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The Duct Tape Rose

Regular drinking straw
Duct Tape (Red and Green recommended)
Optional: Scissors

Step 1
The first step is to create the stem which will use the straw.

Take the straw and lay it down and then tear off a piece of tape (Green if you got it) that runs the length of the tape. Then simply roll the tape around the straw and viola, you have the stem.

Step 2
The second step is to make the flower's petals. This process is the longest and most tedious as you will be doing the same thing over and over. You tear off a piece roughly three inches in length. Then you fold the top part over to meet in the middle forming a nice point. It should also leave a strip of exposed adhesive to stick to the end of the stem. Repeat this process till you reach your desired size.

Side note: You can create rounded petals by changing the process slightly. Fold the top down till you have the small strip of adhesive, then take a pair of scissors and cut the top portion into a rounded dome.

Step 3
Now you may be thinking that it doesn't look so good right now, but that is because you have not done the final step to bring it all together. Now you need to make two more petals, but in the stem color, and attach them below the petals to cover up the ugly taped on part.

Completed Product

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