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<img:>Human Sexuality<img:>


Here it is at long last. A wiki page that talks about sex. Sex is on of the most importat parts of being alive. It is how we keep the human species going. We should know al we can about it.

<img:>If I get any of this stuff wrong I will need references, so please send me a URL with the infomation, so I can figure out how to change this wiki to match current science.

<img:>If you have any ideas on areas to cover that are not here, just let me know in the comment section at the bottom of the wiki.

What gender "is" and "is not"

Gender is complex. You might think you understand all about gender and what it means to sexuality, but there is always new information and it can't hurt to know the best information you can. So I suggest that you read the wiki Sexuality and Gender.


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