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All Competitions below are Hosted by I believe in Elftown

Suggestions are always welcomed!


All Mediums
Show What Your Belief Is! Currently accepting submissions, no deadline set.

Art Competitions
I believe in Elftown - Mascot - Closed. Poll closed, results in.
Believers Badge Contests - Closed. Polls closed, results in.

Writing Competitions
Currently none!

Poetry Competitions
Currently none!

Photography Competitions
Currently none!

Photo-manipulation Competitions
Currently none!

(Decorative) Baking Competitions
Currently none!

Costume Competition
Currently none!

Jewelry Competition
Currently none!

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2008-08-22 [Galatea]: I hope its alright if I make an art competition suggestion? [Lady of Lore] is hosting the Fantasy Amazon Warrior Contest, she also hosts many other great wikis and competitions.

2008-09-01 [Ramirez]: What exactly am I doing with this? Or did I already answer. I totally forgot. e_e;;

2008-09-01 [Love and Chaos]: Just putting together our contests silly!

2008-09-01 [Ramirez]: I know that, I meant to [Galatea].

2008-09-01 [Love and Chaos]: oh......oops, now I feel silly!

2008-09-01 [Love and Chaos]: Heres an idea for a photo contest. How about artistic pet photos? you know where they actually have to edit the photo and such without actually manipulating the photo itself.

2008-09-01 [Ramirez]: Like... put anything they want into the picture as it's being taken?

2008-09-01 [Love and Chaos]: Yeah, set the photo up as they want to, then edit it without manipulating it( no photoshop inserts, etc.). Thus creating a professional and artistic photograph.

2008-09-01 [Ramirez]: Okay. It sounds good. Did you want to start that now, or in awhile so that deadlines are little different from the badges one? You can set it up, but just have the contest closed for awhile longer.

2008-09-01 [Love and Chaos]: Yeah, I think it should wait a while. I get it set up shortly and open it late next month. However, I may go ahead and let them know, so they can get ideas on what they want to do.

2008-12-23 [Ramirez]: Just fine, thanks! =D

2009-01-24 [Acceber]: Hmm, here's my suggestion. How about we have a contest where people have to draw other members that are apart of this wiki? Kinda like the Council Portrait Gallery, but just for here instead =)

Or, here's another idea. How about an art/costume contest to design some outfits for the people that help here (Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Counselors etc.) I remember there was an offical competition like this awhile ago, and it was really fun =)

2009-01-25 [Ramirez]: They both sound like great ideas. Would you like to get them together, or would you like me to take care of it?

2009-01-25 [Acceber]: I'm currently making an official contest, so I don't think I have much time. But if you do it, I would love to help out =)

2009-02-16 [*Phoenix*]: I came up with an idea...what about a photo/art/writing contest centered with the theme of "wish" or "belive"? This is a wiki about believing so I thought that would be kinda cool.....

2009-02-16 [Ramirez]: That is a pretty neat idea. Do you have any interest organizing the rules?

2009-02-16 [*Phoenix*]: I can. :) Right now I have to go to bed, but I'll think on it and maybe get something made up soon....

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