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2007-08-20 11:39:45
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... At least I am now!
Welcome to [Nebsy]'s Poetry! Do stay and have a look around. None of the heavy stuff on here, just good simple fun.


Just another word for violence
Breaking through walls like guns break the silence
Screen full of knuckles, jaws and shoulders
Teeth like arrows, muscles like boulders
Panning shots of scenery to blast
B-grade stars and expendable guards
Low contrast lighting
Slow talking and fast fighting
Sporadic music, pistols at the ready
Special effects with tins of spaghetti
Sneak up behind, then whack in the head
Cliches run faster than beads of sweat
Token romance, regret filled back story
Never linger too long if it's that gory
Even the heroes look and swear like villains
Always a scene with one guy against a million
Plots shift and rotate like cuts and scratches
Corpses scattered like a packet of matches
Look out for ever-present betrayal and trust
Cross your fingers for a sprinkle of lust
Indoor acrobatics with background fires
Snipers that try to stay as hidden as the wires
Like a computer game, level by level
Loosely strung together with enjoyable drivel

I can't get anything right

My foot brushed a crow and it crumbled like ashes
No sooner I walk past a vase than it smashes
I reached for a smoke, and what do you know
The damn thing turned itself into a crow

I touched a statue, and it turned into dust
I lent on a playground, and it started to rust
Seizing what would be a healthy meal one day
I turned a salad straight into a sundae

I was holding my spoon, now I'm holding a spider
I was riding a horse, now I'm riding a rider
My phone became an old baked bean can
The moment I held it in the palm of my hand

I leant on a window and it rotted away
My steering wheel turned into a bundle of hay
My fingers are sticky since my doorknob dissolved
And my clothes became gravel, so I'm really cold

Flies that land on me turn straight into needles
I opened my lipstick, and out flew moskitoes
I was reading a book, and just my luck
It became one hell of a monster truck

When I had a nap my pillow turned into a grater
Pulling up the blankets turned them into a gator
It's hard to stay fit, cos when I go for a run
Quicksand and lava the pavement becomes

As I held my silk nightie, it turned into denim
The keys on my keyboard are acid and venom
A werewolf is growling where my mouse used to be
And my pen walked away and put a curse on me

The Ultimate Cure For Insomnia

I know, it's lame, it's Oompa Loompa stuff, I know, that's why I gave it this lame title.

A word for you insomniacs
Who try so hard but can't relax

Don't sit down and watch TV
Don't throw on a DVD

Cos when you lie down in your beds
With movies running through your heads

I assure you, sleep will flee
Tho' the clock strikes two or three

At the ceiling you will stare
While rays of sunlight warm the air

On the movie you'll reflect
And sleep will fear to interject

When you hear the birdies' songs
You'll admit I can't be wrong

So next time, as night grows late
Find a book that ain't too great

Quantum physics, economics
Anything your brain can't stomach

In minutes, you'll be feeling weary
As you wade through Hawking's theory

Close the textbook with a snap
Then's the time to hit the sack

And granted this may not be kind
It's guarateed to lull your mind

Sleepless friends, please heed my warning
Lest you be awake till morning.

Mining for Meaning

They sent me to work in the University
Going 120 pages deep each week
And mining for meaning
So I don't have to work in the hot sun
Or dirty my hands dealing with the unwashed masses

So I learnt about nature in all its pristine beauty
And the depth of each person's feelings
Searching the unsearchable
No time to look around, lest I miss the vein of truth
That must be chiselled out of every textbook

It's much easier now, as I descend the ladder
To my high distinctions
My eyes have accustomed
Cultivated a blur that smudges all beyond 30cm beyond recognition
I don't get distracted any more

Parents and their rules

Don't do A and don't do C
But B is fine and so is D
By all means do S and E
But instead of X, do Y or Z

Your rulebook is old and its pages are yellow
I turn up my rap as you roar and bellow
My music's so loud, I won't have heard
As you chisel out your ancient words.

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2006-03-27 [lacklustre]: yo nebs mang. Action is an awesome poem. Good job!

2006-03-27 [Nebsy]: Yah, thanks. I know Action is the best, that's why I put it at the top.

2006-03-27 [Lady Chaos]: Well done Nebs! I'll link to your poetry page on my house and my poems page!!! Congrats!

2006-03-29 [pelv13]: i'll read this soon (soon as i have time that is) *yawns tiredly*

2006-03-30 [Lady Chaos]: Nebs, the banner is done... if you want to upload it , this is the code: <*IMG:*> (remove the asterisks and it will work)

2006-03-30 [Lady Chaos]: It looks like this: <img:>

2006-03-30 [Nebsy]: Thanks Yoss! You're the best!

2006-03-30 [pelv13]: finally read them... tired though (long night)... Action reminded me of playing GTA; not sure why *cough*... not bad all in all...

2006-07-10 [Nezeb]: Great poetry.

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