i right in paragraphs.... you?

2005-11-11 [~Saraneth~]: I'm doing well thank you ^_^. I just have completed editting another Chappie of my fantasy trilogy I'm writng.

2005-11-11 [swabloo]: what's it about?

2005-11-11 [Wes Foxx]: (7th level? Oo *over my head* is that like, writing at a grade level? anyhow) Oooh! ^^ cool. I wish I had my damn laptop back and fixed, times like this are when im most likely to get work done on my own anthology o.o; i don't say trillogy because... its supposed to be 8 books long ^^; ->Legeands of Inari<- All based around my adaptation of japanese mythological kitsune Inari. With tons of artistic license XD

2005-11-11 [~Saraneth~]: Wow! That's a lot of books to write or have you written them all. I suppose that the keyword would be 'supposed to be'. I take it you're not done

2005-11-12 [Wes Foxx]: No; people lost interrest and I had very limited feedback, so its been mostly abandoned; those few who have read it said they loved it, but no ones shown any interrest in me continuing to write it; also, my laptop ish broken so I can't do ANY writing until its fixed. As it stands, only the first book and part of the second were ever written.

2006-01-13 [~Saraneth~]: Awwwe, that really is too bad . . .

2006-01-23 [~Saraneth~]: What is wrong with you people? NO ONE HAS BEEN HERE IN MONTHES.

2006-01-23 [Artsieladie]: I'm still here.  te he

2006-01-23 [Piggly_wiggly]: i guess we're not very talky people

2006-01-24 [~Saraneth~]: Yay! You're coming back . . . kinda.

2006-01-24 [Piggly_wiggly]: lol. yupps. in a way. :D have any of you heard of bonzai kittens?

2006-01-24 [Joakim]: Yes. It's just sick:/

2006-01-24 [kittykittykitty]: The bonzai Kittens thing isn't real, PETA have sent e-mails out and everything, it's just an urban legend. Pretty sick though, giving people ideas..

2006-01-24 [Kiddalee]: Okay, that bonsai kitten site is so idiotic, I can't believe anyone believes it's real. You should see their "guestbook". Some of the emails are so gruesomely funny, it's obviously a sick joke.

2006-01-26 [~Zander~]: Finally! Something I can read!!! 

2006-01-28 [POG]: Aha! Someone else who knows the TRUTH about bonsai kittens. I'm abserlutley sick of having to explain to everyone every time they come up to me with a petition against it!!! It is a sick joke though....

2006-01-28 [Stray Kitty]: Yes. Finally. My friend Anna has been going around talling everyone (when they're eating) about those poor poor kittens.

2006-01-28 [POG]: But those kittens weren't even abused n the first place! IT is just photo manip! Wooo....the japenese may not have been very pleased though...its like and insult to their culture...

2006-01-28 [Piggly_wiggly]: yeah. well. what can i say?

2006-01-28 [Stray Kitty]: How is it insulting that Japenese. (I've never seen the site)

2006-01-28 [Piggly_wiggly]: it is saying the it is a japenese dealy, basically implying that the Japenese are that cruel, and that kind of thing

2006-01-28 [~Saraneth~]: Yeah, but that is wrong and inhumain(sp?) anyway

2006-01-28 [Stray Kitty]: Oh.

2006-01-29 [Kiddalee]: Yes, but the Japanese don't make Bonsai Kittens, so saying they do wrongly implies that they're cruel.

2006-01-29 [POG]: yes it does. The reason I said it.

2006-01-31 [kittykittykitty]: Alot of westerners look upon the Japanese as being into some weird stuff, so they probably chose Japanese to make it more beleivable...  By the way [~Saraneth~] it's inhumane ^_^

2006-02-02 [Piggly_wiggly]: it is a silly thing this inhumanity

2006-02-05 [~Saraneth~]: Thank you [kittykittykitty] ^_^

2006-02-09 [Piggly_wiggly]: i feel sick :(

2006-02-11 [~Saraneth~]: Ohhh, why?

2006-02-16 [kittykittykitty]: Well she's been at the disco since July 2003 so I imagine she would feel a little ill by now o_O

2006-02-17 [Piggly_wiggly]: :P

2006-02-18 [~Saraneth~]: that was really funny ^___^ LMAO

2006-02-24 [kittykittykitty]: Ermmm... I donated blood today ^_^ My arm is numb

2006-02-24 [swabloo]: .< eeek!

2006-02-25 [Piggly_wiggly]: i won't donate blood. I have high colesteral. i think

2006-02-25 [swabloo]: that won't lower your colesteral... i think.

2006-02-26 [kittykittykitty]: I though cholesterol was goop deposits in your veins?

2006-03-04 [Piggly_wiggly]: i think it is. no it won't lower my colesteral, the problem is it would be bad for the other person. or something like that

2006-03-21 [grey wanderer]: Euch! Looky! "aight... dast shit... better have sumfin good to say??? wtf... you gonna do and wtf u got against a lil "hi" i mean what the hell is dis shit."

2006-03-24 [kittykittykitty]: huh?

2006-03-24 [grey wanderer]: My point exactly. I got that as a message a few days ago.

2006-03-25 [kittykittykitty]: 1) heard of a thing called grammar? 2) what the hell does 'aight' or 'dast' mean? 3) Swearing at you for no reason in a message is like walking up to someone in the street and calling them sooo why do it? What a moron

2006-04-07 [Kiddalee]: I say, "A'ight" to mean "Alright", but I don't know if anyone else does it that way, and I really don't mean it as webspeak.

2006-04-08 [~Saraneth~]: But that's pretty common here in the US and besides, you actually use proper grammar and spelling all the time.  that person is just a common chatpeaker who thinks swearing makes them sound more convincing when really they seem even more tactless than they already are.

2006-05-06 [pink floyd]: gettin pretty big aint it? the message board i mean XD

2006-05-06 [~Saraneth~]: Yeah, it is! 46 members.

2006-05-07 [Piggly_wiggly]: i'm bored :(

2006-05-07 [~Saraneth~]: lol how nice to know? do something then be not bored!

2006-05-08 [pink floyd]: lol. i agree though. if your so bored go to the chat room.

2006-05-08 [Wes Foxx]: I somewhat dont mind being bored myself, because i get work done, i get better grades (to an extent) and i slack less. Work usually just makes me bored and grumpy though XD

2006-05-08 [pink floyd]: he he. hey arnt you the creator of this place?

2006-05-08 [Wes Foxx]: Yes'm. You can tell 'cuz im in the banners, and it says "the creator of this wiki page" :3

2006-05-08 [pink floyd]: CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL *stairs on awe* wwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...

2006-05-09 [Wes Foxx]: *blinks oddly* Alright then. *slowly backs away, hiding "invisibly" behind a single treebranch held in front of his face.*

2006-05-09 [pink floyd]: what? whered he go? did he dissappear? hes got superpowers! oh my god! *jumps up and down like a freak* hes my hero! *runs in to a wall* oof! *unconcious*

2006-05-09 [Wes Foxx]: *pokes with a stick gently until he wakes up, tilting his head oddly to the side with a puzzled demenor*

2006-05-09 [pink floyd]: what? how do i join? *groans* my head hurts. *gets up*

2006-05-10 [Wes Foxx]: Just add your name to the list :3

2006-05-10 [pink floyd]: heh i knew that *looks fromside to side then runs away*


2006-05-11 [Wes Foxx]: Long term memory loss? Oo

2006-05-12 [pink floyd]: i guess... O_o

2006-06-05 [Lady Chaos]: Much as I hate hi-mail, I am loathed to join this page just in case it goes too far... I mean, what if a worthwhile message of very few words or by someone with genuine dyslexia is mistaken for "hi-mail" and some "action" is taken such as banning the user?

2006-06-05 [Wes Foxx]: XD Thats the second time I've heard someone trying to defend lazy typing of 3 word sentances with dislexia. But as this page is merely a way to inform people we don't appreciate messages like "hi" "ok" and "yeah"; no one gets banned for hi-mailing :3 otherwise this wiki would be unneccisary.

2006-06-06 [pink floyd]: ive got 6 hi mail messages today... AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGG... ok i'm done... But they croud up your box, I thought I had some important messages I was expecting but nnnnnnnoooooooo, all i get are messages like. "hey i like 2 talk alot so im probly goin 2 ask u a bunch of meages" I mean its like WTF!!!!! I was really mad when someone said this "k" thats it, just the letter k. |>O

2006-06-15 [~Saraneth~]: dyslexia was spelled with a 'y' I thought. perhaps I'm wrong . . . XD

2006-06-16 [Lady Chaos]: also "unnecessary" is spelt the way I spelt it....

2006-06-17 [pink floyd]: cool, and i agree with wes foxx all-the-way.

2006-06-17 [Wes Foxx]: I'm bad at spelling a few words :P But I still make an effort to try to keep the typos to a minimum, especially when something is way out there.

2006-06-18 [pink floyd]: yea, good idea. if not these people might chase you out of your own wiki! ^_^

2006-06-23 [Wes Foxx]: Woo :3 50 members!

2006-06-23 [pink floyd]: Wow. Thats actualy not that many. Consitering how many people other wikis have. Sorry Wes but its the truth. :(

2006-07-09 [~Saraneth~]: You're such a spoil sport!  Besides most people join wikis and then never even talk on them. The majority of our members comment once and a while! So don't be a stinker. ^___^   Yay! 50 members ^^

2006-07-10 [Wes Foxx]: Well, this is easily the most sucessfull Wiki I've ever started, and you also have to consider there are plenty of wikis who are lucky to get 30 members.

2006-07-10 [~Saraneth~]: That's because it is people drawn together by a common hate ~:D.  Well, I guess the constructive way to look at it is that we are doing something about a problem ^^

2006-07-10 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: S' a very good way of putting it. There are many wikis that have crashed and burned. This 'un's doing fine!

2006-07-11 [tuff ghost]: We should infiltrate the system. Become guards and delete hi-mailers. -gasp- Kinda like the Jedi after the rise of Vader...

2006-07-11 [Wes Foxx]: We need to be able to make citizens arrests :P but... if we did, you know, we'd drive almost everyone away. :/

2006-07-11 [tuff ghost]: You're right, but we'd have a kick-ass, if not concentrated group of people on our hands.

2006-07-12 [Wes Foxx]: yeah, its just, a ban is permanent. We can't punish them without exiling them. :/

2006-07-12 [tuff ghost]: Well. What about revoked priveleges?

2006-07-12 [Wes Foxx]: like what? :P

2006-07-12 [tuff ghost]: Um, they can't message people, look at/comment on wikis... uhhh, view profiles... Post their own pictures, log on. You know.

2006-07-12 [Wes Foxx]: way too extreme. The punishment should fit the crime.

2006-07-12 [Wes Foxx]: A better solution would be to require all messages to include a minimum number of characters, possibly differing by member's preference.

2006-07-12 [tuff ghost]: They'd get by with spaces and hearts... ♥'s.... -gags-

2006-07-12 [Wes Foxx]: I don't think they'd bother with all that just for a quick "hi" post :P

2006-07-12 [tuff ghost]: Good point. I just had an interesting 'hi' conversation.

2006-07-12 [manwe]: hehhehheh while i am not particularly a "joiner" of lists and such, i agree with the premis of this page...

2006-07-12 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: Only thing is, is if we limited characters, it wouldn't eliminate the "Hi" problem. It's more likely to create more webspeak.

2006-07-13 [Wes Foxx]: ... I think your confusing "minimum" for "maximum" :P It would force them to say more, or spell words out properly.

2006-07-13 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: Oops! Sorry, I read that wrong. My bad. (^-^')

2006-08-10 [Kiddalee]: Ack! Stuff has been going on here? Oh darnit, I should have checked.

2006-08-14 [~Saraneth~]: You should have. ^_^ Tis ok you're here now.  I think that it's a good idea with the minimum.  It would put proper spelling at a premiun.

2006-08-16 [Kiddalee]: *doesn't understand*

2006-08-16 [tuff ghost]: *understands and tsk tsks kiddalee*

2006-08-17 [~Saraneth~]: You don't understand what?   What I said or the idea on the minimum?

2006-09-12 [tenshi-ryuu]: I'm all for getting rid of the crap on ET and everything (having been on here for a number of years) but I think going against one word messages is going to far. I use one word greetings when messaging another person in an attempt to make conversation. Being a man for using smaller messages until I get to know somebody (being a bit shy) I find it an appropriate way of getting a conversation rolling.

C Kahle

2006-09-12 [Wes Foxx]: Its not so much the one word messages... its getting 10 of them every day. And 9/10 of those people will respond with something along the lines of "wut do u wanna talk about?"

2006-09-12 [Elmiira]: or those countless "coversation" going like this.1. "hi" 2. "hi" 3."how r u" 4."fine, thanks, you?" 5."fine" ... and that's the end of the conversation. that's what happens nine times out of ten when you write to a stranger "hi".

2006-09-12 [Morbid Carrot]: Once, I answered a "hi"-mail. I wrote "Hi" in return, just to be nice... The next day I had gotten a new mail from the same person. It said "Hey". SERIOUSLY!

2006-09-12 [Wes Foxx]: not unusual, MC. Hi. -> hi -> Hey. -> sup? -> nm, you? -> not much.

2006-09-12 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: I have a banner on my house stating "Hi messages will be ignored"; anyone on the members list wanting to use it is welcome. Just give me a heads up, please! :-)

2006-10-17 [~Saraneth~]: Awesome. I might just wear out that little graphic. Thanks. ;D

2006-10-18 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: S'alright! Hasn't stopped some of the more dense people who think it's clever to send "Hi", but you know...

2006-10-22 [tenshi-ryuu]: I'm tired of all the Hi mail complaints. Just because someone types Hi, doesn't mean they're dense or stupid or whatever. I, for the most part, don't know what to say when I want to talk to someone so I say hi or some other generic greeting. Wanting to socialize isn't illegal. So at this point I'm stopping watching this wiki and staying away from this part of ignorant ET society.

2006-10-22 [Moonlit Serenade]: 'Hi' is not a conversation starter. 'Hi' is an irritating greeting that kills a conversation before it can start. Even, 'Hi, how are you,' is better. Generic and easy to say, but still better. If someone can't figure out how to type just that much, then they are a little less intelligent then you may think.

2006-10-22 [Wes Foxx]: If someone walks up to you in real life and just says hi to you, you'll say hi back. If they then either just stand there staring at you or asked you what you wanted to talk about (a complete stranger, remember), you'd probably be creeped out and either walk away or at best, say you had no idea what to talk about. If they THEN told you, 'Just talk about something', I'm pretty sure you'd find it just a little bit rude.

2006-10-22 [tenshi-ryuu]: [Wes Foxx], In the last circumstance yes. However, using yes as a greeting before having a conversation is in my books perfectly logical and reasonable and [Moonlit Serenade] by all means I am not unintelligent and I use 'Hi' as a conversation starter. It's that reign of ignorance that I don't agree with.

2006-10-22 [Moonlit Serenade]: Then perhaps you just lack originality. And if you don't agree with this "reign of ignorance" then just don't make a rule for your house or join this wiki. Simple as that.

2006-10-22 [ACCOUNT DELETED.]: I agree with [Moonlit Serenade]. Every single one of the 'hi' messages I've replied to has turned out in the same fashion. It's repetative and holds no decent conversation. So 'ignorant' I may be, but conversation that doesn't have my brain falling out of my head reigns for me.

2006-10-22 [Wes Foxx]: The number of productive, non-headache inducing "Hi" conversations compared to the migrane-inducing ones is all but completely negligeable in our experiences.

Also, I thought you said you stopped watching the page, due to the fact that we're so ignorant. :)

2006-10-22 [Moonlit Serenade]: Heheh. I was thinking the same thing, [Wes Foxx]. ;)

2006-10-23 [~Saraneth~]: My thoughts as well.  Perhaps just leaving would make this person happier.  But since we are so clearly ignorant, that could not possibly be the case. Really, I just think they are looking for a reason to start some antaganism (sp?).

2006-11-27 [Nekko fox]: I joined! Nekko wins!

2006-11-28 [~Saraneth~]: Ooooo! Another little foxy-type joined!  *hugs teh newcomer!

2006-11-29 [Nekko fox]: *Meeps and runs around in a small circle*

2006-11-29 [Wes Foxx]: *pounces the lil' nekko playfully and holds him down so he stops wearing a hole in the floor* Glad to see you join the cause :3

And make sure you do it with more than just a sentance fragment.

2006-12-01 [Nekko fox]: *Giggles on the ground* I will make my attempts.

2007-04-22 [Triv]: Yes, I took the time to join myself.... in about the same amount of time it takes for an idiot to write "Is u a got?", "Hiz!!" or some other piece of intellectual throwback, and send it to my message box.
I think I may grow to like it here.

2008-09-25 [Thunder Cid]: Cids rants about things that suck
Your gonna love it.

2009-04-10 [dragonare]: ok

2009-07-06 [Duke Devlin]: Keyser... Why wouldn't you want to punch babies anyway? ;D

2009-07-06 [Rice]: My doctor told me not to 8/

2009-07-06 [Duke Devlin]: Awhhh! *glomp* It's okay... He lied to you. It's the best pastime ever! :D

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