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2006-12-15 04:50:26
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Do you draw? Share with us your horse art.



Both of these drawn by [Dark Side of the Moon]

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2006-12-14 [GypsyMoon]: Those are beautiful! I hope you put up some more. Are they of your horse?

2006-12-14 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Thank you! No, sadly I don't have a horse. I just love to draw them! If I find any more I'll put them up! <img:stuff/sm-gif.gif>

2006-12-15 [GypsyMoon]: I think they are so amazing, I can draw a little bit and it looks like a horse, but nothing compared to that.

2006-12-15 [Dark Side of the Moon]: I've been drawing since I was 4, so I've had 29 years of practice! :)

2006-12-15 [GypsyMoon]: Wow, that's pretty amazing, do you sell any of it?

2006-12-26 [Dark Side of the Moon]: I've sold a few things but I've never sold a horse drawing. It's ironic because horses are my main subjects. <img:44166_1164145253.gif>

2006-12-29 [GypsyMoon]: What else do you like to draw?

2006-12-29 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Lots of things! Here's my gallery: Ir-Iddyns gallery

2006-12-30 [GypsyMoon]: Ohh neat, thanks!

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