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Cordylidae Canis Felidae

Sub species of Eastern Dragons


Roleplays they are in: 
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Species: Himmel
Trinominal name: Cordylidae Canis Felidae

Place of Origin: Kazaa
Lifespan: 150 years
Average Clutch: 3-5
Time of Maturity: 5 years

Male Length: 25-35 feet
Male Height: 7ft at the shoulder, 15-16 feet at the normal curve of the neck
Female Length: 20-30 feet
Female Height: 6 ft at the shoulder, 13-15 feet at the normal curve of the neck
Leadership shared between both male and females
Average family group: Four pairs of adults, their litters and 3-6 elders

Species Description:

               Males: Unlike the females, males have three markings under their eyes, and no eyelid color. They have a mane that is more comparable to a horse then the short and stiff mane of the females. Their fur is bright, and does not follow the strict line like the females, but instead can be jagged, swirled, anything. Males coloring pattern are fairly limitless. They do not have any markings on their necks like the females do, but they do have the fins on the ears, elbows and ankles. Male's fins however are triangles and the one's on their back are along the spine, and on their hips. There is a goatee that is optional on their chins, as it is there to help stimulate their mate into opening the vent.

Their bodies are comprised of three different sections, each normally about nine feet long. Himmels are not all the same proportionally, but this is the basic body proportions. Starting at their heads, they have cat-like noses, normally pink in color with two whisker marks on either side. They are born with four markings under their eyes (only three for the males), that continue up and over their eyes if they are female, separating the eye from the eyebrow. Every Himmel's eyes are the same color as their manes and eyebrows and inner ear. A Himmel's ears are large, appearing like a doberman's ears after they have been cropped, however, a Himmel's ears are naturally formed in this shape. They connect at the top of the skulls, continuing down to their cheeks, where a a fringe of fur frames the rest of their face. A mane starts where the ears connect, continuing down the long sinewy neck to their shoulders. The neck and body are similarly colored with the belly akin to the same color as their eyes as well, where their backs can range from any color. The all have in common a silver-gray monotone stripe along their backs where it dissipates to become the tail. It is rumored that all Himmel's have different tails, pertaining to their personalities.

The fins that are on the tips of their ears, elbows, and knees, also in bunches along their shoulders and back (Back and hips for males) are diamond for females, triangles for males. Two circles separated by a line. All their fins are silver, with the ones on their backs able to disappear into black dots on their hide.

Growth wise they are born the size of Collie's, with over sized legs so that they can climb and escape larger predators. By the time they are two years old they should be around the size of a great Dane. At three they should be four feet at the shoulder, and 13 feet long. Four is a growth spurt to get them to the size of a Clydesdale then around five years of age they approach their full growth.

Abilities: Fly without wings, dissipate for short distances (only through air and water) and are very very fast. High magic resistance, all Himmel's have the ability to speak, but this is a taught skill. When a Himmel is born it is up to their respective parent to transfer the memories of their lives to their children.

              History of the Himmel: For years humans and Himmels worked together to protect the land from the Lavabeests, but soon the spawn grew too great and humans abandoned their lands. Himmels then retreated to the cliffs, their natural breeding ground. On occasion other human tribes would wander here, hunting them for their thick skin and bright colors. Since the Himmels are so large, their heart is massive compared to most, and the hunter groups believed that the heart gave them special strength and cunning (which of course was not true). Leather made from a Himmel's hide would sell for high prices, making the hunt for them "needed". Thanks to hunting, and the Lavabeests, Himmels are now considered rare, some even think extinct.

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