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I use Elftown because

Why are you using Elftown? Make it short, catchy and unique! It doesn't have to be good and it may be quite stupid as long as it's true.

You are still welcome to submit, but here is a poll about the current ones:

2906) Which ones do you like? (Administrator: [Hedda])

Number of voters: 67

[Hedda]: I use Elftown because I built it.

[Lothuriel]: I use Elftown because I am a wiki-making, art junkie.

[Linderel]: I use Elftown because I'm addicted to it (and stalking its residents).

[All_Most PUNK]: I use Elftown because it is good enough to deserve being used by me.

[Levoton]: I use Elftown because I know here are people who know me.

[Triola]: I use Elftown because my art suffers without it.

[Yuriona]: I use Elftown because I love seeing all the creativity it inspires both in myself and others, especially all my artsy fwiends. x)

[Tyrand]: I use Elftown first to improve my English then know about people around the world

[sequeena_rae]: I use Elftown because I want world domination. (I do some photography too).

[Mekashef]: I use Elftown in hope of fulfilling the Prophecy.

[Teufelsweib]: I use Elftown because the voices in my head tell me to do so.

[-Orion-]: I use Elftown because I have made some very dear friends here and because it's one step away from reality to a fantasyworld.

[SilverFire] I use Elftown because I need a place to retreat from the banalities of everyday life.

[smakeupfx]: I use Elftown because I have met some fantastic people here... talented, funny, geeky and clever people. I now have good friends on every continent and in many countries.

[Ramirez]: I use Elftown because I love having in-depth conversations with the people here and finding new artists to stalk.

[Asrun]: I use Elftown because I enjoy looking through all of the talent on here and then being able to network with that talent.

[Atayemi]: I use Elftown because it is one of the only places where people actually understand my insanity.

[Kyrinn]: I use Elftown because I need an escape from the real world and all the crap it throws around, plus ive made awesome friends in here who I love to see, and my writing and art have improved with their help!

[Artsieladie]: I use Elftown because I believe in Elftown, its members, and its potential, purpose, and goals, as well, its uniquely warm ambiance.

[Dark Side of the Moon]: I use Elftown because I am unfit for true social interaction.

[Veltzeh]: I use Elftown because it's the first social site I joined that could keep my interest for a long enough time for me to get attached, and it offers all the nice features I think I need from such a site.

[Jitter]: I use Elftown because I love wiki-making, the contests, the council, the friendly forums, my awesome friends and because my art and writing have skyrocketed in quality and because I'm addicted to it!

[Angelic nightmares]: I use elftown because.... of my art, my photography, the contests, my wikis, and my friends.

[nehirwen]: I use Elftown because I can spam my art here, participate in contests, and meet all kinds of artists and crazy people.

[Calico Tiger]: I use Elftown because I'm a perverted, power-abusing fascist.

[grayghost]: I use Elftown when the normal world gets to be to much for me!And when I am not here for that I try and return the favor that others have given to me!"May Dust Bunnys and Hot Chocolate lase forever!

[Lerune]: I use Elftown because it's this little place on the internet where I've had the good fortune of meeting people from so many cultures, countries and backgrounds. Elftown reminds me how big and small the world really is. 

[Stratakus]: I use Elftown because it's easy to use and I can say pretty much anything here without worrying about being judged for my sense of humor.

[Hendercrazy]: I use Elftown because it's a great environment to post artwork immediately, create entertaining and educational wikis and mingle with some really wacky and talented folks who are into the fantasy and sci-fi elements. :)

[Sunrose]: I use Elftown to spy, harass and send viruses.

[Ariandra]: I use Elftown because I'm convinced we all live in the matrix anyway and we may as well enjoy it! ;)

[Viking]: I use Elftown because it's cheaper than heroin.

[Paz]: I use Elftown because I enjoy the "lulz".

[Thunder Cid]: I use Elftown because I rant about stuff and people listen to it.

[Imperator]: I use Elftown because countless people are just setting themselves up for a killer burn.

[Mortified Penguin]: I use Elftown, because I like to mess with people. Also, I like to get people to go to my wikis... but you all knew that.

[HardRockAngel] I use Elftown because it's a great community and I don't need a ticket to submit new art on my wiki =P.

[Shjahjdahdvwa] I use Elftown because I never won a first place in a contest, and I am stubborn.

[Zab] I use Elftown because I haven't managed to pull myself away from its devious claws.

[Nocternity S.] I use Elftown because its the only place that makes sense.

[Orestez] I use Elftown so I can be entertained by all of [Delladreing]'s off the wall diary posts.

[Shainn] I use Elftown, therefore I am.

[Linn Scarlett]] I use Elftown, because I can.

[Nita] I don't use Elftown. I live here - a bit, sometimes. Because it feels like home :)

[Mekashef] Elftown uses me.

[elfprincess021] I use Elftown because I love art and meeting people from around the world, viewing others art, I've been a member for quite some time now..and the people I've become friends with are awesome! XD Its nice to get away from the real world as well. *hugs for everyone! haha

[Rainbow Dragonflies] I use Elftown because I got bored while deleting my friends extensive porn collection.

[Adaria_Moonlight] I use Elftown because it's full of wonderful people and artists, and because I am totally comfortable being myself here, with no pretensions. 

[Iske] I use Elftown because if I don't they will track me down, make me draw , take photographs ,make me look at paintings and force me to meet awesome people ... euhmmm... Yeah .... whatever ...stttttttt not too loud I hear them coming

[iippo] I use Elftown because if I don't log in every 108 minutes and enter the Numbers, the electromagnetic build-up in the anomaly will grow and if left unstopped it will destroy all life on Earth.

[BarleySinger] I use Elftown because I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (look it up, find "The Dispossessed no safe haven"). The web gives me a way to be social.

[Khronos Atmosphaera] I use Elftown because I love to get those random-every-once-in-a-while hugs it gives, after sending messages.

[kay-chan] I use Elftown because if I don't, I get cold and shaky.

[Glassphyxie.] I use Elftown because I like the free porn and abundance of cybering partners, of course! Only not really. But it's opposite day. Shhh.

[Jeccabee] I use Elftown because I'm totally addicted to it...and my art has improved so much since I joined.

[de Morte] I use Elftown because it is completely amazing and beats all the other chat/art/creative/ect... places online! And I can't really stop using it...

[Argent Dawn]: I use Elftown like a man who plays Russian Roulette to commit suicide. Wants to go but gives it a few chances of surviving each time.

[NOOOPE]: I use Elftown like a politician uses an expensive whore. Rar.

[Dr. Androgynous]: I use Elftown because I like using backwards and non-user friendly HTML websites.

[Serwa]: I use Elftown because it's green.

[Aradon Templar]: I use Elftown because I must enable the service to display the list.

[Doormat]: I use Elftown because I am a 1337 hax0r.

[Aeolynn]: I use elftown because myspace gets hacked... I mean *cough* cause it has the best wiki to use for rps *shifty eyes*.

[~And the wind calls her Demona~]: I use Elftown because it helps me excapse from the realy world

[Chimes]: I use Elftown because I'm awesome - every Elftown needs a Chimes. >.>

[Midnight Artist]: I use Elftown because it's a good boredom suppressor....and it's green! :P

[Alistaire] I use Elftown because... it's the first site I've ever been to with a very cheesy title. We have to appreciate its glorious and cheesy title!

[Cia_mar] I use Elftown is my second home!

[Crankychangeling]: I use Elftown because it channels my crazy away from the innocent unsuspecting people in the real world............

[Surimia] i use Elftown because it has tons of people just as reality-challenged as moi >:D

New ones after the poll:

[Skydancer] I use Elftown because I believe in a community where artists can collaborate and help artists and the synergy of arts, muses, and the creative spirit can thrive.

[Sakuya] I use Elftown because I have nothing better to do. Elftown consumes everything in the end. It's too addicting and impossible to leave for long.

[Sir. Robert] I use Elftown because I could not imagine a life without the friends I have met here!

[Rat Hacker] I use Elftown too meet people and it's a good place to RP and share art, personal characters and more.

[wicked fae mage] I use Elftown because I'm addicted to role-playing...and because it's my true abode :)

[Nuktae-tal] I use Elftown: Because it has saved my life more then once. Because in Elftown there will always be people who care enough to listen and talk to you.

[nightelf5959] I use Elftown because its like home away from home. I own my own house (tax free), I live in a great community with friendly and supportive neighbors, and it's the cleanest air to breathe since everyone chooses to walk down Main Street in a parade of envoy, not driving a car. The gates are secured when i'm sleeping, and the guards do their jobs when on assignment.

[~Queen Of The Shadows~] I use Elftown because it's cool, and unlike MySpace and Facebook there are no app games people can invite you to that annoy you.

Username (or number or email):


2008-10-11 [Serwa]: The very reason I been comin here for about 5 or 6 years already ;)

2008-10-11 [Viking]: ^ Wow...someone I can't call a n00b!

2008-10-12 [Serwa]: By the way, I remember seeing a page where this whole thing got explained, that it was a well, atleast some sort of, but I might be mistaken, contest and/or stuff?
There's no link on this page to the page I think to have seen anyways. If you understand what I mean.
Yes. Waka has spoken. Thank you.

2008-10-12 [Hedda]: [Serwa]: Which "whole thing"?

2008-10-12 [Serwa]: Well, basicly the page which links to this page,
which this page aint linking back to.

Lets say you have one wiki page which is called 'CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT' and there's always a link on that page to 'CONTEST ENTRIES' and then I use Elftown because would be the entries, and im wondering where the contest announcement page is :)

2008-10-12 [Jeccabee]: I didnt know this was a contest...I was invited here.

2008-10-12 [Serwa]: Yea, I entered my line when you invited me to it,
But some day or two before that I stumbled on to the page i'm asking for perchance!
Unless I been hallucinating again, i'm pretty sure this was a "contest" of some sort :)

Can Hedda confirm this, or is this myth busted?

2008-10-12 [Aradon Templar]: You aren't thinking of the Colour contest, are you? It's a similar contest just asking for entries of colour descriptions, and if I recall, looks a bit similar to this page.

2008-10-13 [Hedda]: [Serwa]: Maybe you pressed that "Mood"-button to the right that lists your friends' moods?

2008-10-13 [Hedda]: EH, no. I read wrong now. Yes, we had some sort of Elftown description contest, I think.

2008-10-13 [Hedda]: And there was an Elfpack contest:

2008-10-14 [Serwa]: Yarp! That's the one I meant!
As said, I seen that page in a glimpse 2 days before I got invited onto this wiki, easy to mix up ;)
Thanks for clearing it out!

2008-10-15 [Aradon Templar]: Demona, Elftown has had its own troubles with 'hacking' too. Yes Mort, I'm looking at you :P

2008-10-15 [Chimes]: Mort? Surely not! :P Never heard of such a thing! *coughs profusely*

2008-10-15 [Aradon Templar]: Chimes, I have to ask, and perhaps I would find the answer more swiftly by checking the Elftown names page, but you aren't here to contaminate all magic and bring about an end to life as we know it, are you? :P (Reference to a book, Sword of Truth series by Goodkind)

2008-10-15 [kay-chan]: That sounds like my typical Friday night.

2008-10-15 [Chimes]: Well, I didn't want to say anything but... XD (I have never heard of it)

2008-10-15 [Aradon Templar]: :D I must recommend the series to any fantasy lover, though I'll give fair warning that they're fairly lengthy and gripping in such a manner that, even if you manage to put the book down for this 'real life' thing people talk about, you'll be a mental wreck until the book resolves itself. But it's my personal favorite.

2008-10-15 [Chimes]: I may have to read it then. I assume my username is mentioned?

2008-10-15 [Aradon Templar]: The chimes are a plot development later in the series, I think around book for, Temple of the Winds. They're somewhat minor, but at the same time they manage to threaten the world :P

2008-10-15 [Chimes]: Wow, I feel... rather evil, actually, which is strange seeing as I wouldn't hurt a fly. XD

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