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How to Make a Duct Tape Deck Box

One roll duct tape
Deck of cards
Two small magnets
Second roll of duct tape


Step One
First off you need to tear off two strips of duct tape that are long enough to wrap around your boxless deck with a little bit of overlap (you'll understand why later). You need to lay them side by side with the adhesive side up.

Step Two
Now you will need to tear off four strips of tape to run from top to bottom of your two strips. These will be the inside of your box so it doesn't matter if you don't get them perfectly together. Make sure that you leave a little strip of adhesive on one end of the inside so that you can get the thing to wrap around your deck neatly
Step Three
This will require your deck again so get it now. Take your currently flat deck box and wrap it around your deck and make sure that it fits snugly doesn't go all askew. Stick the adhesive good so that it holds its shape (kinda) and then remove the deck.

Step Four
Now the box will extend a bit past the deck, that will be the bottom. Take the scissors and cut a small slit into each corner (small ones now) and then fold them over. Now you take a small strip of tape and split it in half longways using one of those strips on the folded flaps to form the bottom.

Step Five
Now for the finishing touch, the top. The basic top I make is to get a strip of tape that will run from back to front, using the left over strip from the bottom to make sure the cover flap doesn't stick to the cards. Before you stick the top flap to the front, flip the end over to give yourself a little tab to pull on to lift the "lid

Now you can use the velcro or magnets to make your lid stay if you are inclined to do so.

Completed Product

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