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Alias: Hokori Diamant
Code Name: Aura Weapon #13
Age: 18
Date of birth: July 19
Place of birth: Organization Zeta
Race: Artificial Humanoid
Gender: Unknown
Eye Color(Heterochromia): R;Maroon L;Gold
Height: 170cm
Weight: 50kg
Blood Type: Unknown
Status: Active


Hokori is a very kind individual that does not speak much, only speaking when they feel like it is needed. Most of the time they come off as naive to situations that are going on in his world. Though they can also be stubborn when it comes to certain things. Though facing a opponent that causes a threat, he seems emotionless and will not stop till their target has been terminated.(This side of their personality has never been seen before.) 



Project Aura Weapon by organization Zeta:
Subject main object is to be created to overthrow the maidens and any other threat that interferes, Mayu Yaoyi is the main scientist in charge of creating the aura weapons. Mayu Yaoyi being mother or creator of the aura weapons particular grew fond of 13 since creating them as a infant disobeying orders and making them more humanized. Once 13 or as she named them Hokori started to become of a certain age, several of the other scientist below her started to notice that 13 was not acting to protocol and started to question Mayu intentions and believed that 13 should be "deactivated". Mayu fearing for Hokori,she sneaked Hokori from the facility but before doing so deactivated the rest of the units. Organization Zeta had been searching for 13 till this present day and believes that they are still loose and may be the key to reactivating the rest of the units. 


Hokori does not know much of their background and whereabouts of where they comes from, at the young age of 11 they were given to a orphanage for "gifted children"; children that have special abilities. Hokori even though being the age of adulthood was asked to stay at the orphanage to help other children with learning how to control their gifts with his childhood friend from the orphanage, Kagura Kyoto. Not knowing that the orphanage head master is trying to keep them hidden from Zeta. Against the orphanage wishes, Hokori does sneak out to explore the outside world trying to figure out where they came from, knowing that there is something different about themselves from the others.

Powers and Abilities:

As stated above Hokori is a aura weapon which gives them the ability to control aura and manipulate it around them. They can use this ability in many different ways. Though they have only shown this in two forms; offensives or supportive.

Aura Manipulation:User can create, shape and manipulate aura, the invisible etheric phenomenon/emanation produced by and surrounding a person or object.

Supportive: They can control their aura and the aura around them to heal wounds, even wounds that would be considered fatal. Also being able to manipulate the aura around them, they can enhance the auras of others to enhance their abilities.

Destructive: When using it in this form they can call upon each aura elemental traits to control: fire,water/ice,lightning,etc..

Gravity Manipulation: User can bend gravity to make the environment very “heavy” or “light”, cause objects to “fall” toward another object instead of the earth (“nexus inducing”), flatten objects, and generate miniature black holes to compress objects into oblivion. They can repel and attract matter and energy regardless of its mass or move objects in a manner similar to telekinesis.

Offensive uses of this power include repulsing people or objects with such force to shatter practically anything, increasing gravity to crush or immobilize opponents, decreasing it to render them defenseless, or surrounding one's body in a gravitational field to amplify physical strength.

Defensive uses include creating a gravitational force-field to repel all manner of attacks or anchoring oneself to the ground.

They may seem more likely as a distant fighter, Hokori has also proficient themselves in hand-to-hand combat which they can cause deadly blows and uses against distant fighters to give them the advantage. Though they usually only use this skill to disable their opponent.  

Appearance(I did not draw this artwork.):
-Side Note: For their outfit the black part is actually connected as one piece. While they usually wear their hair in a side braid to their right side. Also on their left shoulder their is a tattoo that says: No.13.

-Street Wear:

-Battle Mode:

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