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No no, you're not done yet! I'd be a very bad tutor if I'd leave you alone with all those fancy art supplies!
Things is, not even the best pencil in the world will make you a good artist when your feeling for anatomy or sense for colour lacks.
We had the supplies, it's time for the shapes ;)

The real works:

Alright, we starting. Do you have everything? Paper, pencil, eraser? Good. No, you're ready!
Okay, I lied. Hehe, you're being a criminal when you'd just throw your lines on the paper without any structure. So I'm giving you some basic shapes and tips.

This is hopefully something you'll recognize, if not, then you'll have to remember it now. You can choose how you draw the basic head shape. I've given you two examples.
One starting with a circle and a triangle under the cirle, and one starting with a circle and conected lines under the circle.
The thing that's most important though are the helplines given in blue. These are always the same, in realism, anime and other cartoon styles. So remember!


But a head alone is not a face. Even Hamlet would agree when he was holding that skull. Anway! How you want to fill in your face is completely opotional. I can only say that you should do whatever you like, as long as you use the helplines ;)


Good, now you understood the principles of the head, it's time for the body! Take a good look at this and tell me what you see. And don't you dare to say stickmen cuz it's damned right!


Stickmen are increadibly handy when you're drawing a character. They're easy in use, can be bend in any pose and don't cost a penny! Also, no matter what style you draw in, they're always usefull for anyone.
A normal human body is about eight heads tall, not counting the high heels. It's completely opotional if you want your drawings to be indeed eight heads tall, but it's a good idea to try to figure out the different proportions between the bodyparts. You can take a look at this stickman to get some bits of the picture.


Hehe, but the best part is coming up now kids! This methode can not only be used for the big body but also for details like fingers. You know all the bones your hand has heh? Well, you can draw the main bones in the fingers like small circles to make clear where the points of movement lay. The same goes for the shoulder or the ellbow. You can draw a small circle on the place where two bones connect for better proportions and movement.



Everything ready? Good. Please continue to watch this page for more additions in the future, for now you can go onward to the next page to see the process of a piece.
Remember! Stickmen people! Stickmen!

Onward! -->From Doodle to Drawing

Nuu! Back to LadyMoon's Tutorials<--

--How to lay the perfect Egg

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