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How To Become a Jedi Council Member


To become a member of this council, you must prove yourself worthwhile. Worthy does NOT mean your artistic or writing abilities. I'm not going to tell you what qualities you must have; that's to our discretion. However, I can tell you that we also base it upon guard reports (a small slap on the wrist image violation is no big deal). But we do look into the bad ones such as harassment and disrespect to the town guards or members. Also, just because you know every little detail about Star Wars does not mean you're going to be accepted. There is a lot more put into consideration other than the fact you know the exact measurements to Boba Fett's outfit. Here's how it works:

<img10*0:stuff/WKjediorder1.jpg> Send a message to either [Steve*O] or any of the jedi masters listed above (Yoda has no internet connection at this time because of swamp rats eating his phone line on Dagobah so don't send one to him yet...). State your reasons why you want to join and please make it worth while reading. Which means DO NOT use internet chat (AKA using M8, UR COOL, Kuz U cant speak propa English), and do not spill every ounce of Star Wars knowledge on us. Save it for a con or for another time when we actually care.

<img10*0:stuff/WKjediorder1.jpg> The council will then look into the member and decide if you may be accepted.

<img10*0:stuff/WKjediorder1.jpg> Upon acceptance; you will be made as a padawan to one of the Jedi Knights. You may choose which one you to take on as your teacher. However, a Jedi knight can only have one apprentice at a time. If you can't choose the teacher you wish, you may choose someone else. The Masters have already done their time training padawans and don't have the time to take on anymore students. However, if they want to take you as their student, that is completely up to them.

<img10*0:stuff/WKjediorder1.jpg> To eventually move up in rank; that is upon your teacher's discretion. Making good guard reports, entering contests, growing in your artistic or writing abilities, and having a good mindset and way of thinking will all be looked into your promotion. But as I said, it's all up to your master :)

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2005-04-28 [Steve*O]: One more thing--As far as the trials go to move a padwan to the rank of knight--a teacher may test his padawan's knowledge of the force from the information in the info wiki What is a Jedi?

2005-08-28 [Tinarandel]: Sorry for messaging again but forget i said anything =/

2005-09-06 [Lothuriel]: But I do know the exact measurments of Boba Fett's outfit *sneaky grin*

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