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How To Play D&D SE


Playing Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition is pretty simple. Before you start playing, however, you need some materials. You will need dice to play this game; generally you need a 4 sided die, a 6 sided die, a 10 sided die, a 12 sided die, a 20 sided die and a 100 sided die. You can also use two different 10 sided dice instead of using a 100 sided die. You will also need some kind of character sheet; it can be as simply as a piece of paper to scribble notes and character information on or it can be complex and detailed. (You can find some pretty decent sheets online.)

Once you have the materials you will need a Dungeon Master and a player. That means you need at least two people to play, but the more people you have the better the play is.

Playing the game itself is actually very, very simple. The Dungeon Master acts like the narrator to the player; the Dungeon Master describes the situation around the player's character and the player says how his character reacts. The Dungeon Master then goes off that to describe how the surround situation changes, or does not change, in regards to what the character does.

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