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2005-01-30 00:02:33
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"I do not accept"

And WHY NOT???

Then you, my dear acquaintance, have no place in this realm of Nyan. Cowards are here shunned and I would that you take your leave before our kind trolls, vampires and worse creatures still find your cowardly bottom and drag it off to some darkness that even I find unpleasant to expand upon.

But… If a coward ye are not, if you are of a different sort, a self-righteous one who will strive not for immortality of self but for the fabled "greater good", then I might console you in the telling of another tale. This Dragon has stolen his magic from the Gods of Old themselves. He took it from the very world, it's beings and creatures. It's life. The Eye of the Dragon holds that magic and restrains it from the world, for as this Magic awakens, the expanses of reality grow thin. The elven magic is failing and dwarven lustre grows feint. Fairies shan't fly, sirens shan't sing. All magic is being consumed. Destroy this trinket and the Old Magic will return to the world. Destroy it… or this world shall be mortal, mundane… dead…

*bows with a flourish and leaves you to your thoughts*

Shall you walk the path before you?
"I accept"
Or let the magic in the world die…

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