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HiddenFire Sexual Dreams

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I will not be posting many here, but I had one dream in particular that I feel that I must share because of it's sheer uniqueness.

June, 28 2004
I saw a tower on fire and knew that a woman as trapped at the top. I flew up there to save her just as the flames where licking at her ankles. For some reason I could not fly back down with her so I came up with a plan. I remembered that one must fight fire with fire so (dream logic coming up) I figured the fires of passion would work just as well as any. It was hot, I was kissing her neck and removing her shirt as the flame began to engulf us. But to her surprise the flames did no harm. As I let go of the shirt it was consumed by the fire and immediately disintegrated into ashes. She removed my shirt, to the same end as hers, and our bodies where glistening with sweat, our hair dripping with it as steam rose from droplets that evaporated as soon as they left our skin. Much passionate kissing and biting went on for a little while before any actual sex happened. By then we where naked, wrapped in the hottest flames. Whether the fire was burning the tower or if it was just the fires created by our passion neither one of knew or cared. The fire felt almost like a tangable liquid as it rolled off of our glistening bodies like water. I straddled boards and rafters as they weakened and shattered into coals, but we managed to keep our balance. The wind felt like it was rushing upward; it was not a cool refreshing wind but a warm and energizing wind. I slid gently between her legs and the warmth of her body was added to the warmth of the fire. It was one of the most amazing feelings I have ever experienced. Rocking gently we continued to kiss and bite and rub and grope each other. The fire that was raging around us was cold coal in comparison to the fires raging inside of us. The whole tower might have been cold by now if it weren't for the fires of our passion. We would change positions just as rafters would shatter and fall away, or perhaps they fell because we where no longer in contact with them. The heat was intense; the fire was brilliant white by then as both of our bodies heaved with pleasure. Then the light became extremely bright and the fires more intense than ever when I became aware of the fact that I was laying in a cold sweat. I did not cum in my sleep. I never have, and I doubt I ever will, but that was the most amazing and unique sex I have ever had. I suppose it was a pyromaniac's version of a wet dream! Lol. Words cannot describe how amazing that was.

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2004-08-30 [A R I]: Sex with a female figure would represent, symbolically, a merger with your ego-personality--a fortification of that merger. Flames/fire represents purification. So, this dream could well represent the purification of your ego/material thoughts (Left Brain) and a merger with this.

2004-08-30 [HiddenFire]: *nods* it is entirely possible. @.@

2004-08-31 [A R I]: Symbolism is archetypal/universal, so this is almost certainly what it represented.

2004-08-31 [A R I]: However, there are multiple layers of symbolism and multiple meanings, which vary depending upon specific nuances in the dream as it applies to you. Sometimes it can be programming. Dreams, authentic ones, are always symbolic. However, mental experiences at night can also include hyperspace and astral experiences, repressed memories coming to the surface in the subconscious world, genetic memories being played back in your head like a movie, etc.

2004-08-31 [HiddenFire]: I have had many such dreams that could easily apply to things you seak of. let me find a dream you might be interested in... It's burrined in one of my diary entries... <diary:132445>. I'm not sure if I told you about that one or not.

2004-08-31 [A R I]: Indeed... I'm not an expert on hyperspace or dream symbolism, but I can pick out some. Stewart Swerdlow is an expert, however, and is currently working on a massive dictionary of dream symbolism, body/mind connections, etc.

2004-08-31 [A R I]: Eventually, probably sometime this century, knowledge of hyperspace and dream symbolism will be mainstream. Unfortunately, if the Illuminati have their way, we will be Cyborgs by then... However, as I have stated, I think that we will see massive devastation rather than the success of Illuminati plans for many reasons... It appears that thereafter we can create our own Earth-human Republic...

2004-08-31 [A R I]: And by the way, besides the term "Earth-human", I often use the term "Adam" or "Adamic" to refer to us, as our universal ancestor, the Adam, was the first hybridisation between Draco and Lyraen genetics. So we are ADAM, the Man of the Earth (what Adam means in Hebrew)

2004-08-31 [HiddenFire]: Interesting. ^_^

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